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May 17, 2019inPoker

Today the internet tells us to unite and salute International Virtual Assistant Day. It’s a nod towards those people behind a screen somewhere, frantically doing the legwork work for us.

We’ve never met one of these people ourselves. But we’re also not in the business of questioning the internet.

So we’re are happy to take on a version of that role and assist you with planning your SCOOP weekend.

There’s plenty to get to grips with over the next three days. Starting with…


You get a lot for your $5.50, not least the number of words in the event name.

This is a Hold’em event with $50,000 guaranteed. It also happens to be played heads-up, with a Turbo structure, which means six minute levels.

To make things even quicker, it’s a Zoom event, so opponents will fly by. And as it’s a Progressive Total KO, you’ll pick up prize money for everyone you eliminate.

It starts at 15:30 ET or 20:30 in the UK.


Two events for Saturday…

This time it’s an 8-Max hold’em event. The value comes in the Deep Stack structure, which gives you lots of chips and plenty of time to play with them.

There’s also $50,000 guaranteed. That’s decent prize money if you make it all the way to the end.

It’s a 10:30 ET start, which is 15:30 UK.

Later on, there’s this event.

This has a slightly bigger buy in, but is straight forward hold’em. It’s a Progressive KnockOut, so there’s money on your head, and on everyone else’s. It means you can win money even if you don’t make the money… I think that’s right.

It’s starts at 13:00 ET, which is 18:00 UK and there’s a $175K Guarantee.


Wrap up the weekend at Turbo speed and a share of $40,000. The start time is a late one, but you’ll never find out how much you need to win to make no sleep painless at work on Monday morning. Is it a min cash? Is it the lot?

Let us know. It starts at 18:00 ET (not so bad) and 23:00 UK. Which is nearly Monday.

Other things to know going into the weekend

This weekend would usually mark the halfway point in SCOOP. But not quite.

Breaking news today

Today we added five new events to the SCOOP schedule for next week. That’s 15 new tournaments in total, and more than $5 Million added to the combined prize pool. There’s even a $25K event if these five dollar Low events have been going your way big time.

There’s something for everyone. You can learn when these new events fit into the week here.

For everything else SCOOP related your best place to start is the SCOOP homepage. That’s where you’ll find the complete schedule, as well as satellite information. $5.50 might be the lowest buy-in for SCOOP, you can win your way to some of the bigger events for even less.

Lastly, you can read up on all the SCOOP results from overnight in our daily news round-up. We’ll also be posting updates over the weekend, so you won’t miss anything.

That’s all from International Virtual Assistant Day. Good luck at the tables this weekend.



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