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May 18, 2010

SCOOP logo.gifThe PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) live blog coverage of today’s Main Event-High final table is brought to you by David Aydt and Martin Harris.

9:59pm: toetagU takes it down!

Congratulations to toetagU, 2010 SCOOP Main Event-High champion! Here are the payouts for the final table:

1st place: toetagU ($1,162,350)
2nd place: Sumpas ($851,775)
3rd place: BradL ($627,300)
4th place: DuckU ($473,550)
5th place: cpfactor ($332,100)
6th place: BongBob ($261,375)
7th place: siola ($199,875)
8th place: jpmetalman ($138,375)
9th place: delaney_kid ($94,095)

Thanks for following our live blog of today’s final table. For all results from the 2010 series, check the SCOOP site.

9:46pm: Let’s play chicken for $310,575

As the blinds moved up to 10,000/20,000 (2,500 ante), the players started to let their chips rather than the cards do the talking preflop. A hand arose in which toetagU started with a raise to 48,000 and was three-bet to 153,000 by Sumpas. Still not done, toetagU pumped it up again after a few clicks of the time bank to 340,500. Sumpas however wasted little time with the last bet all-in for 1,533,500 as toetagU called just as quickly.

Watch the video below for the conclusion of the 2010 SCOOP Main Event-High:

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Pocket sevens — 7♣7♠ — for Sumpas were well behind the pocket jacks — J♠J♦ — held by toetagU. Even if Sumpas would have caught a seven for trips, a tournament ending jack hit the river 4♣4♥K♣K♠J♦ to crown toetagU the 2010 Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event-High champion, earning $1,162,350.00 for the victory. The runner-up Sumpas adds yet another impressive six-figure
score to the Swede’s poker resume, taking home $851,775 tonight.

9:28pm: Updated chip counts (heads-up)

toetagU: 3,847,887
Sumpas: 2,303,113

9:27pm: Bagged and tagged: toetagU busts BradL in third

Whoa. We nearly choked on our popcorn on this one. Check it out.

Sumpas folded on the button, then toetagU raiesd to 40,980 from the small blind (a little over 2.5x). BradL made the call from the BB, and the flop came 2♦7♠7♣. toetagU bet 43,000, and BradL called. The turn brought the 8♦. This time toetagU bet 112,000, and BradL responded with a raise to 270,000. toetagU studied a moment, then made the call.

The river was the K♣, and toetagU made a smallish bet of 180,000 into the 713,960 pot. BradL paused for about 20 seconds, then shoved all in for 1,093,927. toetagU went deep into the tank — to call would only leave him 750,000 or so.

Finally he did make the call, showing 7♥6♥ for trip sevens. BradL tabled A♠5♣ — air — and is gone in third ($627,300).

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9:14pm: Grab some popcorn and a comfortable chair

With the slow blinds (currently at 8K/16K, ante 2K) and big stacks, we could be in for a long fight for that seven-figure first prize tonight:

Sumpas: 2,669,093 (166 big blinds)
toetagU: 1,918,000 (119 big blinds)
BradL: 1,532,907 (95 big blinds)

9:04pm: Sumpas rolls a big straight, but doesn’t mark off Yahtzee

With the blinds 8,000/16,000 (2,000 ante), Sumpas would lead out from the button for 37,400, toetagU folded, and BradL in the big blind three-bet to 92,500. Sumpas made the call. A semi-coordinated 6♦ J♠ 7♥ flop came out. BradL checked and Sumpas took control by betting 98,500. BradL called. The turn brought the 8♠ and again a check-call from BradL of Sumpas’ bet, this time for 235,000.

The river brought the 4♥ and another check from BradL, a bet of 530,000 from Sumpas, and a call again from BradL. Sumpas showed 5♠9♠ for the the turned straight with a redraw as BradL mucked, conceding the 1,926,000 chip pot to Sumpas.

Sumpas assumes the chip lead with that one, moving to 2.66 million, while toetagU has 2.16 million and BradL tumbles to 1.31 million.

8:54pm: Stop for chop, but they say play!

Once they reached three-handed, the tourney was paused to talk about a possible deal. At that time, here were the counts:

1. BradL — 2,304,327
2. toetagU — 2,232,000
3. Sumpas — 1,613,673

Team PokerStars Pro Juan Macerias Lapido ran the numbers for a “chip chop” and came back with $874,415.65 for BradL, $866,659.32 for toetagU, and $800,350.03 for Sumpas, leaving aside $100,000 for the eventual winner.

