Twitter Poker League: Thomasjanine scores win, coucher11 tops table

November 29, 2010


There were two red spades in the lobby of the Twitter Poker League tourney on Sunday. Team Online Pro Boumaaza ‘Chiren80’ Bachir and Dale ‘Daleroxxu’ Philip might normally play higher stakes than a $1.10 tourney, but they were showing some love for the Twitter tourney.
As usual at #tpoker time there was fun and games to be had @tpokerstars with bounties on Twitter players @JenaDelk @Apokerlypse and @iwanaSTORM, and a competition to predict @Daleroxxu’s finishing position. There were many optimistic entries, not least from the Team Online Pro himself who predicted 1st place. Sadly it was not to be, Dale finished 710th when his push with K♠Q♦ was called by J♥10♣. He had hope, on the turn with the board showing 8♦J♣A♠9♦….

Daleroxxu said, “KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK”



But… as many online players have discovered there is no correlation between the number of times you type a card in the chat box and its appearance at a PokerStars tables. Not even if you’re Team Pro.

Daleroxxu exited the #tpoker tourney with a sad, “how do i miss?”

While over on Twitter @toetyper celebrated his clever prediction with, “you mean that half assed guess won?”

At least 709 small stakes Twitter players might boast, “I did better than a Team Pro.” Chiren80 did well enough; he finished in 252nd place with the use of expert sitting out tactics.

When all the competition fuss had died down, @tpokerstars would concentrate on the serious business of a tourney to report.

The bubble of doom

Worthy of a report was Larius02’s bubble time doom, the short stack moved in on the small blind with A♣2♣ and gigor18 called with K♥9♥. Two nines were bad news for Larius02 and he wouldn’t make it to the final table.

Here’s who did get there:

Seat 1: thomasjanine (208719 in chips)
Seat 2: clwew (88184 in chips)
Seat 3: Martonio (489334 in chips)
Seat 4: cthutqcfdjr (115408 in chips)
Seat 5: ElGocho1 (202680 in chips)
Seat 6: MadDog352 (152448 in chips)
Seat 7: gigor18 (205800 in chips)
Seat 8: Greatin08 (89532 in chips)
Seat 9: vartan67 (405395 in chips)


Without a clwew
As the short stack clweew decided to try to make things happen, and when thomasjanine raised he re-raised all-in with 7♣6♦. Thomasjanine called with Q♥J♥ and hit a flush to take clwew out.

Martonio was tweeting his good fortune.

@martinkendell: Just made my first final table in the #tpoker tournament….chip leader too!!!

Unfortunately he lost the lead soon after this celebratory tweet. Thomasjanine raised, Martonio called and the flop came A♠8♠Q♥. Thomasjanine played A♥K♠ and Martonio A♣7♣ so there was bound to be some action. Martonio bet the blanks on turn and river, and thomasjanine called along. The king kicker won the hand for thomasjanine , he had the lead now and wouldn’t look back until he’d claimed he win.

ElGocho next to go go

ElGocho1 was out in 8th place, most of the damage done in a hand versus cthutqcfdjr, but his last chips were lost when his pocket sixes lost to gigor18’s pocket jacks.

Next Thomasjanine and Martonio tangled in a huge hand. With the board showing K♠6♦4♦J♠3♦ and 432,000 in the pot, there was more frantic betting on the river, thomasjanine re-raising to set Martonio all-in. After long consideration Martonio folded, and thomasjanine sportingly showed him 9♦ A♦ for the nut flush. Martonio claimed to have held the queen high flush, so that was a good fold.

Thomasjanine was on quite a roll, next hand he was dealt 9♠9♦ and when cthutqcfdjr moved in on the 4♥J♦6♦ board he called. It was A♣K♣ for cthutqcfdjr, and he wouldn’t hit, Cthutqcfdjr was out in 7th place for $37.84.

Chip leader thomasjanine would claim yet another scalp a few hands later. Greatin08 would move in with 6♣6♠ and thomasjanine called with A♦9♣. The nine on the turn ended Greatin08’s tournament, his 6th place was worth $50.89.

