This Sunday: $1 Million guaranteed. No running.

July 05, 2019inPoker

This weekend south west London will buzz with the noise of balls on rackets, the odd backhand grunt, and plenty of well-mannered applause.

It’s the third round of the world’s most famous tennis tournament. And the forecast is good. At least for those watching.

Few players who enter the Wimbledon singles make it into week two.

To get there they must first toil in muggy British sunshine, risking sunburn, fatigue, and injury.

The defeated will collect £111,000. Not bad. But from that they’ll pay coaches, trainers, agents, bag carriers, and of course the tax man.

All while catching their breath.

We say, why not make the same money, tax free, but without all the running around?

The Sunday Million has $1 million guaranteed and a six-figure payout for the winner.

The injury risk is minimal, and most players are content to avoid the sun. Any fatigue you can sleep off on Monday.

Then wake up just in time for Round 4.

Learn more about event itself by visiting the Sunday Million homepage.


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