Shatter dreams with brand new Diamond Throwable

January 12, 2022inPoker

There’s a brand new Throwable on the scene, and this one’s diamond. Literally.

The Ice Diamond Throwable shatters into a million pieces on impact. It’s perfect for chucking at opponents when they’ve missed a flush, or when you’re about to shatter their dreams of a huge win.

The world of Throwables is indeed very mean.

To get your hands on the new Diamond Throwable, all you have to do is lose a hand holding two pair.

It’ll happen naturally. Just play poker and wait for that crushing moment when your two pair gets bested. Your Diamond Throwable will instantly appear in your collection.

Any real money game type is eligible, including Home Games. The hand needs to be played until showdown.

The Diamond Throwable is available from now until Jan 21 at 23:59 ET. That’s plenty of time to have your two pair beaten and add a new Throwable to your collection.

Just make sure you Opt-in via the Challenges window in the PokerStars client to get started.



PokerStars staff

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