SCOOP Players’ Choice: You pick the game!

May 02, 2017

In the bunker of the PokerStars HQ where we keep the smart people who know about these things, there is a certain team of people who put together the schedules for the major PokerStars Online Championships, better known as COOPs. For the most part, these folks fill in the entire schedule, but every once in a while, they decide to shake things up a little bit.

That’s where the Players’ Choice event comes in.

On the very last day of this year’s Spring Championship of Online Poker, the tournament will be in a format decided by you, the players of PokerStars.

Wanna vote? Keep reading below?

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This year’s Players’ Choice event will be one of four shortlisted by the members of Team PokerStars Pro Online.

Here’s what the big dogs chose:

Jaime Staples – Progressive KO

“I think my format is going to win. Progressive Knockouts are the future of tournament poker, I believe. It adds a layer of complexity and excitement that starts from the very beginning of the tournament. Also making the tournament slow down towards the end lengthens the ‘exciting parts’ of the tournament and lets the true players shine. I am pumped to play it!”

Mikhail Shalamov – Win the Button Turbo

“I think this format is great, even when you’re not in the hand you get to cheer for other people to win the pot so that you don’t have to post the big blind. It’s especially interesting when blinds are significant, so turbo format works best.”

Randy Lew – Deep Stacks Turbo

“I picked NLHE 6-max Deep Stacks Turbo because coming from a 6-max cash game background, I find that the 6-max tables are much more action-heavy and fun. I think a lot of times in tournaments we don’t get the option of playing with deep stacks like in cash games, so I would love to see more deeper stacked tournaments come into play. A lot of players though, myself included, can get tired after playing for very long hours so I think a turbo format fits very well in allowing us to play with deep stacks but be able to finish the tournament rather quickly.”

Lex Veldhuis – 6-max PLO

Pot Limit Omaha is a great game. There is a lot of depth to it. Even when you’re short stacked in tournaments there is a still a lot of room to play. Every street is an all-out war because people can represent so many different hands. If you thought 6-max Hold’em was fun, wait till you see PLO. It’s really fun to watch, and I’m proud to champion a tourney like this.”

So, there are your choices. To vote, you will need to go over to the PokerStars Facebook page and read the instructions here.

Every vote counts, so get in while you can.

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