SCOOP: ramonieye keeps eye on the prize in $1,050 H.O.R.S.E. Event 7

April 06, 2009


There were about 350 players seated to receive the first hand of hold’em in the “medium” stakes version of SCOOP Event No. 7, the $1,000+$50 buy-in H.O.R.S.E. event. However, by the time late registration had ended, a total of 444 had entered. As the tourney had a $500,000 guarantee attached to it, that meant the players enjoyed an overlay, with first prize scheduled to receive $95,000. The top 64 finishers would cash, with each assured of at least $1,775.

Team PokerStars Pros among Sunday’s field included Alexander Gomes (“Allingomes”), Andre Akkari (“aakkari”), Chad Brown (“ChadBrownPRO”), Daniel Negreanu (“KidPoker”), Greg Raymer (“Fossilman”), Ivan Demidov, Katja Thater, Marcin Horecki (“Goral”), Maridu Mayrinck (“Maridu”), Victor Ramdin, and Ylon Schwartz. In fact, most of that group had entered into at least two of the Event No. 7 tourneys, with mixed-game aficionados Brown and Negreanu entering all three. Other notables turning out included AJKHoosier1, AJunglen1, Andy McLEOD, apestyles, BodogAri, Daut44, gbmantis, get crunk, Hoss_TBF, JohnnyBax, liberace, micon, newhizzle, PearlJammer, Rizen, steamraise, TheTakeover, and ZeeJustin.

By the three-hour mark over a third of the field had hit the rail, including Chad Brown (356th), Andre Akkari (300th), and Ylon Schwartz (283rd). Greg Raymer was the next TeamPokerStars pro to depart. After losing most of his stack in an Omaha/8 hand in which argules rivered a steel wheel — that is, a straight flush of A♥2♥3♥4♥5♥ — to scoop a big pot, Raymer’s chatbox response suggested he might have been ahead until that last card hit:

FossilMan: man, I run bad sometimes
SirWatts: hate to say it
SirWatts: but you may ahve used up most of your run good
ffplaya22: haha
SirWatts: on those main event runs
FossilMan: could be
SirWatts: you only get a finite amount

Raymer was all in on a razz hand shortly afterwards, but as if to prove his point paired up twice to go out in 268th place. The 2004 WSOP Main Event champ wished his tablemates “gg” from the rail, and play continued.

Over the next couple of hours, Maridu Mayrinck went out in 235th, friend of PokerStars Darus Suharto was eliminated in 215th, Alexander Gomes was knocked out in 180th, Ivan Demidov went out in 176th, and Marcin Horecki hit the rail in 159th.


Meanwhile, their teammate Katja Thater, owner of a 2007 WSOP bracelet in razz, had stormed to the top of the leaderboard where she was in 8th place with 100 players remaining. Daniel Negreanu — having busted out early in both the “low” and “high” versions of Event No. 7 — was also still there at that point in 38th place, as was Victor Ramdin in 85th.

After about six hours of play, the cash bubble finally burst, with ZeeJustin being the unfortunate bubble boy finishing in 65th. Ramdin was out by then, too (in 75th), but Thater and Negreanu battled on. Stavros sat atop the leaderboard with 64 remaining with more than 130,000 chips. At that point, IveGotToeJam was the only other player in the tourney to have cracked 100,000.

The next 27 players were eliminated at a clip of about one per minute, then a short-stacked Negreanu finally met his end in a hand of hold’em. With the blinds 1,250/2,500 and stakes 2,500/5,000, McMang raised from the cutoff, Negreanu three-bet from the small blind, McMang capped, and Negreanu called with what he had left. Negreanu showed pocket sixes, while McMang had K♣Q♣. All was fine for “KidPoker” until the turn, but the K♥ on the river meant Negreanu was out in 37th place (worth $2,625).

A short while later, Katja Thater was down to 11,964 chips when she picked up 2-4-7 to start a razz hand. She ended up getting it all in on third street versus muggylicious who had 5-7-8, but unfortunately for Thater her next four cards would all be paint (Q-K-K-J) and she’d lose to muggylicious’ 10-8-7-5-4. Thater ended up finishing 30th.

With two tables remaining, savagegamble and ACESEDAI had charged to the chip lead, with savagegamble eventually being the first player to 400,000 chips. Finally, after nearly nine hours of play, Sensor knocked out one-time chip leader Stavros in a razz hand, and the final table was set:


Seat 1: TurnRiva — 443,077
Seat 2: ramonieye — 151,568
Seat 3: Sensor — 325,497
Seat 4: ACESEDAI — 265,515
Seat 5: pool_shark_1 — 163,310
Seat 6: savagegamble — 468,665
Seat 7: Mr_win — 141,912
Seat 8: Tulkaz — 260,456

Soon after the final table began, the game switched to stud. After ACESEDAI brought it in for 3,600, Mr_win raised with the A♥ showing to 12,000, and was called by Tulkaz with the 8♥ and ramonieye with the Q♦. On fourth street, Mr_win drew the K♥, Tulkaz the 3♥, and ramonieye the A♠. Mr_win bet the 12,000, and both called. On fifth, Mr_win drew the 7♥, Tulkas drew the 4♣, and ramonieye the 3♦. Mr_win again led out (for 24,000 this time), Tulkaz raised, ramonieye folded, Mr_win reraised with his last chips, and ramonieye called.

