Sunday Storm 8th Anniversary starts next week

June 06, 2019inPoker

The Sunday Storm turns 8 this month. To celebrate, PokerStars is guaranteeing a $1 million prize pool, and $100,000 to the winner. Not bad for an $11 tournament. Just not very storm-like.

Technically this should start with an apology.

It’s about that word “Storm”.

The Sunday Storm takes place on Sunday 16 June at 14:00 ET, with a $1 million guarantee and $100,000 set aside for the winner. That’s all true.

It just doesn’t bear any resemblance to a storm.

For one thing, it costs just $11 to play.

Estimated storm damage: about $11

Has there ever been a storm that caused net damage of $11? What would an $11 storm even look like?

It’s not likely there has ever been a storm you could endure at a discounted rate either.

And yet satellites on PokerStars mean you can sit through this Sunday Storm for as little as $2.20.

You can even play for free. PokerStars Schools are giving away 300 Sunday Storm tickets which you can learn more about here.

If it was a proper storm players would be running away from it, not towards it.

But rushing towards it is exactly what something like 100,000 players will be doing when it starts a week on Sunday.

The forecast for this weekend on PokerStars

And rather than cause $11 of damage it does $1 million of net gain.

So to recap, the Sunday Storm does the opposite of any other storm. Which makes it a great storm. The kind you would look forward to.

Based on that technicality alone, we apologize.

All that aside, it’s a poker tournament no player should miss out on.

The $11 buy in leaves the door open for anyone to play. And if you’re a low or micro stakes player, you can win your seat in any of those satellites we mentioned, or in special Spin & Go’s starting at just $0.75.

Best guess at what a $0.75 storm looks like…

And if you do happen to hit turbulence, remember it’s a re-entry event. You can buy in again up to three times during the registration period.

Or you can stick to one entry. Maybe won in a satellite. Then you could legitimately claim to be riding out this anniversary storm in style.

To learn more about this landmark event, simply visit the Sunday Storm homepage.

That’s where you’ll find details like where to find the event in the tournament lobby, as well as satellite information. You can even register right away.

It’s just not a storm.


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