Twitter Poker League rolls on

October 20, 2011


Another Sunday and with it another round of the Twitter Poker League took place this Sunday. 732 players generated a $732 prize-pool with over $130 of it going to first place. 108 place were paid this week, and each of them received at least 5 leaderboard points for doing so.

The tournament was as action packed as usual, and an hour in as we took the first 5 minute break, there were just 287 players left! Over half the field was out already, I told you it’s a fast, action-packed tournament. An hour later and we were real close to the money with 113 people left, just five players short of the bubble. Sadly for VitKoz of Russia it wasn’t to be, as he finished 109th.

Once in the money it wasn’t long before short stacks were eliminated or double, tripled and quadrupled up. Play shifted its focus then towards making that final table, gunning for the big money and gaining all the extra leaderboard points available there. We had only 36 players left of the third break, and just two tables left with 18 players battling it out to survive to the final 9 shortly after that. League regular Danilo1012 of Germany bust in 19th place, but another solid run on his part. In due time the final table was formed, and here is how it looked.


Ico 88813 lead the way as play started and it wasn’t long before we had our first elimination. Gnilton’s A♥Q♥ came up short vs. the K♦J♠ of norbertox, handing him the chip lead after the board was dealt: 7♥K♣2♠ 4♣ 5♣. Gnilton finished in 9th place for $9.36 and 10 leaderboard points. Norbertox got a little lucky again, picking off short stacked shove from FluDhs under the gun, calling with J♦9♠ he was able to win vs. A♦Q♦ once the cards were revealed J♣3♦8♣ K♥ 6♣. FluDhs finished in ei8th place for $16.17 and 11 leaderboard points. Seventh place this week, went to Shark-Ledi of Belarus. Who had to throw in the towel with J♣4♠ after being crippled in an earlier hand, he was unable to beat either 8♣8♠ or K♠J♠ and went home with $23.05 and 12 leaderboard points.

Six handed play was brought to an end when chip leader norbertox won a flip with A♠9♦ vs. Hermes1987’s 2♥2♣, an ace on the flop 8♥A♣10♥ was the main blow and though the K♥ on the turn did bring Hermes1987 some more outs for a flush it wasn’t to be. The river was the Q♠ and it was all over for him, taking 6th place, 13 leaderboard points and $30.37. 5th place finisher VVHoudiniVV was unable to win his coin-flip vs. repartir11’s 10♠10♥ with his Q♣J♣ and was forced all-in and out the following hand. VVHoudiniVV received 14 leaderboard points and $37.69.

Take note of these final four player’s names: “repartir11”, “EL Ogroyahoo”, “ico 88813” and “norbertox” as each of them will have a 300FPP bounty up for grabs on their heads next week. All you have to do is eliminate them to claim it, be sure to tweet that you have done so if and when you do with the #tpoker hash-tag. That way everyone knows how awesome you are and that they are now out. Four-handed play didn’t last long for repartir11 who ran his A♦5♣ into the A♥J♣ of ico 88813 and wasn’t able to hit a five on a board of: 9♦4♦6♠ 10♥ 8♠. He left in 4th place for 15 leaderboard points and $53.43.

Three-handed play lasted quite some time before norbertox showed us all that it was his lucky day, he got his A♦5♦ all-in way behind the A♠A♣ of ico 88813 the flop 8♥Q♥5♠ brought a five, and the turn 5♣ brought another! The river wasn’t the A♥ and thus ico 88813 was knocked out in 3th place for 16 leaderboard points and $71.37. Heads up play was over very quickly by comparison and ended with El Ogroyahoo shipping his last few chips in with J♥8♠ only to run into A♣K♣ and couldn’t get there. The last board of the night read: Q♦6♠5♠ 6♦ A♥ but for norbertox it spelled victory. The pair of them received 18 and 20 leaderboard points plus $95.16 and $133.08 respectively. Not at all bad for a few hours ‘work’.

Every two months weeks over $2,100 worth of STEP tickets to the top 100 players, you gain 1 point just for taking part, 5 points for cashing and anything up 20 points for winning. So what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to join the league, with no runaway leader it’s anyone’s game. Registration is already open for the next game – ID: 447068636


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