UKIPT 4 Isle of Man: Level 23-26 updates (25,000/50,000, ante 5,000)

November 04, 2013

4.25pm: Fatima Moreira eliminated in second place (£59,660)
Fatima Moreira de Melo waved her hand to indicate she was all-in, her shove was for 905,000 and Duncan McLellan didn’t take too long to call.

Moreira de Melo: 5♦5♣
McLellan: A♥10♦

“It’s a classic race,” said James Hartigan. “It’s a big race in terms of Fatima’s career, she really wants this,” added Nick Wealthall. The J♠Q♥K♥ flop made the race very one sided as McLellan flopped a straight. The 2♣ turn card ended proceedings and the meaningless 6♠ completed the board.

Congratulations to PokerStars Qualifier Duncan McLellan for winning the UKIPT4 Isle of Man Main Event and £94,090. And to use Joe ‘Stapes’ Stapleton’s phrase congradudolences to Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira de Melo on a great performance and her runner-up finish which nets her £59,600.

A full wrap of the day’s play is on the way, thanks for reading the blog, we’ll be back for UKIPT Nottingham which runs November 27th-December 2nd and qualifiers for that tournament are running now. — NW

ukipt4_isle of man_day4_fatima_moreira de melo.jpg

Fatima Moreira de Melo

4.20pm: McLellan wins first big pot of heads-up play
The first big pot of heads-up play has gone the way of Duncan McLellan and he now has 83% of the chip in play.

Fatima Moreira de Melo raised on the button to 100,000 and McLellan made the call. On the 7♣7♠2♥ flop McLellan led into Moreira de Melo and she just called. “If she’s got a good hand there’s no need to raise him there as he only calls with a seven,” said David Williams.

The A♦ hit the turn, McLellan bet 290,000 and again Moreira de Melo smooth called to take us to the 6♣ river. McLellan slowed down checking it over to Moreira de Melo. She took her time and then bet 360,000. This bet sent McLellan into the tank, eventually he made the call and it was a good one as Moreira de Melo showed K♠J♠ for king high, McLellan showed 8♣6♠ for a rivered pair of eights.
After that hand Moreira de Melo is down to 1,119,000 whilst McLellan is up to 5,980,000. – NW

4.15pm: Chris Jonat, PokerStars hero
Fourth-place finisher Chris Jonat is still in the building. Measuring up some number of inches more than six feet tall, the Canadian is an easy figure to spot, not least of all because he keeps getting nods of congratulations from colleagues who came down to the Villa Marina to rail him. Jonat lives here on the Isle of Man managing Team PokerStars Online from the PokerStars offices. I managed to grab him before his workmates could lift him aloft and carry him out on their shoulders (probably, maybe).

“It’s really been so much fun and I can’t complain about anything obviously. I’m a little disappointed because I was pretty committed to not ever trying to pull any big bluffs and I did, but my read was right on him. I was just unlucky that he was able to find the call. Beyond that, everything is good,” said Jonat.

That hand was against Duncan McLellan on a Q♣10♦J♣5♦9♥ board where McLellan held 8♣6♣ and had caught a weak straight on the river. Jonat represented a big hand but couldn’t push McLellan off his.

“He made a great call and with the amount of chips he had it was a good call because I could have just had two-pair or whatever. I don’t blame him on the call, I’m just a little bummed out that he hit the straight without hitting his flush because I wouldn’t have put any more chips in if he’d hit his flush. I don’t think he was chasing that straight but he hit it,” said Jonat.

The £34,870 will obviously be welcome but what about the bragging rights at work? Surely he’ll be milking that?

“I’ll have to get some massive poster to put up over my desk and wear a crown around the office for a couple of days or something. I’m still Canadian so I’m not that good at bragging, but it’s been fun to go this far for sure,” said Jonat, a wide smile on his face.

It was a great run for Chris from bursting the bubble to bursting the final table through to that last big bluff. He did the company proud. — RD


Chris Jonat and Duncan McLellan

4.05pm: Off we go!
Heads-up play is underway, remember you can watch the live stream at — NW

3.52pm: Short break
The players are taking a short 10 minute break whilst the table is prepared for heads-up play.

