Super Tuesday: OhHeyCindy turns final table chip lead into $69K (11/1/16)

November 02, 2016

OhHeyCindy came to tonight’s Super Tuesday final table with the chip lead. After dropping briefly into second place when another player won a sizable pot with all nine players still at the table, the player from Mexico reclaimed the advantage by earning the first knockout – and then never looked back. That’s not precisely a wire-to-wire win, but the distinction probably doesn’t bother OhHeyCindy, who breezed past a lineup of accomplished players to take down a first career Super Tuesday title and nearly $70,000 along with it.


This week’s Super Tuesday attracted 381 players after four hours of late registration, down a touch from last week’s field, but only enough to pay out two fewer spots. Just 130 players of the starting field were left after late registration closed, with majkl1812 of the Czech Republic, last week’s ninth-place finalist, in the lead at 270K. The Czech player held on long enough to see the money bubble pop with mrAndreeew’s departure in 54th place, then bowed out in 41st for almost $2,400.

Another two hours passed between then and Tiger0000000’s bustout in 10th place, which sent OhHeyCindy and these eight players to the final table:

Seat 1: Mariachi (880,162 in chips)
Seat 2: glissario (887,450 in chips)
Seat 3: Tony “RunLkMercier” Della Sciucca (1,365,538 in chips)
Seat 4: Mikael “fuddebuf” Viuff Hansen (963,987 in chips)
Seat 5: OhHeyCindy (1,639,773 in chips)
Seat 6: jenej (853,106 in chips)
Seat 7: Rodrigo “sonmonedas” Pérez (1,101,380 in chips)
Seat 8: unfrosya (1,546,340 in chips)
Seat 9: AATheLeach (287,264 in chips)

Super Tuesday 11-1-16 ft.jpg

Early moves

AATheLeach had the short stack as the Dutch player’s second Super Tuesday final table of the year (after taking eighth in the 4/26/16 tournament) began. Any extra motivation to improve on that finish was fed early on when AATheLeach doubled with K♦ K♣ against under-the-gun raiser Mariachi’s 9♥ 9♠ from the big blind. The loss dropped Mariachi, who finished eighth in the Sunday Million two days ago, into short-stack status. Mariachi would stay the short stack for the next orbit and a half and still manage to move up the pay ladder thanks to a pot between OhHeyCindy and Rodrigo “sonmonedas” Pérez.

Pérez, the 2014 LAPT Vina Del Mar runner-up, took fifth in the Super Tuesday back in 2013, but he didn’t get quite as far today. Holding K♥ Q♥, he opened the betting on the hand in question with a raise to 55K in second position. OhHeyCindy re-raised to 175K from the big blind, and Pérez called to see the A♥ 10♦ A♣ flop. He called bets of 45K there and 90K on the 5♦ turn, made a Broadway straight on the J♦ river, and was left with a decision when OhHeyCindy moved all-in. He eventually made the call, only to lose out to a full house when OhHeyCindy showed down J♥ J♠. Jacks full of aces took the 1.6M-chip pot, and Pérez left the tournament in ninth.


Rodrigo “sonmonedas” Pérez, out in ninth

A dozen hands passed before Mariachi, left as the short stack when a pair of nines had gone wrong early on, picked up 9♦ 9♠ again. The Norwegian player re-raised with them on the button, moving in for 306K after Mikael “fuddebuf” Viuff Hansen opened for 60K under the gun. Hansen, the runner-up in both SCOOP 2013 Event #24-H and SCOOP 2016 Event #29-L, called the re-raise as a slight underdog with J♣ 10♣ and moved ahead with middle pair on the A♠ 10♥ 2♠ flop. The 5♠ turn teased a spade flush, but the 6♦ on the river sent Mariachi to the rail in eighth.

Two orbits later, Tony “RunLkMercier” Della Sciucca opened the action with a 507K-chip all-in raise in the cutoff. The two-time Sunday Warm-Up finalist, who last made the Super Tuesday final in July 2014, had 4♥ 4♠ in the hole and the misfortune of running into fuddebuf’s Q♦ Q♠ on the button. The queens held on the 7♦ 10♠ 8♥ K♦ K♠ board, fuddebuf took the 1.08M-chip pot, and RunLkMercier was gone in seventh.

