Team Pros headed to Sanremo

October 04, 2012


The PokerStars European Poker Tour is in Sanremo for its second stop on the Season 9 schedule. Sanremo is a favorite stop on the EPT, evidenced by the 837-player field that showed up for the Season 8 Main Event. What attracts players to the City of Flowers? We asked members of Team PokerStars Pro to find out.

Daniel Negreanu: “Excellent food. Great value, It’s a must-play tournament. Italians like to bluff.”

Jonathan Duhamel: “I’ve been to Sanremo like three or four times already. The food is my favorite part about it. Sanremo is a beautiful city but there’s not much to do there, so everyone plays poker and eats. For me, I like the Mediterranean food, salads and fish. I love eating stuff like that. It’s not as good back in Montreal as it is in Sanremo. There’s also a lot of players in the tournament, that’s what’s nice about it.”

Vanessa Selbst: “Lobster ravioli! Also, I think I got like 40th or so last year (in the Main Event), and I’m looking forward to going deeper than that. I like playing the late levels in EPTs.”

Jason Mercier: “The Main Event in Sanremo is one of the best tournaments of the year. Going back to the place where you have won a big tournament is always nice, and Sanremo will always have a special place in my heart. It was the first tournament I ever won, and I look forward to going back there — maybe I’ll be able to win it for a second time.”


Liv Boeree: “Obviously the tournament and the food. Mare Blue is an amazing restaurant.The rosemary ravioli there is the bomb, so good.

Eugene Katchalov: “We’re biking there (from Cannes), me, ElkY and another. That was part of our bet for the WCOOP. ElkY lost, but we decided to do it all together anyways. I’m most looking forward to my ass not hurting after 170km of biking. It’ll take a full day. We’re planning on leaving 6:30-7:00 in the morning and arrive in the evening

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier: “Ice cream. I’m also planning to win the WSOPE, party all night, and then go to Sanremo on my bike and win that too.”


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