MadDog352 was on the rail soon after. He was all-in pre-flop with K♠J♠ and gigor18 took him on with pocket nines. No help for MadDog352 so he was our 5th place finisher.

The table millionaire

At this stage of the tournament thomasjanine was the table millionaire, the other three players each had around 300,000.

Next up, a nasty hand for Martonio. Thomasjanine raised from the small blind and Martonio called on the big with K♥Q♥. He would like the flop, K♦Q♦10♣ for two pair. Thomasjanine was playing K♣3♥ and bet with his top pair. Things got interesting with the appearance of the turn 3♠. That made a smaller two pair for thomasjanine… Bet, raise, re-raise, call. Martonio had committed most of his chips by the turn. The river was the 3♦. Martonio couldn’t get out of this, but called all-in to see thomasjanine’s full house. Martonio unlucky to exit in 4th place, cashing for $88.74. There was sympathy for his tweet of, “…such a sick beat…ouch!”

Thomasjanine had 1,309,618 chips by now, gigor18 played 332,237 chips and vartan67 had 315,645.

Lurking with a monster

Vartan67 found A♥J♣ and raised, and when he was re-raised by gigor18 he called to see a flop. The flop was K♠3♦9♥ and when gigor18 bet-out vartan67 moved all-in. He walked into a monster hand with gigor18 playing K♣K♥ for the flopped set. There was no miracle for vartan67 and his 3rd place earned him $120.71.


Heads-up thomasjanine played 1,558,118 to gigor18’s 399,382 chips. Gigor18 soon managed a recovery double-up when his Q♣2♠ hit two pair and an unlikely board of cards gave thomasjanine’s 7♦3♣ two pair as well.

Then in a key heads-up hand gigor18 took the lead. Thomasjanine held A♣Q♣ and hit the turn with the board showing 5♦9♦3♦A♥. Unfortunately, for thomasjanine, gigor18 was playing [2♥4♥ for the straight. The lead was gigor18s, but not for long…

Thomasjanine raised with A♦5♦ and gigor18 called with K♥4♦. They both hit the A♥7♠K♣ flop, and there was aggressive betting. Thomasjanine moved all-in on the 7♣ turn, gigor18 called and his pair of kings couldn’t beat thomasjanines aces. This was to be the hand that decided the tournament, it left gigor18 trailing with 370,000 chips while thomasjanine boasted 1, 586,000.

Next hand gigor18 moved in with J♠9♠ and thomasjanine found it easy to call with A♦Q♦. Neither player hit anything, but the pretty Ace-Queen would win the tourney for thomasjanine.

Well played to thomasjanine. Hs victory over 1,304 Twitter tourney players (and two Team Pro) earned him $219.37 and puts him in second place on the Twitter Poker League leaderboard.

Voulez-vous Coucher11 avec moi?

League leader Coucher11 is having a great season so far; he won in week 1, cashed in week 3… and just survived into the money places this week. He was one of the shortest stacks at the money bubble but hung on to earn 5 points, finishing in 174th place.

We’re at the half-way point of the league season and scores are starting to matter. You can check out the top 100 leaderboard players at the Twitter Poker League website (link: // or see the top players in our handy mini-table below. We hope you’ll join us next week to claim points of your own, and if you have any questions about the league we’ll be happy to answer them if you tweet us @pokerstars.

We’ll bring you more Twitter Poker League news next week, with reports of #tpoker league leaders and Team Pro players too. Let’s see if Chiren80 can beat 252nd place if he plays a hand..!

Twitter Poker League – Week 4 standings (11-28-10)

coucher11 – 31
thomasjanine – 23
sajkoo99 – 22
creo_william – 21
BigToe1979 – 20
carfe8704 – 19
gigor18 – 19
Ann-Sher – 18
camell2 – 18
liova35 – 18
csuka1234 – 17
ElGocho1 – 17
Martonio – 17


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