Super Tuesday 11-1-16 ft six-handed.jpg

Another dozen hands went by before SCOOP 2016 Event #4-L champion glissario opened the betting for 72K in the cutoff seat with A♣ 10♥. OhHeyCindy re-raised to 210K from the small blind and glissario called and caught top pair on the 10♣ 3♥ 3♦ flop. glissario called bets of 157K there, 395K on the 8♦ turn, and finally 767K all-in on the 9♣ on the river. OhHeyCindy hadn’t made a better pair with Q♠ J♦, but betting out on every street had bought a runner-runner, queen-high straight. That was good for the 3.1M-chip pot, and glissario left in sixth.

Already the chip leader before earning that pot, OhHeyCindy now had more chips – 5.5M – than the other four remaining players combined. And with all four of them huddled holding stacks worth between 23 and 34 big blinds, the only real question seemed to be who would be the last of the four standing and many chips they’d have left to face OhHeyCindy heads-up for almost $70K.

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AATheLeach was the first to survive all-in, doubling to 1.6M with J♦ J♠ against unfrosya’s A♦ J♣ in the blinds. WCOOP 2014 finalist jenej was next, chipping up to 1.99M after calling with A♥ 10♦ in the big blind after OhHeyCindy shoved with J♥ 2♣ in the small. Then fuddebuf got a turn, getting back to 1.06M with Q♣ Q♦ against jenej’s unimproved A♦ Q♠, before AATheLeach’s namesake A♦ A♠ beat jenej’s K♦ Q♦ for an 844K-chip pot.

Among the four players without the chip lead, only unfrosya had gone without a double-up. The Russian player, a past Sunday Warm-Up finalist with a resume including 11th- and 18th-place finishes in the Super Tuesday, got in ahead a bit later with A♥ K♦ against OhHeyCindy’s A♦ 3♦ but ended up chopping the pot when the board gave both players queens and jacks. Then it looked like OhHeyCindy had unfrosya put away after flopping top pair with J♥ 10♥ and unfrosya holding A♣ Q♣, but an ace on the river kept the Russian player alive with 1.3M chips.

Bang bang bang

The next five hands were a blur of action. fuddebuf’s 10♣ 10♥ held in a coin-flip against unfrosya’s A♥ Q♠ on the next hand, dropping unfrosya’s stack to 784K. fuddebuf stole the blinds on the next hand, then doubled to 2.5M with A♦ A♥ after dodging OhHeyCindy’s post-flop gutshot draw to a king-high straight with Q♣ J♦.

Two hands later unfrosya picked up K♣ K♠ in the big blind and jammed for 768K when OhHeyCindy min-raised to 80K on the button. OhHeyCindy called behind with A♦ J♥ and caught top pair on the Q♠ 2♠ A♠ flop, but unfrosya held the nut flush draw for 42.9-percent equity in the 1.57M-chip pot. The A♣ turn gave OhHeyCindy three of a kind, and unfrosya’s pocket pair died to four of a kind when the A♥ hit the river. With that, unfrosya left in fifth.

Two hands later jenej opened for a small raise to 84K under the gun, then happily called all-in for 1.87M with A♦ A♥ when OhHeyCindy shoved in the big blind. An 80-percent favorite before the flop, jenej was still ahead but had to sweat when the flop came 5♠ 9♣ Q♣. OhHeyCindy’s flush came in with the 7♣ on the turn, and the 8♦ river knocked jenej out in fourth.

AATheLeach was hanging by a thread, and six hands later the Dutch player turned it into a lifeline with 10♦ 7♦, calling all-in and outrunning OhHeyCindy’s J♦ 5♠ thanks to a ten on the flop. AATheLeach looked to double up again and moved all-in on the next hand with A♦ 3♥ after OhHeyCindy min-raised on the button. OhHeyCindy called with A♣ 7♥ and about a 24-percent edge, but a split pot looked likely after the turn left the board reading 5♣ 8♦ 2♥ 2♦. Then the 7♠ came on the river, giving OhHeyCindy two pair and sinking AATheLeach in third.

