Twitter Poker League – F|b|Ce3 wins in week|7

December 20, 2010


While Isildur1 battled Isaac Haxton with $150,000 on the line in the SuperStars Showdow, the heroes of the Twitter Poker League stumped up $1.10 ready to play for #tpoker glory. The winner was the mysterious F|b|Ce3, and all we know for sure about him is that he’s from Greece. Will his name be unveiled with much fanfare at the PCA? Probably not.

As the #tpoker tourney played down to just four tables there were a few names to note among the field. @TPokerStars followers wanted Santa2207 to win in time for Christmas, but sadly he busted in 30th place. Creo_williams was the winner in week 2 and flying high in the league, a final table appearance could send him to the top of the table – but it was not to be. He was out in 14th, gathering just 5 league points, he’s now in 6th place on the leader board.

The bubble boy this week was Sanjka_SPb, unlucky with Q♠ Q♦. He moved in on a J♠J♥7♥ flop, only to find F|b|Ce3 lurking with J♣9♥.

That left us with 9 players. These 9 players, playing these chips:

Seat 1: irnbru4291 (54732 in chips)
Seat 2: TapettGeante (330862 in chips)
Seat 3: remior (171530 in chips)
Seat 4: Kaangoo (72830 in chips)
Seat 5: moera2010 (76250 in chips)
Seat 6: F|b|Ce3 (744554 in chips)
Seat 7: iFelk !! (300347 in chips)
Seat 8: alik1974 (139932 in chips)
Seat 9: PRITTPRITT (97963 in chips)


Three-way pocket pair pile-ups

We were swiftly down to 8 playera. Alik1974 moved in with 9♥9♣ and was called by irnbru4291 with 8♣ 8♥ and F|b|Ce3 with 2♦ 2♣. The nines took the pot and irnbru4291 was out in 9th for $13.65.

Moera2010 had the smallest stack and he moved in with the smallest pair. His 2♠ 2♥ lost to alik1974’s K♠ [ Jc] when the Jack hit on the turn. Down to seven players.

Our second three-way pocket pair pile-up saw iFelk!! With 8♥8♦, Kaangoo with 9♣9♠ and remior with 10♥10♦. iFelk!! had chips to survive the wreck, but Kaangoo finished in 7th place winning $38.45

F|b|Ce3 had been chip leader since he sat down at this table, but he was about to make the win harder for himself. He raised with Q♠9♣ and when iFelk!! re-raised all-in with Queens he took him on. The 427k pot to iFelk!! and he was our new chip leader.

Alik1974 was the shortest stack and out next, the damage done when his A♦4♥ all in lost to TapettGeante’s pair of fours. He received $51.71 for his 6th place finish.
This was a fast paced final table and TappettGente would be out just a few hands later. His A♣Q♦ losing to PRITTPRITT’s pair of eights.

iFelk!! had lost chips taking on short stacks and coming out worst, but he decided to try and win them back with an under the gun all-in move. Unfortunately his Q♣10♥ was dominated by F|b|Ce3’s K♥10♠ and he was done for. iFelk!! finished 4th and received $90.16.

F|b|Ce3 takes charge

F|b|Ce3 had a huge chip advantage at this stage, and wasn’t afraid to get his chips in play. He made a few million+ all-in moves, to win blinds and antes as remior and PRITTPRITT folded. Remior and PRITTPRITT played around 300k each and would have some catching up to do if they were to beat the force that was F|b|Ce3.

Remior finally found a hand to challenge the bullying chip leader, and pushed with J♥J♠ – as F|b|Ce3 found K♠K♦ to end his double-up dreams. Renior was unlucky to run into the bigger pair and took $122.65 for 3rd place.


Heads-up F|b|Ce3 played 1,677,582 to PRITTPRITT’s 311,418. PRITTPRITT seemed determined to make a David and Goliath fight of this. He doubled up with Kings versus F|b|Ce3 ‘s 9♦8♠, then PRITTPRITT was all-in with A♠10♦ and F|b|Ce3 called with Q♦2♦. The chip leader did seem prepared to gamble to try to win the game , bu so far that had meant two heads-up double-ups for PRITTPRITT.

PRITTPRATT could well have expected his third double-up when he moved in with Q♥Q♣ for 425k, but F|b|Ce3 was chipped-up confident with 1.5 million and took him on with 10♥4♥. When the flop came 6♥4♠10♦ F|b|Ce3 found two pair, and a hand to win the tournament.

Congratulations to F|b|Ce3 who wins $223.09 for the result, which, come to think of it, is more than Isuldur1 made last night.

Can coucher11 clinch it?

There’s just one more week of #tpoker action before $2,100 of league prizes are awarded. Coucher11 is in prime position to take the $700 Step Ticket for first place, but there are a few who can catch him. The full leader board rankings can be viewed on the Twitter Poker League website.

There’ll be no live tweeting from @tpokerstars next week due to the holidays, but we do wish all Twitter Poker League players a #MerryChristmas and, of course, a Happy New #tpoker Year.

Twitter Poker League – Week 7 standings (12-19-10)
coucher11 – 38
Danilo1012 – 30
thomasjanine – 30
weboscolgand – 30
camell2 – 29
Catchtheflax – 29
creo_william – 27
Greenek182 – 27
UdonkeyU – 27
TapettGeante – 26
Draka01 – 24


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