SCOOP: peanut111 shells the field in Event 8-Low, $11 NLHE

May 05, 2010


SCOOP is great for offering PokerStars players a wide variety of tournament formats at a wide variety of buy-in levels. But let’s face it: if you got into poker any time in the last seven years, you probably were attracted by no-limit hold’em. Not some weird game where you draw multiple times. Certainly not a stud game. And not a turbo format. No, you made that first deposit because you wanted to play what they play on tv: good, old-fashioned, simple no-limit hold’em with a reasonable structure.

Thanks to TV, that game isn’t going out of style any time soon. Thanks to PokerStars, you’ll have plenty of chances to play it during SCOOP. The first opportunity came in Event #8. Event #8-Low was priced at an extremely appealing $11. PokerStars guaranteed a prize pool of $100,000. It was a guarantee that required at least 10,000 people to register. That wasn’t a problem. Almost twice as many players, 18,353 in all, put their money into the prize pool.

Included among those 18,353 players were 25 members of Team PokerStars. Their strike rate in this event – 9 out of 25 — was about double the percentage of the field being paid. The top casher was some guy you might have heard of once or twice. 2005 WSOP Main Event champion Joe Hachem made a very deep run, ultimately busting out in 59th place. While the $211.05 that Hachem earned probably won’t make much of a difference to his bankroll, I bet that the satisfaction of in the top one-third of one percent of the field was reward enough.


Who then, if not Hachem, was going to be the player skilled enough, determined enough, patient enough and lucky enough to emerge from the 18,000-player field to take down the $18,369 first prize? At 9:48am, after almost fourteen hours of play, it was down to these nine players

Set the table:

Event 8-L final table.JPG

Seat 1: joeppie (18,805,938 in chips)
Seat 2: asturiano (7,747,510 in chips)
Seat 3: GOONnGOBLIN (26,416,314 in chips)
Seat 4: sangreala (13,298,998 in chips)
Seat 5: Mr. Clint (32,840,229 in chips)
Seat 6: Abusadorx (22,451,956 in chips)
Seat 7: truconis (17,296,568 in chips)
Seat 8: peanut111 (18,676,270 in chips)
Seat 9: BIGCHAD8623 (25,996,217 in chips)

Given the length of time it had taken to reach the final table, it was little surprise to see the final nine trying to play loose and fast. asturiano was the first player to go out in a true cooler of a hand. Down to about 6.5 million in chips, asturiano moved all in pre-flop after truconis opened to 1.25 million and BIGCHAD8623 re-raised to 4.5 million. BIGCHAD8623 was the only caller, tabling pocket queens against asturiano’s pocket jacks. asturiano’s hand never improved, sending asturiano off the final table first, in 9th place, with $1,101.18 in prize money.

sangreala was right behind asturiano. With blinds still at 250k and 500k, sangreala open-shoved from the small blind for 10.6MM. Mr. Clint snap-called with A♦ 7♦, a slight favorite to sangreala’s K♣Q♣. sangreala paired queens on the flop, Q♠ 3♠ 10♠, but after a blank 6♥ turn the river fell a deadly A♣ to make a pair of aces for Mr. Clint. It was a sudden, stunning end to the tournament for sangreala in 8th place.

The action picked right back up after a scheduled 5-minute break. The second hand back, GOONnGOBLIN opened for 1.25 million. Small blind truconis three-bet shoved for 7.85 million and was snap-called. truconis was racing with A♦ J♣ against GOONnGOBLIN’s 5♦ 5♠. A five on the flop and board pair on the turn ended a very, very long night for truconis in 7th place with $2,578.59 in winnings.

That hand left six relatively deep-stacked players left at the table:

Seat 1: joeppie (17,430,938 in chips)
Seat 3: GOONnGOBLIN (36,851,157 in chips)
Seat 5: Mr. Clint (48,451,727 in chips)
Seat 6: Abusadorx (20,826,956 in chips)
Seat 8: peanut111 (26,613,770 in chips)
Seat 9: BIGCHAD8623 (33,355,452 in chips)

GOONnGOBLIN and joeppie basically traded places in the counts after this cooler of a hand:

RSS readers click through for replay

Someone call Kevin Spacey

BIGCHAD8623 then offered to look at the numbers for a chip-chop. Everyone agreed at first except GOONnGOBLIN, who was dead-fast against a chop, saying it was too early. But some persuasion by BIGCHAD8623 convinced GOONnGOBLIN to re-consider and at least look at the numbers. There was some confusion at this point, as a PokerStars Host asked each of the remaining six players to sit out. Eventually the tournament was paused so that the host could provide the chip-chop numbers to the remaining six players.

“I’m telling all of u now, I’m probably going to ask for more,” said GOONnGOBLIN.

The chip-chop numbers given the stack sizes were:

Mr. Clint – $12,333.94
joeppie – $11,760.00
BIGCHAD8623 – $9,773.43
peanut111 – $8,074.03
Abusadorx – $7,984.26
GOONnGOBLIN – $7,776.40

Armed with those numbers the negotiations began in earnest, and they were ugly. “I want 9k. There’s too much equity. One double gives me a chance to win 10k more,” said GOONnGOBLIN. BIGCHAD8623 offered $400. “I need $900 more fellas and it’s a deal.”

