Twitter Poker League: Taketime takes down the league, p1ke spikes a win

September 22, 2010

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by Joanne Haslam
PokerStars has dealt nearly 50,000,000,000 hands and that’s a number so huge I lose count typing the zeroes. While big hand milestones are impressive, a smaller number has significance to a bunch of PokerStars players; the number 8.

There are 8 weekly tournaments in the Twitter Poker League season, and while hand 49,880,000,00… (Insert zeroes as appropriate) was awarding a bonus to some lucky player, Twitter Poker League players were gathering to earn prizes in the final game of the Twitter league season.

Taketime was in prime position to win the league, he boasted 39 points going into the final game, but plenty of players could overtake him if they managed a good result. A money finish is worth five league points and a final table anything up to 20, so players would sit down to play cards, calculators ready, aiming for the 153 money spots, and then trying to reach first place and the 20 point score.

Tournament updates are tweeted live from first card to last at @tpokerstars and the Twitter tournament reporter noted the finishing positions of leader board stars as they fell. Hatchet826 was out 608th place, Monyarrasco fell in 536th, alytus73 made it to 242nd. Taketime would outlast most of his rivals, but the player from London couldn’t quite manage another cash, he finished 173rd when his A♣Q♠ lost to pocket sevens.

Fiv31 and TUZEX could still overtake taketime to win the league if they managed a top six finish, but it was not to be, fiv31 was out 45th and TUZEK just one place better at 44th. Taketime could celebrate his win before the tournament was even over, and he deserves a lot of credit for eight weeks of fine poker results.

Taketime wins a $700 Step ticket, and 99 others will convert league points into prizes, but points are not the only thing to play for, there’s a prize pool every game. 1,023 players would try to make the final table, obviously they couldn’t all fit, and Huelepega26 was the last to be squeezed out. He burst the bubble moving in with K♥10♣, sergiozenith called with Q♥Q♣ and hit three sevens for the full house.


The final table

Final table chips were as follows:
Seat 1: pikatchu1974 (95,739 in chips)
Seat 2: Mobbel007 (286,808 in chips)
Seat 3: trumoan (59,265 in chips)
Seat 4: TELex878 (82,191 in chips)
Seat 5: vday (101,244 in chips)
Seat 6: cirkeltje (79,393 in chips)
Seat 7: bkl1706 (160,910 in chips)
Seat 8: sergiozenith (123,644 in chips)
Seat 9: p1kes (545,306 in chips)

Trumoan nothing to complain about
Trumoan made the final table but wouldn’t stick around long enough to enjoy it. He couldn’t have any reason to moan about his exit, short stacked he moved in with A♣J♠ but ran into trouble in the shape of a bigger ace. Cirkeltje called with A♦Q♦ and trumoan was out in 9th place.

P1kes was the chip leader and having a good day, his day got better and his chip stack bigger when he raised 6♦6♣. Vday came over the top with A♣10♦, P1kes called his all-in and the small pair took the hand. Vday had a bad day; he was out in 8th place.

Criketjlte was next to go, all-in with A♣J♦ Mobbel007 took the short stack on with K♣J♠. A K♦ on the flop saw cirkeltje typing his farewells in chat before the river was even dealt. Criketjlte took $30.17 for 7th place.

TELex878 had doubled up through Mobbel007 when his A♦K♦ beat Mobbel007’s A♥Q♣, but he wouldn’t keep the chips long. It would be another A♣K♦ that was his undoing, Sergiozenith took him on with 10♥10♦ and hit the heart flush, while TELex878 hit nothing. TELex878 out in 6th place. This was shaping to be a fast final table.

Pikatchu1974 had most chips in the lead up to the final table, but had lost his way when he needed chips most. He couldn’t get anything going at the final table and put his last few chips in with Q♠9♦. P1kes took him on with A♦7♠ and won with ace high.

Mobbel007 wouldn’t Live and Let Die
When the final nine players had come together p1kes had the lead and Mobbel007 was in second place. Their chip positions stayed this way throughout the final table. Our @tpokerstars tweeter noted, “The chip leaders are the same as at the start of the final table. P1kes 824k, Mobbel007 443k, sergiozenith 158k, bkl706 113k.” So it was a surprise when our second chip leader was the next elimination, taking on the only player who could bust him.

P1kes raised from the small blind and Mobbel007 called from the big blind with J♠10♦. The flop came J♦8♠5♥ and when p1kes bet out Mobbel007 re-raised. P1kes pushed all-in and Mobbel007 called. P1kes showed his secret A♠A♣ to beat Mobbel007’s top pair jacks. The surprise elimination of his closest rival gave P1kes a monster lead that he would use to good effect.

It took only half a dozen hands for p1kes to eliminate the last two players and claim victory. The blinds were 4000-8000 with a 1000 ante, p1kes had 1,257,065 chips, sergiozenith 179,426 and bkl1706 98,009. P1kes started raising all-in and there was nothing the other two could do but find a hand and call. Sergiozenith called all-in with Q♠J♠ but p1kes showed A♥9♦. P1kes hit two pair and sergiozenith finished in 3rd place for $97.18.

I might not be able to count zeroes in 50 billion, but I can count a single hand. Heads-up play was exactly one hand long. Bkl1706 found A♠8♠ and pushed, p1kes called with 2♣2♥. The little pair was good enough for a big win. Congratulations to p1kes, his win was worth $177.34, and at less than five hours this is probably the fastest Twitter Poker League tournament played.

P1kes has cashed twice in the Twitter Poker League this season, and claims 20 points for his win, his 34 point total means he finished in joint 4th place in the league.

The full leader board can be admired here and the top Twitter heroes are as follows:

Twitter Poker League Leader Board: Season 2 Results (09-19-10)
taketime – 40
Hatchet826 – 37
alytus73 – 35
Smola37 – 35
monyarrasco – 34
p1kes – 34
TUZEX – 33
fiv31 – 32
checkflagman – 28
hAApy_monkey – 28
Roucous 28

Congratulations to taketime, and well done to all 100 league players who claim Step ticket prizes for eight weeks of good results.

The end of the league means naming heroes and awarding prizes, but I like the anticipation of a new season, a blank leader board is waiting ready to be filled next week. We don’t know whose name will top the league on Sunday, but we hope you’ll try to make it yours.

If you want to take part in season 3 of the Twitter Poker League you can visit the league website for information or check out @PokerStars on Twitter. We’ll be reporting all the Twitter Poker League news from week 1 to week 8.

We don’t have lots of zeroes like 50,000,000,000 but we like our 1 to 8.


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