Super Tuesday: uWannaLoan? forecloses on mrAndreeew’s potential third title (5-30-17)

May 31, 2017

With 71 percent of the chips in play as heads-up play began, SCOOP 2014 champ Andreas “mrAndreeew” Berggren was on the verge of joining some very select company. Already a two-time Super Tuesday champ – in 2013 and 2015 – managing to lay hands on the rest of those chips would make Berggren one of the few players ever to win the Super Tuesday three times.

Standing in the way was uWannaLoan? of Ireland, a previous Super Tuesday finalist and TCOOP 2016 runner-up. An early coin-flip race went uWannaLoan?’s way, leading to a heads-up deal deal with Berggren. Twenty minutes later the Irish player had earned a first career Super Tuesday title.

Though they would outlast the rest of their competitors, both uWannaLoan? and mrAndreeew were in the middle of the chip count leaderboard as the final table began. The top two spots were held down by Brazilian players, with TCOOP 2014 finalist BIG PANDAO’s stack weighing in at more than 100 big blinds:


Seat 1: Kevin “KevBoyStar” Stani (1,065,864 in chips)
Seat 2: Pablo “pabritz” Brito Silva (1,392,624 in chips)
Seat 3: roo_400 (728,862 in chips)
Seat 4: uWannaLoan? (804,251 in chips)
Seat 5: Luke “lb6121” Schwartz (781,391 in chips)
Seat 6: deivid29 (644,936 in chips)
Seat 7: BIG PANDAO (2,651,678 in chips)
Seat 8: Andreas “mrAndreeew” Berggren (974,132 in chips)
Seat 9: flyflo (156,262 in chips)

deivid29 last made the Super Tuesday final in October 2015. This latest final table appearance for the U.K. player ended in ninth via bad beat, A♠ A♥ falling to roo_400’s Q♦ Q♥ thanks to a queen on the flop. Past Super Tuesday finalist Kevin “KevBoyStar” Stani didn’t have the same luck four hands later after jamming for 796,928 chips with K♦ K♠; MicroMillions III winner and WCOOP 2016 finalist Pablo “pabritz” Brito Silva had A♦ A♣ in the small blind and made a set on the turn to bust Stani in eighth.

Luke “lb6121” Schwartz’s quest to add a Super Tuesday title to a resume that already includes a Sunday Million victory and five SCOOP titles never picked up much momentum. He got in as the shortest stack at the table with K♥ J♥ and ran into BIG PANDAO’s A♠ J♦, then caught the K♠ on the river to stay alive. Five minutes later he found himself in a similar situation after three-betting all-in for 613,116 chips with A♥ Q♦ over uWannaLoan?’s 78,750-chip opener. The Irish player called with A♦ K♦ and won the pot unimproved on a nine-high board to end Schwartz’s tournament in seventh.

Thumbnail image for Super-Tuesday-5-30-17-ft-hu.jpg

Luke “lb6121” Schwartz, out in seventh

Nearly half an hour passed, including a break as the calendar turned over from Tuesday to Wednesday in the Eastern Time Zone, without an elimination – and then two came on consecutive hands. First, Germany’s flyflo moved all-in for just over five big blinds in the cutoff seat with A♥ 9♣; chip leader uWannaLoan? made the call with Q♠ 6♣ in the big blind and caught a six on the flop to sink flyflo in sixth. BIG PANDAO drove the action on the next hand, three-betting all-in for 2.08 million chips from the big blind after pabritz opened for 100,000 in the cutoff. pabritz called for 919,558 chips total with A♠ K♣ but missed the board entirely and left in fifth as BIG PANDAO’s 4♣ 4♥ collected the 1.87-million-chip pot.

