The floor is yours. Send us your #WinterSeries tournament reports (good or bad). Reward: Glorious vindication

December 25, 2018inNews

Some would call a lack of staff over the holiday period a problem.

But we’ve decided to look on this in a more positive way, by introducing a new service for players over the holidays.

It’s called: “Write your own Winter Series tournament report”.

Allow us to explain.

Be your own tournament reporter

The Winter Series kicks off this Sunday with the first of 60 events, each with four tiers of buy-in.

That means 240 tournaments (and 240 winners), with a guaranteed prize pool of $40 million between now and the last event on 7 January 2019.


It also comes at a time of year many people reserve for family, home, and time off.

That includes us.

In fact, the offices of the blog already echo with the sound of annual leave requests, and out of office email replies.

That means no one to shout about your success on your behalf.

So, we’re seizing this opportunity and opening the floor to you, the Winter Series players, to write your own tournament report.

And we don’t just mean the winners.

If you have a story we want to hear it

We want to hear from the defeated, the first out, the bubble boys, the “never really had a hand” players, the bad beats, the good beats, the out-draws, the got-it-in-goods, the got-it-in-bads, the hero callers, the nit rollers, the first timers, and the “I-don’t-know-what-the-hell-happened”.

We want to hear from everyone.

And let’s be clear on this:

We will ensure that any inaccuracies on your part, embellishments, biases (especially bias) — anything at all short of slander — will go unedited.

Having it your way is all part of the service.

Then, provided you’ve adhered to the unofficial rules of good taste (albeit judged through the haze of too much egg nog) we’ll publish it on the blog in time for New Year.

We can offer nothing by way of reward except for vindication, a small amount of notoriety, and the cathartic benefits of getting this stuff off your chest.

And if you can send a picture of yourself along with your report, that’s even better.

How to send in your tournament report

Keep your tournament report short (no more than 100 words), non-libellous, and entertaining, and send it to us in either of the following ways.

1. Tweet it to us @PokerStarsBlog. Use the hashtag #WinterSeries
2. Alternatively, email it to us at

We won’t be able to reply to your email. But it will be read, commiserated with/celebrated, and then posted on the blog, by our skeleton crew manning the virtual switchboard.

Remember, we want the good stories, the bad stories, and the ugly stories from Winter Series.

You’re the hero of the story, so you can be as bias as you like. And don’t worry about perfect spelling or grammar either. More than enough of you have pointed out we’re no good at that either, so that’s fair.


Winter Series is already under way so good luck at the tables to everyone.

Just keep a pen handy, and get writing.



Stephen Bartley

Stephen Bartley started reporting on EPT events in 2005, joining the PokerStars Blog during Season 4. Since then he has covered various live PokerStars events using irreverence and awkwardness to tell the stories that emerge from each tournament and ask questions of the characters that play them. He lives with his family in Whitstable, Kent.


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