A proper duel

That left Mikael “fuddebuf” Viuff Hansen, at his third Super Tuesday final table after previous appearances in 2014 and 2015, with 55 big blinds and an uphill battle against OhHeyCindy. And though he would fall short of a comeback, he made a battle of it for nearly 40 minutes.

Super Tuesday 11-1-16 ft hu.jpg

fuddebuf hit that high point playing out of position with K♣ 8♠. After calling OhHeyCindy’s pre-flop raise, fuddebuf check-called 77K with bottom pair on the J♦ Q♥ 8♣ flop and then both players checked the 4♣ turn. fuddebuf led for 150K on the river, then called OhHeyCindy’s raise to 612K to take down the pot with that pair of eights when OhHeyCindy showed a busted gutshot straight draw.

A few more one-million-chip pots were in store for fuddebuf, but they came between multiple smaller wins for OhHeyCindy that blunted their impact. Then OhHeyCindy played 3♣ 3♦ for a re-raise out of position, fired at a 7♦ 5♠ K♥ flop, and check-called 250K on the 7♠ turn and 700K on the 10♥ river. fuddebuf showed Q♠ 8♠ – the lowly treys had held up against two overcards and a flush draw to grab the 2.5M-chip pot, the largest in 15 minutes of heads-up play.

That pot remained the largest of the duel through the end of the hour, but after the 12:55 a.m. ET break, OhHeyCindy topped that mark with the key pot of the tournament. Holding K♦ 6♠, OhHeyCindy opened for 135K on the button and called when fuddebuf re-raised to 330K in the big blind. fuddebuf check-called 336K on the 5♠ Q♠ J♠ flop but led for 540K when the 3♠ came on the turn. OhHeyCindy called after some thought, and then called another 720K when the K♥ fell on the river. fuddebuf showed 6♥ 5♦ for a flopped pair of fives, which lost out on the 3.8M-chip pot when OhHeyCindy’s 6♠ played with the four other spades on the board for a queen-high flush.

That left fuddebuf with 882K in chips. He doubled up once and picked up two more pots worth over a million apiece, getting back to 3.3M – just within striking distance of the chip lead with one more double through OhHeyCindy’s 6.1M-chip stack. fuddebuf tried to make it happen with Q♦ 5♦, re-raising to 420K out of position when OhHeyCindy opened for 140K on the button. OhHeyCindy called that bet and another 280K on the K♥ Q♣ 4♦ flop, then bet 707K when the 7♦ came on the turn. fuddebuf check-raised all-in for 2.6M with second pair and a diamond flush draw, good for 31.8-percent equity when OhHeyCindy called and showed A♣ A♠. The 9♥ on the river locked up the pot for the aces, and the tournament was complete.

For Mikael “fuddebuf” Viuff Hansen, even coming up short of a the win had upside. His third Super Tuesday final table produced his best result yet, improving on a ninth-place finish in 2014 and a fifth-place finish in 2015. At this rate, his next Super Tuesday final should yield a title – until then there’s a pile of money to enjoy. As for OhHeyCindy, the nearly $70,000 in prize money here was worth nearly twice a runner-up finish in the $109 Sunday Rebuy late last year – plus it comes along with the bragging rights of being a Super Tuesday champion. Congratulations to both players for topping this week’s tournament!

11/1/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 381
Total prize pool: $381,000
Places paid: 53

1. OhHeyCindy (Mexico) $69,719.98
2. Mikael “fuddebuf” Viuff Hansen (Denmark) $51,194.77
3. AATheLeach (Netherlands) $37,591.93
4. jenej (Czech Republic) $27,603.52
5. unfrosya (Russia) $20,269.08
6. glissario (Austria) $14,883.46
7. Tony “RunLkMercier” Della Sciucca (Canada) $10,928.79
8. Mariachi (Norway) $8,024.96
9. Rodrigo “sonmonedas” Pérez (Argentina) $5,892.66

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Jason Kirk is a Freelance Contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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