BradL and toetagU were on board, but Sumpas said he’d rather play on, and cards are once again back in the air.

Incidentally, the scheduled prizes are $1,162,350 for first, $851,775 for second, and $627,300 for third.

8:50pm: DuckU down in fourth

After Sumpas folded, toetagU raised to 32,250 from the button, and BradL called from the small blind. Then DuckU pushed all in once again — for 298,333 this time — prompting a fold from Sumpas, but BradL stuck around.

BradL: A♣K♥
DuckU: J♥J♣

The flop swung the advantage to BradL — K♦Q♣8♣. The turn was the 9♥, giving DuckU some straight outs, but the river was the 5♥, and DuckU is out in fourth ($473,550).

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8:38pm: Trading ducks for queens

While on the short end of the chip counts as the other three players possess seven figure stacks, DuckU still had room to move up with the slow 30-minute blinds. Now in Level 29 (blinds 7,000/14,000, ante 1,750), DuckU would push preflop again for 197,416, this time holding Q♦A♦. He was called by toetagU holding a lesser ace A♠J♣.

No drama in this run to the river as a queen hit the flop and had toetagU drawing dead by the turn — 6♣Q♥9♠2♠Q♠ — thus shipping the 408,832 chip pot to DuckU.

8:34pm: Four-handed, finally a flop

After 16 straight hands without a flop, Sumpas limped in from the small blind (completing to 14,000) and toetagU decided to check his option in the BB. The flop came 3♣J♠Q♠. Sumpas checked, toetagU bet 19,500, and Sumpas called. The turn brought a provocative 10♠. Sumpas checked, toetagU took his time, then bet 29,000. Sumpas again called.

The river was the A♣. Sumpas again checked, and this time toetagU checked behind. Sumpas showed J♦K♥ for a straight, and toetagU mucked. toetagU still has the lead with 2.53 million, followed by BradL with 1.97 million, Sumpas with 1.41 million, and DuckU the short stack with 225K.

8:20pm: Current chip counts (four remain)

1. toetagU — 2,159,468
2. BradL — 1,959,410
3. Sumpas — 1,760,206
4. DuckU — 270,916

8:17pm: No longer a factor; cpfactor out in fifth

Shortly after DuckU doubled up, the other short stack, cpfactor, tried to do the same with a push from the button for 249,968. toetagU would quickly make the call from the small blind, holding A♣J♦ as cpfactor turned over the dominated J♠K♦.

Both would pair their jack on the 3♥2♥J♣ flop. The turn was the 5♦, then toetagU added insult to injury by pairing the kicker on the A♥ river, eliminating cpfactor in fifth place ($332,100).

8:11pm: Quack Quack DuckU speaks up

Sitting on the short end of chips with cpfactor, DuckU found himself facing a shove from a bullying BradL. With the blinds still 6,000/12,000 (ante 1,500), BradL put DuckU all-in from the small blind, and with 179,735 chips left DuckU found an appropriate pair — 2♦2♣ — in his hand with which to make the call.

Usually a player is flipping with deuces, but not this time as BradL had one in his hand, too, holding 2♥9♦. DuckU’s ducks would gently float down the river as the board came Q♣J♠4♦3♦4♥, giving him the 363,970 chip pot.

8:05pm: BongBob busto in sixth

Just back from the break, toetagU opened with a raise to 28,454 from under the gun, BradL called from the next seat over, and it folded around to the blinds both of whom — BongBob (SB) and cpfactor (BB) — called as well.

The flop came 8♠J♠2♣, and it checked to toetagU who bet 48,000. BradL raised to 156,000, then BongBob shoved all in over the top to the tune of 694,065. It folded back to BradL who made the call.

BongBob showed 8♥8♦ for the set of eights, but BradL had the better set with his J♦J♥, completely killing BongBob’s buzz. The turn was the 6♣ and river the Q♦, and BongBob was gone in sixth ($261,375).

7:56pm: Day 2, three-hour break; six remain

Level 28 (blinds 6,000/12,000; ante 1,500)

1. toetag — 1,992,954
2. Sumpas — 1,691,629
3. BradL — 1,172,241
4. BongBob — 724,019
5. cpfactor — 360,922
6. DuckU — 208,235

7:53pm: toetagU sticking to bagging chips instead of bodies thus far

BongBob would lead out for a minimum-raise from the button (to 24,000) and got called by toetagU in the big blind. The 2♦6♥10♣ flop got both players to check. The turn was the 3♣ and toetagU led out for 42,477. BongBob called.