BIGCHAD8623 tried to facilitate the deal by encouraging Mr. Clint and joeppie to each offer $450 off of their share. But at that point peanut111 chimed in. “Aight just got my chat back. It was banned. Sorry, I disagree.” peanut111 object to giving GOONnGOBLIN any money, stating that there was “too much out there”. GOONnGOBLIN, attempting to mollify peanut111, offered to split the money he would receive. That seemed to anger Abusadorx.

“What? So I want 9k,” Abusadorx said. An agreement for how the money could be apportioned to satisfy everyone couldn’t be reached, and so play resumed.

One elimination, and then…?

Shortly thereafter, BIGCHAD8623 and GOONnGOBLIN were involved in a very odd hand. BIGCHAD8623 opened the button to 1.8 million, then snap-called GOONnGOBLIN’s 3-bet shove for 20.9 million. BIGCHAD8623 opened 7♥ 5♥ against GOONnGOBLIN’s Q♠ Q♥. GOONnGOBLIN flopped a set to double up to 40.5 million and to send BIGCHAD8623 down to 9.6 million

BIGCHAD8623 did manage to double back a few hands later, taking J♥ K♠ against joeppie’s pocket sevens and flopping a king. After winning that pot to cilmb to 24.5 million, BIGCHAD8623 said, “No deal, I’ll play crazy.”

BIGCHAD8623 and joeppie went at it again inside of the same orbit. BIGCHAD8623 open-shoved from under the gun with A♣ J♥ and was called by joeppie’s pocket tens. A jack on the turn crippled joeppie to 4.0 million chips. “Warned you,” said BIGCHAD8623.Two hands later, BIGCHAD8623 got the rest of joeppie’s chips with K♠ K♦ against joeppie’s A♠ 9♠. The board rolled out 7♠ 10♥ 5♦ 2♦ 6♣ to make joeppie the 6th-place finisher. That pot also made BIGCHAD8623 the new chip leader with more than 57 million chips.

Back to the bargaining table

After the elimintation of joeppie, peanut111 suggested that the players should once again look at a deal. All agreed and for the second time, the host computed the chip-chop numbers. The new numbers were:

BIGCHAD8623 – $15,467.58
Mr. Clint – $11,370.75
GOONnGOBLIN – $10,655.70
peanut111 – $8,487.97
Abusadorx – $8,049.45

Again the negotiations began. This time peanut111 was driving them. He wanted $9,000. BIGCHAD8623 offered the necessary money very quickly, once again prompting Abusadorx to also ask for $9,000. Lengthy (and confusing) negotiations ensued, but finally the players settled on BIGCHAD8623 taking only $14,000, with the difference between what his chip equity was being split between peanut111 and Abusadorx. All finally agreed, making the deal official.

There was still a $2,000 set-aside to play for, and so play resumed. Mr. Clint quickly went out in 5th place, getting all in pre-flop with K♥ J♣ against BIGCHAD8623’s A♥ K♠ and failing to hit. It was a huge pot worth more than 80 million chips and propelled BIGCHAD8623 to 104 million in chips.

Two hands later, Abusadorx moved all in pre-flop with A♦ 8♣. peanut111 called with A♥ 10♠. Like Mr. Clint beforehand, Abusadorx failed to connect with the board and was eliminated in 4th place.

Acknowledging an error

After the elimination of Abusadorx, the PokerStars Host returned to the chat box to let the remaining three players know that the deal they agreed to inadvertently included the $2,000 that was supposed to have been set aside to go to the champion. As a result, they were only playing for TLB points.

The result was fairly predictable. The remaining players, tired after a tournament that stretched 15 hours, started moving in pre-flop with just about any two cards. This hand marked the end of GOONnGOBLIN’s tournament in 3rd place:

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It didn’t take long after that for peanut111 to seal the deal. peanut111 got most of BIGCHAD8623’s chips by making two pair with A♥ 5♠ against BIGCHAD8623’s A♠ 2♥ on a board of A♣ 7♦ Q♥ 5♣ J♥(again, all in pre-flop). A few hands later the tournament was over after both players moved in pre-flop with some random holdings. peanut111’s 9♥ 4♠ beat out BIGCHAD8623’s Q♠ 7♠ by making a pair of nines on the turn. The hand put an end to an epic tournament that featured some epic negotiations.

SCOOP Event #8-Low No-Limit Hold’em results (reflects results of 5-way deal):

1st place: peanut111 ($9,321.76)
2nd place: BIGCHAD8623 ($14,000.00)
3rd place: GOONnGOBLIN ($10,455.70)
4th place: Abusadorx ($8,883.24)
5th place: Mr. Clint ($11,370.75)
6th place: joeppie ($3,670.60)
7th place: truconis ($2,578.59)
8th place: sangreala ($1,651.77)
9th place: asturiano ($1,101.18)

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