The chip counts are Duncan McLellan 5,130,000 (103 big blinds)

ukipt4_isle of man_day4_duncan_mclellan.jpg

Debs Duncan the destroyer

Plays Fatima Moreira de Melo, who has 2,360,000 (47 big blinds) — NW

ukipt4_isle of man_day4_fatima_moreira_de_melo.jpg

Moreira de Melo has her eyes on the prize

3.50pm: Richard Milne eliminated in third place (£43,120)
One hand back and one exit…

From the small blind Richard Milne open jammed from the small blind with K♠5♣ and Fatima Moreira de Melo snap called. “She must be really strong to call that quickly,” said David Williams, and the Dutch gold medal winning Olympian was as she had pocket queens.

The 7♠A♦10♥5♦4♦ board kept Moreira de Melo in front and we’re now heads-up for the title. Should she win she’ll become the first ever female winner of a UKIPT Main Event. — NW

ukipt4_isle of man_day4_richard_milne.jpg

Milne – made the podium

3.45pm: No deal
Chip leader Duncan McLellan clearly didn’t like the numbers as there’s been no deal and play continues. — NW

3.40pm: Deal negotiations
The three players are taking time out to discuss a deal, this is what they’re still playing for:

1st. £94,090
2nd. £59,660
3rd. £43,120

Ike Haxton has been drafted in by Fatima Moreira de Melo to help with negotiations and I overheard him on the microphone saying the ICM numbers were as follows:

Duncan McLellan – £83,000
Fatime Moreira de Melo – £61,500
Richard Milne – £52,500

But they have to leave £20,000 to play for and Toby Stone told them the equity distributions would be as follows:

Duncan McLellan – £76,814
Fatima Moreira de Melo – £52,330
Richard Milne – £47,725

Will they deal?. — NW

ukipt4_isle of man_day4_ike_haxton.jpg

Haxton – he knows math

3.35pm: Three handed chip counts
Duncan McLellan has an absolutely massive chip lead over the other two players with 5,130,000 of the 7,490,000 in play.

3. Duncan McLellan, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 5,130,000 (103 big blinds)
7. Richard Milne, United Kingdom, 700,000 (14 big blinds)
8. Fatima Moreira de Melo, Netherlands, Team PokerStars SportStar, 1,660,000 (33 big blinds)

3.35pm: Chris Jonat eliminated in fourth place (£34,870)
After losing that big pot Chris Jonat didn’t take long to try and double up but unfortunately it didn’t go his way. He moved in for 290,000 and Duncan McLellan was still stacking chips, he thought for a little while and then made the call, Richard Milne and Fatime Moreira de Melo both folded.

Jonat: K♣J♠
McLellan: A♠Q♦

The 10♠Q♣J♦ flop was, as Nick Wealthall said: “an action flop,” Jonat still had 37% equity, but that dropped to 9% on the K♠ turn and he needed to make a full house to win or for an ace to appear for a chop. However, the 10♦ completed the board and Jonat shook the hands of his opponents as he left the table. — NW

3.32pm: Duncan McLellan wins 1.8m pot
There is just no stopping Duncan McLellan as he just won a huge 1,800,000 pot against Chris Jonat…

Pre-flop Jonat made it 80,000 to go from the button and both blinds called. On the Q♣10♦J♣ flop Jonat fired out a bet of 140,000 and only McLellan called. The 5♦ fell on the turn, Jonat fired a second barrel, 200,000 was the price, it was a price McLellan liked as he made the call. The 9♥ hit the river, McLellan checked once more and again Jonat fired, he made it 400,000 and after a tank McLellan called and showed 8♣6♣ for the rivered straight and flopped flush draw.

