Sunday Warm-Up: Smokin’ hot smokrokflock wins $68K after two-way deal

June 28, 2015

“Hanging around, hanging around”.

Words perhaps uttered by one of the two final players. Except the venue of the extended heads-up play between the final two players of this week’s $400,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up was not some dusty, off-the-books New York poker room with oreos flying across the room after a picked-off tell, but rather here at PokerStars. For almost exactly one hour Akameo and Elio “smokrokflock” Fox would battle for the additional $8K in prize money after making a deal. In the end, Fox would final put Akameo away banking a total of $68,000.00 with the win.

Read on for Fox’s road to victory.

Rui “sousinha23” Sousa was down to one card and facing elimination in 16th place. Holding a flush draw and two overs against klinger63’s pocket eights, Sousa would find an ace on the river and continue towards the final table with 16 players remaining. Not his first late ride in this tournament taking fifth for $25K in February, as the 2.4 million chip pot would bump him to an above average stack.

Sousa was not the only one looking for another shot at a Sunday Warm-Up title with 13 players left, as bah23 took sixth here in February 2013. But only 11 contestants would be allowed to take the ninth hourly break. Five hands back from the interlude, BillyDaKidXX’s pocket sevens were no match for Akameo’s kings taking away $3,005.60 in 11th place.

One hand later on the opposite table with the blinds up to 40K/80K ante 8K bah23 within one player of going back to the final table would be all-in preflop holding J♥10♥ against smokrokflock’s pocket eights 8♥8♦. The 10♦ 4♥ J♣ flop could be called favorable for bah23 and 5♦ turn changed nothing. But, the 8♠ river gave smokrokflock a set of eights to start up the final table below:


Seat 1: Akameo (5522750 in chips)
Seat 2: smokrokflock (4817096 in chips)
Seat 3: POKERL0C0 (651960 in chips)
Seat 4: sousinha23 (1976367 in chips)
Seat 5: HIGHlanderJC (1188466 in chips)
Seat 6: Berthadog (795316 in chips)
Seat 7: SBGstyle (3338215 in chips)
Seat 8: BrPe (1299628 in chips)
Seat 9: crossthervr (2510202 in chips)

Nine hours to get here and 30 seconds to leave.

On the final table’s first hand Sousa would raise to 164,750 from the button as SBGstyle three-bet to 412,122. Folded back to sousinha23 who shoved for 1.9 million holding pocket nines 9♦9♠. SBGstyle was not letting go of big slick K♠A♥ was rewarded with a king on the J♠ K♣ 5♣ J♥ 6♠ board eliminating Sousa in ninth place ($3,978.00).

The fast pace of the final table did not stop there. In less than twenty minutes, the final table would hold just four players from the starting nine.

Four hands later, Elio “smokrokflock” Fox with several live wins and a third place during SCOOP 2014’s Event #1-H worth $179K would lead the way. Holding pocket aces A♥A♦ Fox would deliver a cooler to crossthervr. After a min-raise by crossthervr and three-bet by Fox, crossthervr would commit 2.35 million chips all-in with K♠A♠. A sweat on the flop 9♠ Q♠ 6♣ 5♦ Q♦ would fizzle as crossthervr took away $6,409.00 in eighth place.

Another five hands would send away one more player. With the blinds up to 50K/100K ante 10K POKERL0C0 shoved 631,960 chips from early position with pocket fives 5♦5♣. SBGstyle looked up the shortstack with 9♠A♦ and found a higher straight on the 10♦ J♦ K♥ Q♣ 9♦ board ending POKERL0C0’s tournament in seventh place ($10,829.00).

Fox would shore up his chip leading stack a few minutes later. Acting like a bully with a shove for 7.4 million chips from the button but holding the goods with pocket jacks J♠J♥. Berthadog decided to play with A♠J♣ owning just 653,316 chips. The ace failed to land on the 10♣ 9♦ K♣ 9♠ K♦ board as Berthadog earned $15,249.00 in sixth place.

Eight hands later and still in the same blind level only four would remain. HIGHlanderJC tried to roar with a shove for 958,466 chips from the hijack seat. Akameo calmly called in the small blind with pocket nines 9♠9♥. The seven-high board 4♣ 4♠ 2♣ 5♦ 7♣ failed to catch enough of HIGHlanderJC’s 5♣A♦ as the Dane took away $19,890.00 in fifth place.

After that pocket of action the foursome would slow down as three blind levels past before the next elimination.

With the blinds up to 80K/160K ante 16K SBGstyle would push enough from the small blind to set BrPe all-in. Holding a pocket pair of fours 4♦4♣ BrPe decided it was go time. But, SBGstyle’s nines 9♦9♥ decided it was time to go for BrPe as the K♣ Q♠ K♦ 4♠ K♥ board sent BrPe home in fourth place ($26,520.00).

A ten minute discussion about ICM and the needs of the three did not end well as play continued with the full $70,720.00 up top.

This would give our remaining three another 25 minutes of play until Fox and SBGstyle, now holding the shorter stacks, pushed things preflop as Akameo held over half the chips in play. SBGstyle turned over 3♠3♣ as Fox’s tournament life was on the line with A♦Q♦. A ace on the flop K♠ A♥ K♣ 6♠ 8♥ reduced SBGstyle’s stack to under a million chips. Fox would take those away on the next hand sending $37,570.00 to SBGstyle in third place.

Not right away but the players would try to work out another deal. Despite similar stack sizes, Fox would try to cut a bigger deal for himself. And did. The deal below would leave $8,000.00 on the table for the winner:

smokrokflock: $60,000.00
Akameo: $55,649.50

Oddly, the heads-up portion of the final table turned out to be the longest. Twenty minutes in and fox would score the first big pot of 10.9 million after flopping a set of fours and getting paid off on the paired river. But, five hands later Akameo’s pocket sevens would safely double-up off Fox’s treys to even the score again.

This is not Akameo’s first big final table taking sixth at SCOOP 2014’s Event #2-L for $11K.

Akameo would push Fox continuously but after nearly one hour, smokrokflock finally claimed this Sunday Major. With the blinds up to 200K/400K ante 40K and Fox owning a 16.1 million to 5.9 million chip lead, Akameo would shove with an ace 6♣A♦ as Fox made the call with K♦7♣. The tournament winning king hit the flop J♠ K♠ 3♥ 10♥ 10♠ as Elio “smokrokflock” Fox earned $68,000.00 as this week’s Sunday Warm-Up champion!

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up results (06-28-15):

Entrants: 2,210
Places paid: 324
Prize pool: $442,000.00

(* denotes part of two-way deal)

1. Elio “smokrokflock” Fox (Canada) *$68,000.00
2. Akameo (Hungary) *$55,649.50
3. SBGstyle (Russia) $37,570.00
4. BrPe (Portugal) $26,250.00
5. HIGHlanderJC (Denmark) $19,890.00
6. Berthadog (Denmark) $15,249.00
7. POKERL0C0 (Germany) $10,829.00
8. crossthervr (Russia) $6,409.00
9. Rui “sousinha23” Sousa (Portugal) $3,978.00


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