Twitch Poker Tribune: Prodigious week for Pyefacepoker in SCOOP Afterparty

May 20, 2021inPoker

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  • Back-to-back big scores for Pyefacepoker in SCOOP-AP
  • Clips of the week


Mason “Pye_Face21” Pye, better known as “pyefacepoker” on Twitch, is really pushing his Mixed Games Movement, eh?

You’ll rarely see Pye dabble in No Limit Hold’em. But what you will have seen–if you’ve been tuning into his Twitch stream over the past couple of months (and this week in particular)–is him crushing low to mid-stakes mixed game tournaments.

He won his first SCOOP title last month in a $109 buy-in Stud event for $6,729 and he’s remained in good form ever since. Earlier in the SCOOP Afterparty series, Pye finished third in a $109 8-Game 6-Max event for $3,897.

He was playing the SCOOP Afterparty $11 PLO 6-Max PKO on Monday night. He took down this pot with seven left to take the chip lead, and threw in some Fintan dancing to boot.

Alas, Pye took a big hit with three left. It proved hard to recover from.

Ultimately he finished in third place out of 3,293 entries for $2,219.67 ($1,709.48 for 3rd + $510.19 in bounties) after a three-way all-in.

Pye was right back in the action the following night (Tuesday). This time the event was a $109 Stud 8-Max which attracted 399 entries.

With seven left on the final table, Pye sat in second place, despite this loss.

But things didn’t fall his way and he’d have to settle for fourth in this one, narrowingly missing out on back-to-back podium finishes.

Still, he picked up another $2,975 for his efforts.

Want to find out more about Pye and his Mixed Games Movement? Check out this interview we did with him after his SCOOP victory.


Got him.

Lex with the hero call.

Xflixx vs Lex.

Long live the queen.

Long live the queen pt2.

You think that’s going to stop him bluffing?

Be careful what you call for.

Pocket queens and 0.01% on the flop.

A storm’s a-brewin’.

“Like I said, he’s pretty tight…”

Ay-yahhhh (parental advisory advised).

“I’m not going to hit enter, but…”

Beyond excited.

The cruellest river in the deck.


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