Jonat meanwhile is now very short as he’s down to around 295,000. – NW

3.30pm: Moreira de Melo, competitive as always
Last night the UKIPT press room was invaded by deck/spread/galaxy* of PokerStars sponsored players looking for a reliable connection to play the Red Spade Open, a $55 buy-in with a $1,000,000 guarantee. That’s quite incredible (and even more so that the prize pool ended up topping $1.6m). David Williams, Vanessa Rousso, Ike Haxton, Liv Boeree, and Andre Coimbra sat in a corner of the room getting set up for the Sunday grind. There was banter and merriment but, much like the times that someone has a drink in their hand, reporting on eavesdropped press room conversations is just not on.

After a short while, PoekrStars SportStar Fatima Moreira de Melo entered the room having just made the UKIPT final table. After a flurry of congratulations from press and sponsored PokerStars colleagues, Moreira sat down, fired up PokerStars and started playing the Red Spade Open.

Lee Jones was working alongside us in the press room and turned round to Moreira de Melo, a look of incredulity on his face, “You’re playing poker?” he said.

The insinuation was clear. What was Fatima doing firing up a tournament with 32,558 runners when she had a big final table ahead of her the following day?

A member of press row suggested she just dump her stack (not the PokerStars Blog, I hasten to add). Fatima said that she couldn’t. Yes, you could look at it that she couldn’t because, a) maybe she had a contractual obligation to play, or b) that dumping your stack just wouldn’t be ethical. But I’d suggest it was, c) Fatima is simply unable to stop herself from competing. Behind the sweet smile is one of the most ferociously competitive people you’re ever likely to meet. She’s won gold medals at the Olympic and in the World Championships for the Netherlands. She also won a Dutch version of the Survivor TV show and was quite ruthless in doing so by all accounts. She’s still in and fighting with just a few players left at this final table.

And well done to Williams, he finished 1,644th for $113.95. Not the best cash of his career though… — RD

3.20pm: Harry Lodge eliminated in fifth place (£27,600)
Down to just 430,000 Harry Lodge moved all-in from under-the-gun with A♠J♥ and got looked up by Duncan McLellan with Q♠10♣. The 8♣10♥6♣ flop favoured the chip leader and the 3♥ turn and 2♦ river eliminated Lodge and gave McLellan even more chips.

Still that £27,600 will buy a lot of pints and pasta for the economics student. McLellan now has 3,700,0000. — NW

Blinds up: 25,000/50,000, ante 5,000

3.15pm: Chip counts
For the first time in a while Team PokerStars SportStars Fatima Moreira de Melo has a workable stack but she, like everyone else, still trail Duncan McLellan.

2. Chris Jonat, United Kingdom Rational Group Staff, 840,000 (21 big blinds)
3. Duncan McLellan, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 3,260,000 (82 big blinds)
4. Harry Lodge, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 525,000 (13 big blinds)
7. Richard Milne, United Kingdom, 1,090,000 (27 big blinds)
8. Fatima Moreira de Melo, Netherlands, Team PokerStars SportStar, 1,775,000 (44 big blinds)

3.10pm: Harry Lodge doubles through Duncan McLellan
It folded to Duncan McLellan in the small blind, he set Harry Lodge all-in for his final 265,000 and Lodge quickly called.

McLellan: A♠2♣
Lodge: A♣10♥

The 7♠K♠K♥Q♥ flop and turn opened up the possibility of a chopped pot, but the 3♣ was one of the rivers that ensured Lodge doubled up. He’s still short on chips though. — NW

3.05pm: Daniel Stacey eliminated in sixth place (£21,250)
Like London buses another elimination has come along in…

Daniel Stacey open jammed for 360,000 and for the second time today Fatima Moreira de Melo found aces at the right time. Stacey turned over K♦7♦ and was in a world of hurt. The 3♣A♥5♥ flop didn’t make things any better and he was drawing dead on the 5♣ turn.

The J♠ completed the board and it’s another commendable performance from Stacey who finished 11th at UKIPT4 London. — NW


Daniel Stacey: played great but final table didn’t work out

3pm: Jamie O’Connor eliminated in seventh place (£15,810)
After Chris Jonat opened to 80,000, Duncan McLellan and Daniel Stacey called before Jamie O’Connor moved all-in for 595,000 total. The original raiser folded but McLellan and his monster stack did not. “He’s getting a good price to call, 515,000 into 950,000,” said Ike Haxton. After much tanking he called it off and after Daniel Stacey folded it was time for showdown.

