U.K. Platinum Pass winners chat with Hartigan & Stapes on Poker In The Ears

November 07, 2019inPoker

The PokerStars Players NL Championship is returning in 2020 and dozens of players have already won their seats via Platinum Pass. Two of those players from the United Kingdom — online pro Mike McGee from Scotland and student and streamer Tom Parsons from Northern Ireland — form the backbone of this week’s episode of Poker In The Ears.

Michael McGee

McGee won his Platinum Pass through a Mystery Chest. “I actually didn’t even realize I’d won it,” he tells the boys. “I was just messing around one night, not even playing proper poker, and opened up a few tables and was watching Netflix. I checked my emails a few days later and read it with skepticism, and I couldn’t believe it.”

Parsons also earned his Platinum Pass on the cheap, at Lex Live 2 at the tail end of a complicated community scavenger hunt promotion. Amazingly enough, nobody knew that a Platinum Pass was on the line at the time. “We thought it was probably just merch or something,” he tells the boys. He got a seat in a flipout tournament and somehow won the final hand with queen-high.

Tom Parsons with Lex Veldhuis after his Platinum Pass win

Before the interviews, Hartigan and Stapes go over the full details on the 40 Platinum Passes have been awarded so far and where and when you can try to win one of your own. Between the Mega Path, Moneymaker Tour events, Mystery Chests, and several different online promotions, there are lots of ways to score your seat in Barcelona next August. And even better is the fact that you don’t have to break the bank to play in a lot of these events. At least one player has already earned a Platinum Pass by only spending 50 StarsCoins!

Afterward, Parsons does double duty as this week’s Superfan for “Superfan Vs. Stapes,” challenging Joe to answer questions about Quentin Tarantino’s first film, the paranoid 1991 heist classic Reservoir Dogs. (Incidentally, this was one of the first R-rated films that teenage Stapes ever saw. And to think we pegged him for starting with slasher flicks as a wee babe…)

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