SCOOP: Javahound flops ’em dead in Event #16-High ($2,100 NLHE double shootout)

May 15, 2011

SCOOP logo.gifWin two sit & goes in a row. Even the biggest donkeys among us have done it once or twice, and technically, that’s all you had to do to take down today’s high buy-in SCOOP no-limit event. Only… the structure was slower. A lot slower. And the stacks were deeper. And the level of competition pretty scary. So while technically all that stood between javahound and a shiny SCOOP watch was two table wins, in reality it turned out to be an eleven-hour journey on a road fraught with peril.

Event #16-High ($2,100 NLHE double shootout) attracted a capped field of 100 players, bringing the prize pool up to a cool $200,000. Winning your first-round ten-handed table guaranteed a trip to the final table and at least $5,500, with the winner pocketing $60,000. A WSOP Main Event winner (Jonathan Duhamel), two EPT champions (Noah Boeken and Sebastian Ruthenberg), and a two-time LAPT champion (Nacho Barbero) all flew the mighty red spade today, but it was the Netherlands’ Joep “Pappe_Ruk” Van Den Bijgaart who outlasted all his fellow Team Pros and made the final table.

As round two commenced, stacks were reset to 5,000 chips and the blinds rolled back to 25/50. Here’s a look at the lineup:

Seat 1: Pappe_Ruk (5,000 in chips)
Seat 2: lechuckpoker (5,000 in chips)
Seat 3: caio_pimenta (5,000 in chips)
Seat 4: pezler06 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 5: johnxfleming (5,000 in chips)
Seat 6: iamadumbnoob (5,000 in chips)
Seat 7: hneves182 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 8: javahound (5,000 in chips)
Seat 9: 69jocker69 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 10: Ramux (5,000 in chips)

SCOOP Event 16-High FT.jpg

Only six hands in, the final table had its first casualty. Following an opening raise to 125 from caio_pimenta and a 375-chip three-bet from pezler06, hneves182 flat-called from the big blind and caio_pimenta folded. Hneves182 checked the 10♦8♣5♦ flop over to pezler06, who bet 565. Hnever182 raised to 1,375 and pezler06 called. The turn brought the 10♠ and hneves led out for 1,675. Pezler06 shoved for 3,174 and hneves182 beat him into the pot, rolling over 10♥10♣ for quads. Pezler06 was drawing dead with A♣A♦ and departed in tenth place.

More than two hours passed before the next elimination. 69jocker69 was the short stack, holding 2,666 in chips, still a very workable 22 BB with the blinds up to 60/120. Caio_pimenta opened for a min-raise to 240 from under-the-gun, 69jocker69 three-bet to 540 from the cutoff, and Pappe_Ruk made a cold four-bet to 1,145 in the small blind. Pimenta folded and 69jocker69 clicked it back, moving all-in for 2,651. Pappe_Ruk called, his J♠J♣ in bad shape against 69jocker69’s A♦A♣. The 10♠9♥6♣ flop was innocuous enough, but Pappe_Ruk picked up a straight draw when the 7♣ fell on the turn. The Dutchman went runner-runner, the 8♠ spiking on the river to make him a jack-high straight and send a gobsmacked 69jocker69 to the rail in 9th place. He earned $6,400 for his efforts.

Ramux staked his tournament life on A♣K♠, three-bet shoving for 25 big blinds from the small blind. Initial raiser javahound looked him up with pocket jacks and flopped a set, ending Ramux’s run in eighth place for a $7,500 payday.

About fifteen minutes later, hneves182 made a bold play that ended up paying off big-time. With the blinds at 80/160, Iamadumbnoob opened for 400 and hneves182 shoved for 6,156 from the small blind. Iamadumbnoob called off his remaining 3,573, his K♠Q♣ dominated by hneves182’s A♠Q♥. No funny business on the 10♣9♥8♥Q♦3♠ board and iamadumbnoob was out in seventh.

When play turned six-handed, the chip counts were well bunched together with no one holding less than thirty big blinds. Pappe_Ruk was the first to break away from the pack, courtesy of a double-up through hneves182. All the marbles went in preflop, Pappe_Ruk’s pocket jacks holding up against hneves182’s pocket nines. Pappe_Ruk padded his chiplead even further when he claimed the rest of caio_pimenta’s stack. Pimenta’s last 3,600 when in the middle preflop with 2♥2♣ and Pappe_Ruk looked him up with A♣Q♦. Pappe_Ruk flopped top two pair and turned aces full to send caio_pimenta to the rail in sixth place.

