Twitch Poker Tribune: Late nights and big results for Spraggy post-WCOOP

September 23, 2021inPoker

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Late-night Spraggy is crushing post-WCOOP

The two weeks following an enormous and intense series like the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) are usually pretty darn quiet on the Twitch Poker front, as exhausted streamers take a well-earned break.

But there’s no rest for Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg.

After winning his second WCOOP title for $68K, he’s been hard at work streaming most evenings post-WCOOP–often well into the UK’s early morning hours–and he’s been on a tear.

On Friday night, the PokerStars Team Pro was battling on the final table of one of the biggest daily events on PokerStars: the High Roller Club’s $530 Bounty Builder HR.

This huge cooler gave Spraggy plenty of chips to work with.

But in the end, he was just outpipped.

Spraggy was back at it the following night, and was back on another final table, finishing third in the $22 Mini Saturday KO for $2,336 (inc. bounties).

On Tuesday night, the late-night marathon streams began and it ended in style after a 15-hour stream.

Spraggy took down the $162 Pacific Rim (which starts at 6 am UK time) for $4,341.

Tell us: who loves it more?

While he hasn’t taken time off from poker, Spraggy did find time for a haircut.

If you’d like to watch how Spraggy took down his aforementioned second WCOOP title, you can watch some highlights below (Part 1 is up on his YouTube channel).

Clips of the week

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Lex shares his WCOOP results.

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Don’t stop believing.


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