The river brought the 4♦ and toetagU upped the price to 125,000. BongBob called again, and toetagU flipped up the turned straight 5♥4♥. BongBob went for more water and mucked as toetagU earned the 397,954 chip pot.

7:42pm: siola gets smoked in seventh

The former Sunday Million champ would not add a SCOOP title to the poker resume after tangling with BongBob preflop. With blinds at 6,000/12,000 (ante 1,250), play would fold around to the blinds where BongBob would open for 26,969. siola holding 10♣10♠ in the BB three-bet to 69,420. (An appropriate bet-size ending against BongBob?).

Unfazed, BongBob shoved while covering siola, and the latter made the call. BongBob showed K♦Q♦ and would spike a queen on the Q♠ 8♠ 3♠ all spade flop. Only siola held a spade, but the flush failed to produce on the 6♣ turn and 5♥ river, sending siola off with a six-figure win in seventh place ($199,875).

7:33pm: jpmetalman pedals away in eighth

With the blinds 5,000/10,000, siola opened with a raise to 23,400 from UTG+1, then BradL made it 52,500 from the cutoff seat. It folded to jpmetalman in the big blind who then shoved all in for 257,130. siola got out, but BradL decided to stick around.

jpmetalman: 10♣10♥
BradL: A♣A♥

Bad timing for jpmetalman. The board came 3♠7♠8♥4♦7♣, and jpmetalman is out in seventh, earning $138,375.

7:29pm: WCOOP champ looking for SCOOP watch

Sumpas got a winner’s interview from Brad Willis last year. Reason? The Swede won the 2009 WCOOP Event #10 (see winner’s interview here).

After a bit of hard luck at the 2008 WCOOP main event finishing sixth ($415,000), Sumpas came back big taking down Event #10 of last year’s WCOOP for over $600,000. Tonight with a big stack he’ll be looking for a possible seven-figure payday.

7:21pm: Balance of power

After about a half-hour of play at the final table, Sumpas and toetagU have pushed out from the rest of the pack considerably, with both sitting with more than 1.6 million chips. Their closest competitors — BradL and BongBob — are hovering between 620,000-650,000, with the other four all in the 300K-400K range.

7:17pm: The delaney double

We should note that delaney_kid — who busted here in ninth place — very nearly also made the final table of the “Medium” version of this year’s SCOOP Main Event ($1,050 buy-in), going out in 10th place in that one for an additional $22,050 score. Quite a feat!


7:12pm: The Kid-die game is down the street; delaney_kid out in ninth

With the blinds holding steady at 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante), chip leader toetagU led out for 18K, and delaney_kid flat-called. The table folded to Sumpas who raised to 55K which sent toetagU’s cards into the muck, but Delaney_kid would four-bet shove for 121,111 total. Sumpas wasn’t done and five bet all-in, covering delaney_kid who made the call.

delaney_kid showed pocket tens — 10♦10♥. Meanwhile Sumpas held a couple of ladies Q♠Q♦, which the kid couldn’t handle the sight of and the J♦ 2♠ K♥ J♣ 8♥ board agreed it was time for delaney_kid to take leave in ninth place ($94,095.00).

7:06pm: Not exactly their first time

With the big buy-in comes big talent. Here are a few scores some of our final tablists have racked up here at PokerStars:

Sam “siola” Iola – Sunday Million champ

Danny “cpfactor” Smith – Runner-up in SCOOP Event #15

toetagU – 6th place in Sunday Warm-up

6:54pm: Sail away with me

jpmetalman tried to make something happen from UTG + 1 by shoving for 151,075 preflop with the blinds starting the final table at 4K/8K ante 1K. But DuckU had a pair of tens 10♣10♥ waiting in the big blind and made the call.

The third sailboat appeared from the harbor on the flop and held to the river Q♣ J♦ 4♠ 2♣ 3♥ giving jpmetalman the 315,150 chip pot staying alive early on.

6:49pm: Final table underway


Seat 1: cpfactor — 371,912
Seat 2: toetagU — 1,648,000
Seat 3: delaney_kid — 498,992
Seat 4: BradL — 816,526
Seat 5: DuckU — 507,287
Seat 6: Sumpas — 871,742
Seat 7: jpmetalman — 155,075
Seat 8: BongBob — 624,653
Seat 9: siola — 655,813

6:30pm: Getting close

Day 2 began with 27 players returning. After just an hour-and-a-half of play today they are already down to the final dozen. It won’t be long before we have our final nine.

(Click here to read a full recap of Day 1, when 615 played down to our final three tables.)


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