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November 16, 2010

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by Joanne Haslam
The Twitter tourneys may only have a $1.10 buy-in but you can’t put a price on the bragging rights value of a win tweeted to the PokerStars world. #Tpoker followers know a Twitter win deserves special credit and @sibrov suggested a #tpoker winner should get a #tbracelet, while @miketrozzo suggested a #twristband could be more appropriate. This isn’t the World Series, it’s not even the #TWorld Series, but the point was understood; a #tpoker win counts.

Sadly there is no special consolation prize for 10th place, just bubble boy pain. Teddyschnute re-raised all-in with A♣8♠ to find creo_williams holding aces. The win set creo_williams up as chip leader as he headed to the final table. Here’s how that final table looked:

Seat 1: Draka01 (156,489 in chips)
Seat 2: Ann-Sher (139,492 in chips)
Seat 3: baucucu3 (201,473 in chips)
Seat 4: Bitricker (231,936 in chips)
Seat 5: lucette777 (174,232 in chips)
Seat 6: mikona (405,409 in chips)
Seat 7: creo_william (390,163 in chips)
Seat 8: centrocio (142,566 in chips)
Seat 9: By1000 (240,240 in chips)


The final table

The final table action got underway with a couple of all-ins, centrocio finding Q♥Q♣ and By1000 J♣J♥. Centrocio hit another queen to leave By1000 looking at a much reduced stack of 50,000 chips. He managed a double up soon after with A♣5♦ but wouldn’t win that hand easily. He moved in on a K♥2♦5♠ flop and he was in trouble when he was called by baucucu3 with 8♦8♣, an ace on the river saved By1000’s day.

Draka01 down and out
Draka01 was the short stack and made a move with A♣10♣ but By1000’s 8♦8♥ would take the pot. Draka01 was the first player to exit the final.

Next to go was centrocio, he moved in with K♠J♥ but found lucette777 with K♥K♦. A king on the flop finished things off. Centrocio was 8th for $26.37. It was another case of bad timing when Bitricker pushed with A♠9♦ only to find By1000 calling with A♣K♥. Bitricker couldn’t catch a card to beat the bigger ace and was out 7th.

Baucucu3 seemed likely to be out next but can thank a river card for his survival. He called Ann-Sher’s raise and they saw a 5♦8♣Q♦ flop. Ann-Sher bet out and baucucu3 moved all-in. Ann-Sher called with K♣K♥ leaving baucucu3 worried with 5♣4♣. Then along came the river 5♠ to keep him in his seat.

Mikona KO’d
When it folded around to Mikona he pushed from the small blind with 6♦5♣, only to find creo_williams on the big blind with A♥Q♥. An ace was the first card on the flop and although a 7♦8♥ would give the all-in player a hope of a straight, it was not to be. Mikona finished in 6th place and received $54.13.

Ann-Sher short again
Ann-Sher had managed a few double-ups at the final table. As short stack she seemed to find hands in good spots to keep her in the game. Her third final table all-in was with A♦Q♠ beating By1000’s A♣5♠. Her fourth was 5♠5♥ beating lucette777’s A♥10♠. She was always ahead in these hands, but she seemed to be riding her double-up luck.
When Lucette777 moved in with A♥J♠ Ann-Sher called with A♣K♣ and lucette777 was out, his 5th place worth $68.01.

Ann-Sher had managed well timed double-ups to survive, but now she would do more than survive, she would thrive. By1000 raised and she called with J♣J♥ . By1000 moved in on the 2♣2♦4♠ flop and she called with her overpair. By1000 played 9♥9♠ and Ann-Sher won a huge pot from the second chip leader.

Biting blinds
There were many raises going uncalled at this cautious final table, which took a full hour longer than last week’s game, but the rising blinds would soon bite and get things moving.
Baucucu3 was the short stack and called from the small blind with 10♠8♣ possibly hoping for a cheap glimpse of a favorable flop; but chip leader creo_williams wouldn’t let him get away with that! Creo_williams held A♦10♣ on the big blind and he set Baucucu3 all-in. Baucucu3 called with 10♠8♣, cards hit neither player and Creo_williams took the pot. Baucucu3 out 4th for $94.38.

By1000 was down to 158,000 while creo_williams could add another zero to his chip count with 1,497,000, Ann-Sher was in the middle with 413,000.

Creo_williams was taking the opportunity to raise many hands, enjoying his chip leader bully role. He raised with J♦9♦ and By1000 made the obvious move when he found A♦K♠. Creo_williams could afford to call his all-in. The flop gave both players something, J♠K♥7♥. The turn was 6♠ but a cruel river J♣ ended By1000’s tournament. By1000 finished 3rd and received $128.39.


Heads-up play

Heads-up chips were very much stacked in creo_williams’s favour. Ann-Sher played 378,790 to creo_william’s 1,703,210.

Ann-Sher managed some feisty wins to try to get back in the game. Her A♠J♣ beat creo_william’s J♥10♥ for a double-up, then she re-raised all-in on a 3♥6♠8♠ flop to win a sizeable pot without showing. Then creo_william would make that chip advantage pay.
Ann-Sher raised with A♥9♠ and creo_william re-raised all-in with A♣K♦. Ann-sher called with her weaker ace but creo_williams would hit two pair to take the tournament win.

Our #twinner
Congratulations to creo_williams, his victory is worth $233.46 and 20 Twitter Poker League points, and although there is no #tbracelet for a prize he can claim plenty of Twitter honour.

It’s just the second week of the Twitter Poker League season; these are only the first skirmishes of a battle that will be fought hard all the way until Christmas. Last week’s winner, coucher11 picked up one point which is enough to keep his lead, but there are many more points to be claimed before the Christmas league prizes will be delivered tied up with sparkly gift wrap and shiny ribbons*.

If you’re interested in taking part in the #tpoker league you can read full details on our Twitter Poker League website. If you want to join in the converstation about #tbracelets and #twristbands, and other serious poker #tmatters you can follow our PokerStars Twitter Poker League page @tpokerstars.

Until next #time, have a good poker week.

Twitter Poker League – Week 2 standings (11-14-10)
coucher11 – 21
creo_william – 20
Ann-Sher – 18
liova35 – 18
By1000 – 16
camell2 – 16
csuka1234 – 16
baucucu3 – 15
Jószág69 – 15
lucette777 – 14
doncoax – 13
joe_elie – 13
mikona – 13

*Not really, our parcel wrapping skills don’t stretch to gift wrapping Step Tickets.


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