With just half the chips of Andreas “mrAndreeew” Berggren and less than a quarter of the chips held by uWannaLoan? and BIG PANDAOroo_400, veteran of previous final tables in the Sunday Million, Sunday Warm-Up, Super Tuesday, and SCOOP, was the shortest-stacked of the four remaining players but still in full possession of a sense of humor. “even chop boys?” roo_400 typed into the chat box. “ONE time offer.” There were no takers, leaving roo_400 to defend the big blind a few minutes later by moving in for 712,082 chips over the top of a uWannaLoan? raise and BIG PANDAO button call. uWannaLoan? folded but BIG PANDAO called with K♦ Q♦, which hit two pair on the 10♦ J♦ 10♥ Q♣ K♠ board to top roo_400’s 5♦ 5♠ and bust the Canadian in fourth.

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uWannaLoan? had the lead with 96 big blinds to BIG PANDAO’s 72 and mrAndreeew’s 61. Those stacks were deep enough to allow for plenty of play, and for 40 minutes the trio remained in their respective seats. Halfway through that stretch mrAndreeew looked likely to put BIG PANDAO away with Q♣ Q♥ to the Brazilian’s 10♦ 10♠, but the 10♥ on the flop made a set to keep BIG PANDAO in the game.

mrAndreeew got revenge for that upset loss 20 minutes later. He re-raised to 379,000 in the small blind after BIG PANDAO opened for 120,000 on the button, and the Brazilian called to see a 9♥ 2♣ Q♣ flop. mrAndreeew led for 311,120 chips, holding A♣ K♣ for the nut flush draw with two overcards to the board, and then called when BIG PANDAO shoved for 1.41 million chips total. BIG PANDAO had the lead with Q♠ 10♠ for a pair of tens but fell in third place after the A♠ turn and K♠ river made aces and kings for mrAndreeew.


That win gave mrAndreeew seven out of every 10 chips in play and left him on the verge of a third career Super Tuesday title, which would have made him the first player to earn that distinction since Jason “jdtjpoker” Wheeler. But any sense of anticipation mrAndreeew may have indulged in was short-lived.

uWannaLoan? took just four minutes to double up with A♥ J♣, which paired with the A♠ on the flop to beat mrAndreeew’s 7♥ 7♠. Minutes later they struck a deal and play resumed with uWannaLoan? holding a 2-to-1 chip lead. The key pot came after mrAndreeew raised to 147,000 on the button with 6♠ 3♦ and uWannaLoan? called with J♠ 3♥ to see a J♦ K♠ 5♣ flop. uWannaLoan? check-called 129,360 chips there and checked again with two pair on the 3♣ turn. mrAndreeew checked behind, made a smaller two pair on the 6♥ river, and raised uWannaLoan?’s river bet; uWannaLoan? called and won the 2.33-million-chip pot. Just 13 hands later mrAndreeew jammed with J♥ 9♥ and uWannaLoan? called with Q♥ 10♦, flopping a ten to lock up the pot and the tournament.

Andreas Berggren

No third Super Tuesday win for Andreas “mrAndreeew” Berggren this time

mrAndreeew narrowly missed out on a third Super Tuesday victory, but his average return on investment in the tournament got another big bump thanks to striking that heads-up deal. As for uWannaLoan?, the win must have been particularly satisfying after having pocket jacks cracked by A-6 on the final heads-up hand of a TCOOP 2016 event. Congratulations to both of them on the deal and a tournament well-played!

5/30/17 Super Tuesday ($1,050 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 368
Total prize pool: $368,000
Places paid: 53

1. uWannaLoan? (Ireland) $63,165.88*
2. Andreas “mrAndreeew” Berggren (Sweden) $53,623.39*
3. BIG PANDAO (Brazil) $36,309.27
4. roo_400 (Canada) $26,661.67
5. Pablo “pabritz” Brito Silva (Brazil) $19,577.48
6. flyflo (Germany) $14,375.62
7. Luke “lb6121” Schwartz (United Kingdom) $10,555.89
8. Kevin “KevBoyStar” Stani (Norway) $7,751.14
9. deivid29 (United Kingdom) $5,691.59
* – denotes results of a heads-up deal that left $6,000 for the winner

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Jason Kirk is a Freelance Contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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