Sergeypcv wins TPL week 8, KozhevnikovR scoops season 5 prize

March 01, 2011


This week was the final game of Season 5 of the Twitter Poker League, 1,024 players took part and “Sergeypcv” was the eventual winner. $177.47 and 20 last minute points for the leaderboard, was the prize for his efforts. As usual we had four players volunteer to have a bounty placed on their heads, “Die Ventura”, (@dieventura) “wisecapra”, (@wisecapra) “domenko” (@domenko) and “jefkez” (@jefoss). All were worth 300FPP if you eliminated them, to begin with anyway.

Keeping an eye on what is going on with the bounty players, and the Twitter Poker League tourney in general means watching a lot of tables. A lot of what goes on is fairly standard and not much catches the eye, but occasionally you see a gem of a hand go down. Here it starts out looking like just any other flip, pocket fives vs. Ace-King. A set for “multison378” on the flop changes everything, but the board brings the 2♦ to complete the gutshot for A♠K♥ on the turn! “multison378” would need to fill up to win, or find a six or an Ace on the river to split. Or you can always hit the last five in the deck to make four of a kind!


“jefkev” outlasted all of the other bounty players, and with 18 players left he was still in and stood a slim chance at making the final table. Taking him out would yield a 500FPP reward now, and he was soon eliminated in 18th place by “marcozlm”. Shortly after that “Oleg287” was knocked out in 10th place and we had our final 9 players assemble around the last Twitter Poker League table of the season.


“Coolie196” was first out in 9thtaking $11.26 with him, eliminated by “sergeypcv” who made quad Kings, even though he didn’t need to as he held the best hand from start to finish with K♥K♣ vs. A♣Q♦ on a board of 5♥8♦10♣ K♦ K♠. He was soon followed by “TvorecMira” in 8th when Q♦2♥ was unable to beat “trajita”‘s K♠J♠.

There was a long period of all-ins but no eliminations, until “theWulv” finished in 7th place after getting all-in after the river with J♥J♣ losing to the A♦3♦ of “sergeypcv”. Though he had tried to slow play his set of jacks on the J♦2♥3♣ flop, it was ultimately a bad idea as the turn and river brought a flush for the now overwhelming chip leader “sergeypcv”.Next A♦9♠ was unable to improve enough to beat, 10♠10♣ though he did hit a 9♥ and “VD27” was out in 6th. “sergeypcv” was now the clear chip leader when the final five players took a short break.

“spomator” finished 4th when he shoved his 8♦8♠ right into K♠K♦ and was not lucky enough to find one of two outs, after “Trajita” had bust in 5th place for $50.68. C.BOULDERS was our 3rd place finisher this week when he couldn’t find the tough fold with Q♦Q♣ on a 10♣2♦K♠ flop, “multison378” held K♣J♣ to eliminate “C.BOULDERS” and bring the game to its heads up finale.

“sergeypcv” sports an image of an owl at the table, and he certainly seemed like a wise player. There is a good chance that that is the main reason he won this week, along with a fair slice of luck – as is always needed to win any tournament. The key hand heads up was probably this one:


The match was over soon after that crippling blow, “sergeypcv” is this week’s winner, congratulations to him and “multison378” as the very respectable runner up. This was week 8, the final week of season 5 of the Twitter Poker League. “KozhevnikovR” is the winner overall with 35 points in total from all 8 games. “widush” is the runner up with 34 points from 7 games, if only he had played one more game he would have tied for the win. A lesson learned the hard way, but it really is quite simple the more games of #tpoker you play in the season the more points you get, especially as everyone gets one point just for taking part.

The leaderboard can be found in full on the Twitter Poker League website (link:// anyone who has made the top 100 will receive their tickets shortly. Congratulations again to everyone. Season 6 starts straight away next week, and registration for the first game is already open! You can find the tournament easily by pressing CTRL+T in the client and searching for “368741634” or by looking in the Tourney > Regular tab.


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