McLellan: A♦8♦
O’Connor: A♥K♦

The 3♠7♦8♣ flop made it a reverse domination situation and McLellan held on the 3♥ turn and 7♥ river to eliminate O’Connor in seventh. Whilst McLellan is up to 3,870,000. — NW

2.55pm: McLellan wins a monster, has over three million
The two chip leaders just clashed in a pot worth over a million chips and one that was bigger than all but the top three chip stacks.

Pre-flop Chris Jonat raised to 80,000 from the cut-off and Duncan McLellan called from the button. On the K♦6♥8♥ flop Jonat c-bet 80,000 and McLellan made the call. On the J♦ turn Jonat fired again, this time 120,000 and again McLellan made the call.

The flush completing 4♥ completed the board and this slowed Jonat down as he checked it over to McLellan. The chip leader fired out a bet of 265,000 into 650,000. “If he’s got a decent king here I think Chris has to call,” said Ike Haxton in the booth. And that’s what Jonat did, McLellan showed A♥7♥ for the stone cold nuts.

After that hand McLellan now has 3,035,000 whilst Jonat slips to 1,075,000. — NW


Duncan McLellan

2.50pm: Jamie O’Connor doubles through Harry Lodge
Down to just 310,00 Jamie O’Connor shoved from under-the-gun+1 and Harry Lodge called from the big blind to put him at risk.

O’Connor: A♥9♠
Lodge: A♣5♥

The 9♣Q♠K♣3♣6♦ board gave Lodge a flush draw on the turn but it missed on the river and he’s now down to 320,00 whilst O’Connor is up to 675,000. — NW

2.45pm: Chip counts through 91 hands
It’s still Duncan McLellan who leads from Chris Jonat, Richard Milne is the only other player with more than 20 big blinds, whilst Harry Lodge, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Daniel Stacey and Jamie O’Connor are all in relative trouble.

2. Chris Jonat, United Kingdom Rational Group Staff, 1,770,000 (44 big blinds)
3. Duncan McLellan, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 2,225,000 (56 big blinds)
4. Harry Lodge, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 650,000 (16 big blinds)
5. Daniel Stacey, United Kingdom, 455,000 (11 big blinds)
6. Jamie O’Connor, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 410,000 (10 big blinds)
7. Richard Milne, United Kingdom, 1,065,000 (27 big blinds)
8. Fatima Moreira de Melo, Netherlands, Team PokerStars SportStar, 595,000 (15 big blinds)

2.40pm: O’Connor down to 10 big blinds
After raising pre-flop, checking the flop, check-calling a bet from Chris Jonat on the turn and then folding the river Jamie O’Connor is down to 10 big blinds. — NW

2.30pm: Final table profiles
If you’d rather get your final table profiles in moving pictures then you can click on the video below. — RD

2.25pm: Moreira de Melo moves in
Fatima Moreira de Melo has moved in twice in the last few hands, both times over the top of a Jamie O;Connor open. She’s all but doubled her stack in the process. — NW

2.20pm: Stacey at the double
It didn’t take long for Daniel Stacey to get his stack of five big blinds over the betting line. On the very first hand on the level he moved in for 195,000 total over the top of a 80,000 open from Chris Jonat with the latter calling the extra.

Jonat: A♣2♦
Stacey: A♦10♥

The Stoke-on-Trent based player was in great shape, and he held on the J♦3♣5♠9♦6♦ board and got a near triple up to 12 big blinds. — NW

2.16pm: Back from the break
Players are back in their seats and action is back underway. — NW

2.15pm: Chip counts
Over the first 69 hands Duncan McLellan has very quietly stretched out into a near one million chip lead from Chris Jonat. Daniel Stacey and Fatima Moreira de Melo are in real trouble with under 10 big blinds

