SCOOP: Victory is twice as nice for Sdouble in Event #2, $109 PLO8

April 03, 2009

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It’s enough of a feat to scratch and claw through a field of thousands and make it to a SCOOP final table. To do it twice in one night is almost unthinkable. But that’s exactly what Sdouble accomplished tonight, taking down Event #2, $109 buy-in PLO8 while simultaneously making an eighth-place run in Event #1-High, $530 buy-in NLHE with Rebuys.

2,104 split-game enthusiasts came out for this “medium” buy-in installment of SCOOP’s PLO8 festivities, creating a $210,400 prize pool. 306 places were paid, with first place earning $33,664.Representing Team PokerStars Pro in the field were Humberto Brenes, Katja Thater, Marcin Horecki, Victor Ramdin, Gavin Griffin, though unfortunately none of them made the money. Other familiar screen names popping up in this event were yuvee04, AJunglen7, rkruok, All_in_at420, BigRiskky, BodogAri, The Grinder, Mike “Timex” McDonald, TMay420, Danny “The__D__RY” Ryan, Eric “Rizen” Lynch, and this week’s TLB winner Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb.

The money bubble burst about 5 1/2 hours into play and it would take another six to play down to the final nine. After Babooyah was eliminated in 10th place, the final table was set and the chip counts looked like this:

Seat 1: Sdouble (1,227,160)
Seat 2: EDWARDHOPPER (2.055.566)
Seat 3: SharpNut (363,896)
Seat 4: madddddddddd (1,150,105)
Seat 5: Rockytherock (712,086)
Seat 6: JP OSU (2,064,148)
Seat 7: dreadpirateA (479,972)
Seat 8: SmileGodLuvs (1,145,933)
Seat 9: tmt326 (1,071,134)

SCOOP PLO med FT.jpg

Talk of a deal broke out as soon as our nine remaining players hit the final table, most of them hoping to pause the action and take a look at chip count chop numbers. However, JP OSU immediately put the kibosh on it, saying he would not accept any deal. As this discussion played out, we saw the first elimination at the final table, when dreadpirateA exited in ninth place. DreadpriateA opened for 150,000, tmt326 popped it to 500,000, setting his opponent all in, and dreadpirateA made the call, his A♦3♣6♣8♦ up against tmt326’s A♣A♠4♦8♥. The flop came down K♦6♥2♣, dreadpirateA flopping the nut low draw and tmt326’s aces holding up for high. The 2♥ on the turn was no help for dreadpirateA, nor was the 3♦ on the river, which gave tmt326 the nut low and aces up to scoop the pot and eliminate dreadpirateA from the tournament after over 11 1/2 hours of play. He earned $1,893.60 for his finish.

SharpNut, who had arrived at the final table as the short stack, was the next to fall. Though he’d managed to double up through SmileGodLuvs when he flopped trips and rivered a boat, he found himself all in again only three hands later. SharpNut opened for 175,000 and JP OSU came in for a raise to 600,000. With only another 150,000 or so behind the amount of the raise, it was time to push or fold and SharpNut chose the former, receiving an insta-call. SharpNut turned up A♦3♣4♣9♦ to JP OSU’s A♥2♥2♣J♣, the 8♦6♦5♠ flop giving him an ace-high flush draw and an open-ended straight draw while JP OSU flopped the nut low. The 6♥ on the turn missed SharpNut’s outs for high as did the J♠ on the river. With jacks up and an 8-6 low, JP OSU scooped the pot, sending SharpNut to the rail in eighth place. He took home $3,576.80 for his performance.

Though that hand helped JP OSU maintain the chip lead he took into the final table, he got himself into a major confrontation with one of the table’s other big stacks, Sdouble, a short time later. Take a look at how the hand played out:

Rockytherock hung on through the bubble with the shortest of stacks and with only nine big blinds remaining, decided to make a stand, moving all in for 452,086 over the top of EDWARDHOPPER’s 180,000 opening raise. EDWARDHOPPER called with 3♠4♠5♥7♠ and found himself well behind Rockytherock’s A♦A♥9♥J♥. Luck was on EDWARDHOPPER’s side, however, as the 6♥5♠2♠ flop hit his hand perfectly–making him a low, a six-high straight, and straight flush redraw to boot. The turn was the 10♣, the river was the K♥ and Rockytherock’s tournament came to an end with a seventh-place finish and an extra $5,260 in his PokerStars account.

JP OSU’s stack was unable to recover from that big hit he took earlier against Sdouble, and the two hooked up again in what would end up being JP OSU’s final hand. Sdouble raised to 198,274, JP OSU raised to 674,822, Sdouble four-bet to 1,151,370 and JP OSU called all in. The board ran out 5♥8♥J♦9♦K♦, Sdouble making two pair kings and jacks with A♥3♠J♠K♣ and JP OSU completely missing with A♦2♠3♥7♣. With that, he the rail in sixth place, earning $7,364 for his efforts.

