Turbo Series Day 10: Super Shaban bags another! Plus all the latest results

March 03, 2021inNews

Another eight tournaments wrapped in the 2021 Turbo Series at PokerStars, with one of our own bagging a sensational back-to-back success. Here’s a full rundown of all the action.


Super Shaban at it again! There’s no questioning Arlie “Prince Pablo” Shaban‘s commitment to poker. This is the man who made his name with a series of endurance challenges as he built his brand on Twitch, and he has continued to stream hundreds of hours every month as a member of Team PokerStars. Recently, he’s added a new twist too: he’s winning a lot of tournaments. We caught up with him after a spectacular win in Blowout Series in January, and last night he was at it again in Turbo Series. Shaban took down the last event of the night — the $11 buy-in NLHE 6-Max — which attracted 4,935 entries and took nearly seven hours to complete. Shaban, on one bullet, went all the way and book a win worth $7,117. Suffice to say, Shaban was happy. “Back to back series, I take down ?@!&*-ing belts! Let’s go!”

Rodriguez wins battle of the Latin Americans: The biggest tournament of Tuesday night — the $530 buy-in 6-Max PKO — ended in a clash of two talented South Americans. After the remainder of the 751-entry field had departed, it was Diego “Mr.Bittar” Valadares, of Brazil, up against Argentina’s Alejandro “KKruchitAAs” Rodriguez, with a bounty of about $25K still to be awarded. Valadares has won everything there is to win in the online game and has documented tournament earnings of more than $6 million, while Rodriguez is a former Sunday Million champion, so is no slouch either. On this occasion, the spoils went to Argentina as Rodriguez was able to win the heads-up battle, banking $59,996 in total. Of that, $27,088 came from the main prize pool — the same as Valadares’ earnings — but $32,908 came in bounties, including for that last knockout.


Adding Turbo to the bounties: Back in October last year, the UK’s DubbCitySauce” took an aggressive line in a huge Bounty Builder Series event to book a win of more than $64,000 — $28K of which came in bounty payments. In that tournament, DubbCitySauce had the maximum four entries before striking gold, but last night the same player proved their mettle in a wholly different environment. Event #84 was the “Fat Tuesday”, a $215 buy-in turbo freezeout, with less margin for error. DubbCitySauce won this one too, beating Norway’s “belinda74” heads up after the rest of the 570-strong field had perished. DubbCitySauce took $20,136 for this victory, and adds a Turbo Series title to the Bounty Builder Series success.

Rebuy chaos: There were “only” 909 entries to Event #81, which was an $11 buy-in NLO8 6-Max event, but the prize pool hit $36,642. That’s because this was also a “Splash rebuy” tournament, where the levels went up quickly, but a rebuy period lasted for 90 minutes. That allowed for a spectacular 2,544 rebuys and 286 add-ons, meaning everyone was in for an average of about three times. The action was as frantic as you might expect, with the tournament wrapping in a little over five hours. By then, Brazil’s “Joe Santana” and Ukraine’s “grigrory2009” had decided to chop up the top prizes, with the latter taking $4,812 and Joe Santana taking $5,405.56 and the win.


Name Entries Prize pool Winner Country Total prize
Event #80 $109 NLHE, PKO 1,554 $155,400 pistecaloze Netherlands $18,037.74†
Event #81 $11 NLO8, 6-Max, Splash Rebuy 909 $36,642 Joe Santana Brazil $5,405.56*
Event #82 $215 NLHE, 4-Max 978 $200,000 MrRow1110 UK $22,702.79*
Event #83 $55 NLHE, 8-Max 4,973 $250,000 andrznffs Sweden $35,580.91
Event #84 $215 NLHE, Fat Tuesday SE 570 $114,000 DubbCitySauce UK $20,135.82
Event #85 $530 NLHE, 6-Max, PKO 751 $375,500 KKruchitAAs Argentina $59,996.13†
Event #86 $22 NLHE, 8-Max, Time KO 1,540 $30,800 Kaimbr123 Netherlands $343.45
Event #87 $109 NLHE 1,408 $140,800 pantanal Denmark $21,781.43
Event #88 $11 NLHE, 6-Max 4,935 $50,000 Prince Pablo Canada $7,116.62

†inc. bounties
*denotes deal


Tournament entries have now gone past the 300,000 mark in this Turbo Series, with prize pools beyond $17 million. We’re easing towards the Main Event this weekend, where everything gets significantly higher still.

Entries: 301,308 (inc. 61,944 re-entries)
Prize pools: $17,273,342.90
First place payouts: $2,368,237.15 (inc. $433,077.33 in bounties)

Tournaments completed: 88
Tournaments starting today: 8


It’s all about Arlie Shaban today, and here are a selection of the hands that set him on course for the Turbo Series title.

First up, here’s a big moment where pocket sixes “get a little lucky against aces”:

And here’s a massive pot on the final table bubble, where Arlie has the aces and is stunned to silence:

With four players left, Arlie’s Rambo head-band is on and things are going so well it seems to be painful:

It all ends in the clip at the top of this post. Congratulations Arlie!


You really get the feeling that this one is going to the wire, with the UK and Brazil now neck and neck at the top of the leader board, and the Netherlands breathing down their necks. This situation came about after the two European nations won two events each last night, with Brazil adding one. Russia, in fourth, aren’t out of it, but it’ll be worth watching over these last few days.

11 – Brazil, UK
10 – Netherlands
8 – Russia
6 – Canada
4 – Germany, Sweden
3 – Austria, Greece, Poland
2 – Argentina, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Japan, Malta, Mexico, Romania
1 – Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Moldova, New Zealand, Norway, Ukraine


You’ll need to find a cool $1K (or a satellite ticket) to take part in tonight’s big one: the $1,050 PKO, which has a $400K guarantee. There’s also a tasty $530 PLO tournament, which will be shark-infested waters for sure.

All times ET:

Event #89 – $55 NLHE, 6-Max, PKO, $125K Gtd
Event #90 – $530 PLO, 6-Max, $100K Gtd
Event #91 – $22 NLHE, $150K Gtd
Event #92 – $1,050 NLHE, PKO, $400K Gtd
Event #93 – $109 NLHE, 8-Max, Zoom, $100K Gtd
Event #94 – $22 NLHE, 6-Max, PKO, Short PKO, $25K Gtd
Event #95 – $215 NLHE, 6-Max, PKO, $100K Gtd
Event #96 – $55 NLHE, 8-Max, $100K Gtd


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