Mr_win turned over A♦3♠A♥K♥7♥, while Tulkaz showed he’d been rolled up: 8♣8♠8♥3♥4♣. Mr_win picked up another king on sixth, but Tulkaz was dealt another trey to give him a boat. Seventh was the J♦ for Mr_win, sealing the hand for Tulkaz and knocking Mr_win out in 8th place.

The game moved to Level 50 — stud hi/lo. With a bunch of high cards showing around the table, savagegamble brought it in with the 8♦ for 3,600, and Tulkaz completed to 12,000 with the A♣. ramonieye called with the A♠, and it folded back to savagegamble who stayed as well. On fourth street, Tulkaz picked up the 8♣, ramonieye the Q♣, and savagegamble the 6♠. It checked to Tulkaz who bet, ramonieye folded, and savagegamble called. The pair followed the same sequence to seventh street, with savagegamble calling each of Tulkaz’s bets until all of his chips went in on the end. Tulkaz showed 4♣A♥A♣8♣7♦7♠9♦ for aces up and no low, while savagegamble could only muster 5♣6♥8♦6♠2♠10♦5♥ for fives and sixes and no low. savagegamble hit the rail in 7th.

The game was still stud hi/lo when pool_shark_1 engaged in a raising war with TurnRiva on third street, getting all of his chips in with A♣A♦10♠ against TurnRiva’s 3♦4♣7♦. By seventh street, pool_shark_1 had drawn A♣A♦10♠Q♦3♠8♦7♣, never having improved on his original pair of aces, while TurnRiva ended up with 3♦4♣7♦6♥7♠5♠10♦ a straight and a seven-low. TurnRiva collected the 46,510-chip pot, and pool_shark_1 was eliminated in 6th.

As the game moved to hold’em, Tulkaz had a commanding lead over the other four players with 944,833 chips, with ACESEDAI his nearest foe with 474,515.

By the time they’d cycled back around to razz, Tulkaz had extended his lead even further to more than 1.1 million chips, while TurnRiva, having been crippled in a hand versus ramonieye, was down to just 3,619 — less than an ante (4,000). TurnRiva put it in against Sensor, and while TurnRiva drew 7-K-Q-5-4-2-9 for a 9-7 low, Sensor drew 3-7-6-2-K-8-6 to beat him with an 8-7 and send TurnRiva home in 5th.

ACESEDAI’s stack had slipped to 76,243 by the next level, and he’d end up putting it all in on fourth street of a stud hand with 10♦5♦K♥2♣ versus ramonieye’s K♠J♣10♥3♥. ramonieye would pick up a jack on sixth street to make a pair, but ACESEDAI couldn’t improve on his king-high and was out in 4th.

After that hand, the three remaining players were fairly close in chips: Tulkaz 860,833, Sensor 704,380, ramonieye 654,787. ramonieye asked if anyone wanted to talk about chopping, but Sensor quickly said “no thx” and the trio played on.

Sensor began chipping away at the others, and by Level 56 (hold’em) had moved up over a million chips while both of his opponents hovered around half that.

Meanwhile, Tulkaz’s stack was starting to shrink, and by the time they reached the next round of Omaha hi/lo he was down to 125,332. Then came a hand in which ramonieye folded the button, Sensor raised to 60,000 from the small blind, Tulkaz 3-bet, Sensor capped it, and Tulkaz called. The flop came 3♣10♠2♥. Sensor bet, and Tulkaz put his last chips in the middle. Sensor showed 2♦2♠6♠5♥ for a set of deuces and a low draw, while Tulkaz had A♣6♣J♦Q♠ for a low draw and not much else. The turn was the case deuce, giving Sensor quads, and the 6♥ on the river meant Tulkaz was out in 3rd.

When heads up began, Sensor had 1,274,046 chips to ramonieye’s 945,954. Sensor would increase his lead during the remainder of the Omaha hi/lo round, but ramonieye would come back and retake the advantage just before the switch to razz.

Then came a huge razz hand with heavy betting on all streets in which ramonieye won with 4-5-A-K-6-8-2, leaving Sensor with just 17,046 chips. Sensor would survive three all ins, but on the fourth ramonieye finally outdrew him with K-7-4-5-K-2-9, making a hand of 9-7-5-4-2, versus Sensor’s J-8-A-J-T-T-9 (J-T-9-8-A).

Here are the payouts for those making the final table:

SCOOP Event #7: $1,050 H.O.R.S.E.

1. ramonieye (Philadelphia) $95,000
2. Sensor (Phillipsburg) $70,000
3. Tulkaz (Odense) $51,300
4. ACESEDAI (Alameda) $37,500
5. TurnRiva (Nathan) $25,000
6. pool_shark_1 (Glen Allen) $17,500
7. savagegamble (Los Angeles) $12,500
8. Mr_win (Rowland Heights) $10,000

Check out PokerStars’ SCOOP page for the rest of the schedule.


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