Support your country with custom avatars

July 25, 2012


The time has come. Every four years at this time, we raise our nations’ flags high over our heads and root for gold. Now, you can show your patriotic spirit at the PokerStars tables with custom avatars of your country’s flag. You also have a chance at $50,000 in prize money in two upcoming tournaments.

PokerStars has loaded 205 flags into its database from which you can choose to replace your avatar. When you load up the PokerStars software, you’ll find several banners offering you the chance to choose your flag. Click on one of those and pick the flag you want (don’t worry, it’s not permanent, and if your country ends up with a medal made of tin instead of gold, you can always switch back to your old PokerStars image).


Fly your flag at the PokerStars tables

To open and close this national sporting time of year, PokerStars is throwing two special tournaments. You can find them under Tourney>Special in the PokerStars lobby. Here are the dates and times to mark on your calendar.

  • Opening Freeroll Tournament: July 27 at 16:00 ET
  • Closing Freeroll Tournament: August 12 at 14:00 ET
  • So, go get your flag now, and fly it high over the PokerStars felt. Who knows? Maybe you’ll score gold before the end of the summer, too.


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