Twitter Poker League: A win in the new season for coucher11

November 08, 2010

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A new season of the Twitter Poker League began on Sunday. The decision has been made to restructure the Twitter Poker League to make it easier for players to follow; no more mid-monthly week ones or confusing season endings at the beginning of a month. Now each league season will fit into neat two-month packages. This means the new season of the bi-monthly league will play throughout Sundays in November and December, with a season finale on December 26th. The next Twitter Poker League season will take place in January and February, and then it’s on to March and April, May and June… I expect you can guess the rest.

This means #tpoker season 3 ended last week, and we apologise for the lack of fanfare about our season closer. One player who will be thankful for the six-week league is vinko123 who topped the league table with 31 points. Congratulations to the player from Slovenia who found a win and two cashes on his way to his leader board victory. He wins a $700 Step Ticket for his efforts.

The new season of the #tpoker league saw 1,198 players in action, with coucher11 claiming the $204.57 first prize. This win gives him 20 points to top the new leader board.

Twitter Poker League – Week 1 standings (11-07-10)
coucher11 – 20
liova35 – 18
csuka1234 – 16
camell2 – 15
Jószág69 – 14
joe_elie – 13
doncoax – 12
Mibirok – 11
GRF777 – 10


As the year draws to a close we’re getting nearer to finding our ‘Tweeter of the Year’. There is a $1,500 Step Ticket for the player who can tweet the best game, as well as three runner-up prizes of $215 Step Tickets.

The best tweets using the #tpoker hashtag are retweeted by PokerStars as they provide live updates from @tpokerstars.

Here’s a flavor of the game from player tweets this Sunday.

@edensayshi Back-to-back double-ups and I’m back in the game! Thank you poker-fairy! (clap if you believe) #tpoker

@alisonsakai: Settling in for curry, #tpoker, and #xfactor. This is what Sunday evenings are all about.

@cmehring: I am the Bubbleboy on #tpoker ARRGH!

@hann18al: In the money!!! But how can I reach the Final Table? I need directions, please 🙂 #tpoker

@bibr98: At table 5 in #tpoker, time to Duhamel this tourny.

We hope you’ll join in and tweet your #tpoker tourney, too. You can find out more about the Twitter Poker League on the #tpoker website. Congratulations to season three’s winners who shared over $2,000 of prizes. Good luck to the players and tweeters trying to claim Step Ticket prizes and league glory for the new season.


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