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July 14, 2020inStrategy

While the online poker action in 2020 has been incredible, the truth is that prestigious online tournament series don’t come around too often. So when they do, it’s imperative that you play your best and make the big events count.

Stadium Series is as big as they come, and there are events running daily with mouth-watering prizes up for grabs.

That’s why PokerStars School is on hand to help you bring your A-game.


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  • Grand Tour strategy continued
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So far the Stadium Series has been everything we’d hope it would be, and more.

It’s bringing huge fields and the biggest names in the online game to PokerStars and creating incredible content for us to watch.

So far we’ve seen Lex Veldhuis, James Mackenzie of OP-Poker, and Arlie Shaban all reach Stadium Series final tables live on their Twitch streams, while Fintan “easywithaces” Hand and other members of Team PokerStars have also made deep runs.

Now it’s your turn.

To help you sharpen up your game and reach your own final table, PokerStars School has been busy putting together an impressive archive of strategy content specifically designed for Stadium Series.

Check out the articles below and we’ll be writing about you winning a Stadium Series title on PokerStars Blog in no time.

Grand Tour strategy continued

Get on your bike for Grand Tour

If you haven’t got the necessary hours that a Stadium Series event requires, you might prefer the fast-paced sprints of Grand Tour.

Not familiar with Grand Tour? Find out everything you need to know here.

For several weeks, PokerStars School has been bringing you cutting edge strategy for one of the freshest poker formats going, allowing you to become an early crusher.

The latest articles cover:

You can check out the full Grand Tour strategy archive here.

Video: MTT hand review

This week Dave ‘TheLangolier’ Roemer is back with another hand review video.

In this series, he’s analysing the final two tables of an $11 Turbo tournament played by a PokerStars School member.

Check it out here.

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All the latest promotions:


Grand Tour with OP-Poker Nick




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