That hand took Pappe_Ruk up to 22,452 in chips, more than twice second-place javahound’s 10,777 stack. Javahound, however, got those chips in on the very next hand against johnxfleming, who four-bet shoved preflop for his remaining 7,205. Javahound made the call with pocket jacks, which held aginst johnxfleming’s A♠7♠ on the K♥10♠3♦3♥10♦ board. For his fifth-place finish, johnxfleming earned $14,000.

Just as he was settling into the chip lead, Pappe_Ruk doubled up lechuckpoker, who called down his three-barrel bluff with aces up on a draw-heavy board:

Three hands after that, Pappe_Ruk set another opponent all-in. This time it was hneves182 who scored the double-up after flopping top pair with K♥Q♥ to outrun Pappe_Ruk’s A♠7♦. Pappe_Ruk recovered quickly, though, four-bet shoving preflop with 9♥9♣ against lechuckpoker, who made the call for all his chips with A♠J♦. Pappe_Ruk flopped a set and ended lechuckpoker’s run in fourth place.

Pappe_Ruk broached the subject of a deal, but hneves182 had other ideas:

Pappe_Ruk: u guys wanna look at numbers?
javahound: i’m always ok for taht
Pappe_Ruk: hneves?
hneves182: we can make it winner take all if you want
Pappe_Ruk: ur such a baller
Pappe_Ruk: =]

Play continued, but Pappe_Ruk soon found himself in trouble. Holding K♠9♥ on a K♥10♦9♠ flop, Pappe_Ruk made an 825-chip continuation bet with top and bottom pair. Hneves182 raised to 1,875 and Pappe_Ruk clicked it back to 3,455. Hneves182 shoved and Pappe_Ruk quickly called to see that his opponent had flopped the joint with Q♥J♥. The turn and river fell the 8♣ and the 2♣, giving hneves182 a massive double-up.

We saw Pappe_Ruk on the receiving end of some good luck earlier when his pocket jacks outdrew pocket aces, but on the hand that marked his demise in this event, he got it in with the best of it and still lost. Hneves182 opened for a min-raise to 600 and Pappe_Ruk shoved for 6,681 from the big blind. Hneves182 surprisingly called, his A♠3♣ dominated by Pappe_Ruk’s A♥K♣. The 3♦4♣4♦ flop reversed things, however, Pappe_Ruk now needing a king to survive. He didn’t get it on the turn when the 6♦ fell, nor on the river when the 3♠ hit, making hneves182 threes full. That was it for the Dutch Team PokerStars Pro, who took home $27,000 for his third-place finish.

ept berlin_final_joep van den bijgaart 1.jpg

Joep “Pappe_Ruk” Van Den Bijgaart

The counts were relatively even when heads-up play began:

Seat 7: hneves182 (22,593 in chips)
Seat 8: javahound (27,407 in chips)

There was plenty of room for play with the average stack at 83 big blinds and not too much chip movement occured until this hand, when hneves182 fired right into javahound’s pocket aces:

Left with 6,000 in chips, hneves182 managed to double up when his pocket threes held up against javahound’s A♥3♦ in a preflop all-in. However, the Brazilian could not regain his momentum. After hneves182 raised to 800 from the button with A♠J♣, javahound moved all-in for 40,334 and hneves182 called off his last 8,766. Javahound had picked up K♣K♠ at the perfect time, the board falling Q♦10♦8♦2♣6♥ to seal the win. In addition to the SCOOP champion’s watch, javahound added another $60,000 to his bankroll, while runner-up hneves182 earned $40,000.

SCOOP Event #16-High ($2,100 NLHE double shooutout) results:
1. javahound (Thailand) $60,000
2. hneves182 (Brazil) $40,000
3. Joep “Pappe_Ruk” Van Den Bijgaart (Netherlands) $27,000
4. lechuckpoker (Germany) $19,800
5. johnxfleming (Germany) $14,000
6. Caio “caio_pimenta” Pimenta (Brazil) $11,000
7. iamadumbnoob (United Kingdom) $8,800
8. Ramux (Panama) $7,500
9. 69jocker69 (Cyprus) $6,400
10. pezler06 (United Kingdom) $5,500

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