With the one player who refused a chop out of the tournament, several players wanted to pause the action after JP OSU’s elimination in order to look at numbers for a potential deal. This time, however, it was Sdouble that quickly ended those discussions. Not only was Sdouble in the final five of this event, but stunningly enough he was also among the final 16 players in SCOOP Event #1-High, the $530 NLHE with Rebuys. Admitting he was exhausted and too distracted by the other tournament to crunch the numbers, Sdouble (who also held the chip lead at that point) decided he’d rather play it out, much to his opponents’ dismay.

Cards went back on the screen and a few hands later, madddddddddd opened from UTG for 280,000 and SmileGodLuvs called on the button. Madddddddddd led out for 680,000 on the K♠J♠7♦ flop and SmileGodLuvs almost immediately shoved for his remaining 1,162,392. Madddddddddd called the 159,022 balance and turned up A♥2♥5♠10♣ for a gutshot straight draw and a backdoor low draw while SmileGodLuvs showed A♦3♣7♥K♣ for top two pair. The turn was the 9♥, no help for madddddddddd and the river was the 9♣, sealing up the hand for SmileGodLuvs and eliminating madddddddddd in fifth place for a $9,468 payday.

With play now four-handed, and the stacks a bit more even, Sdouble finally relented, deciding he wanted to look at chip count chop numbers after all.

“If I get 25 we have a deal” he wrote in the chat box.

Sdouble’s potential prize money worked out to just short of that figure and while SmileGodLuvs and tmt326 agreed to shave a few hundred apiece off their take, EDWARDHOPPER refused. Once again, play proceeded without a deal.

Action resumed and tmt26 lost about two-thirds of his stack on this huge three-way hand with EDWARDHOPPER and SmileGodLuvs where he ended up folding on the turn.

Five hands later, tmt26 made his last stand, moving all in after EDWARDHOPPER opened for 265,221. EDWARDHOPPER called, revealing A♥2♦K♦K♠ to tmt26’s A♦2♥7♠10♦. Tmt26 made queens up on the Q♠6♥10♥Q♥2♣ board but it was no match for EDWARDHOPPER’s kings up. Tmt26 exited in fourth place, earning $12,624.

Less than ten minutes later, SmileGodLuvs’ short stack was all-in pre-flop, his A♠2♣6♣J♦ up against EDWARDHOPPER’s 2♦3♠5♥Q♦. SmileGodLuvs flopped good, hitting top two pair when it came down A♦J♣3♥, but EDWARDHOPPER still had the best low draw and a wheel draw. The K♦ on the turn gave EDWARDHOPPER additional outs with a flush draw, and the 4♥ on the river made him the wheel to scoop the pot and eliminate SmileGodLuvs in third place for an $18,325.84 score.

As heads-up play commenced, Sdouble had a better than 1.8 to 1 chip lead over EDWARDHOPPER:

Seat 1: Sdouble (6787401 in chips)
Seat 2: EDWARDHOPPER (3732599 in chips)

With the blinds at 60,000/120,000, our final two played small-pot poker for most of their heads-up confrontation, their chip counts remaining relatively stable until Sdouble went on a tear, taking down ten consecutive pots. The first nine put EDWARDHOPPER on the ropes, leaving him with only 1.8 million to Sdouble’s 8.7 million, and the tenth put him away once and for all. Sdouble opened for 360,000, EDWARDHOPPER reraised to 1,080,000, Sdouble four-bet to 3,240,000 and EDWARDHOPPER called all in.

Sdouble 2♣4♣5♠8♣

The Q♦9♦7♥ flop missed both players, EDWARDHOPPER still leading with ace high. The 7♣ on the turn paired the board and eliminated all low possibilities, but the 8♠ that spiked on the river made Sdouble two pair, earning him the pot, a SCOOP title, and the $33,664 first-place prize. For his runner-up finish, EDWARDHOPPER collected $25,248.

Though Sdouble already had one victory in the bag, he was still alive with 12 players out of 672 starters remaining in Event #1, $530 NLHE with Rebuys, albeit short-stacked. Sdouble managed to hang on for another hour or so of play, making the final table and ultimately finishing in eighth place for $23,299.50. Sdouble’s second final table finish of the night brought his total earnings for the night to $56,963.50. Congratulations, sir on a staggering achievement.

Results for SCOOP Event #2, $109 PLO8

1. Sdouble ($33,664.00)
2. EDWARDHOPPER ($25,248.00)
3. SmileGodLuvs ($18,325.84)
4. tmt326 ($12,624.00)
5. madddddddddd ($9,468.00)
6. JP OSU ($7,364.00)
7. Rockytherock ($5,260.00)
8. SharpNut ($3,576.80)
9. dreadpirateA ($1,893.60)


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