2. Chris Jonat, United Kingdom Rational Group Staff, 1,415,000 (35 big blinds)
3. Duncan McLellan, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 2,257,000 (35 big blinds)
4. Harry Lodge, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier,729,000 (18 big blinds)
5. Daniel Stacey, United Kingdom, 201,000 (5 big blinds)
6. Jamie O’Connor, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 780,000 (20 big blinds)
7. Richard Milne, United Kingdom, 1,220,000 (30 big blinds)
8. Fatima Moreira de Melo, Netherlands, Team PokerStars SportStar, 360,000 (9 big blinds)

Blinds up: 20,00040,000, ante 5,000

2.05pm: Jonat wins last hand before the break
“Everyone’s gone, this is a big pot and they might come back to one less player,” said Nick Wealthall as Chris Jonat and Jamie O’Connor tangled in a pot.

Pre-flop Jonat made it 60,00 from the hi-jack and O’Connor called from the big blind. On the 7♥9♦K♦ flop both players checked, “no one c-bet anymore,” said Wealthall. On the 2♣ turn Jonat put out a delayed c-bet of 75,000, O’Connor slid out a check-raise of 180,000 total, but folded when Jonat set him all-in.

The players are now on a 15 minute break, Ike Haxton will be in the commentary booth with Nick Wealthall and James Hartigan when players return. — NW

2pm: Stacey gets one through
From under-the-gun+1 Daniel Stacey moved all-in for 185,000, a little over six big blinds. “There’s no way this gets through,” said the commentators in the booth.

But get through it did and Stacey added 67,000 to his stack. — NW

1.50pm: Deck change
Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira de Melo just noticed that the K♦ was marked so there’s been a short break whilst a fresh deck is bought to the table.

Daniel Stacey with seven big blinds and de Melo with 15 big blinds are the two shortest stacks. — NW

1.45pm: McLellan reclaims the chip lead
A medium sized pot just played out between Chris Jonat and Duncan McLellan with the latter taking it down to take the chip lead.

Pre-flop Jonat made it 60,000 from the cut-off, McLellan made it 150,000 from the hi-jack and Jonat made the call. Both players checked the A♣Q♥7♥ flop and the K♥ rolled off on the turn. First to act Jonat bet 140,000 and McLellan made the call. The 5♠ completed the board, both players checked and McLellan showed K♦Q♦ for two pair. “He’s got to bet the river there,” said Nick Wealthall in the commentary booth. — NW

1.40pm: Chip counts
Thanks to that knockout Richard Milne is the new chip leader, but it’s still tight at the top with eight big blinds separating the top four stacks.

2. Chris Jonat, United Kingdom Rational Group Staff, 1,196,000 (40 big blinds)
3. Duncan McLellan, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,320,000 (44 big blinds)
4. Harry Lodge, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 882,000 (29 big blinds)
5. Daniel Stacey, United Kingdom, 327,000 (11 big blinds)
6. Jamie O’Connor, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,349,000 (45 big blinds)
7. Richard Milne, United Kingdom, 1,447,000 (48 big blinds)
8. Fatima Moreira de Melo, Netherlands, Team PokerStars SportStar, 647,000 (22 big blinds)

1.35pm: Adam Topping eliminated in eighth place (£11,455)
We’ve just had the first exit from the final table and it was, surprisingly, the two quietest players (according to Nick Wealthall) who played it.

From under-the-gun+2 Richard Milne opened to 60,000, Adam Topping moved all-in for 498,000 from the cut-off and although Chris Jonat looked interested he folded but Milne made the call.

Milne: A♠K♠
Topping: A♣Q♦

It was all over by the turn of a 7♠6♥J♠9♠3♠ board, Topping is out in eighth, winning £11,455, whilst Milne is now chip leader with 1,447.000. — NW

ukipt4_isle of man_day4_adam_topping.jpg

Topping – out in eighth

1.30pm: How (not) to play a UKIPT
Brad Willis, the head honcho of the PokerStars Blog, has been looking around both the Isle of Man and the UKIPT this week. Here managed to find himself some time to play a couple of tournaments, too. Find out how (not) to play a UKIPT here. — RD

1.30pm: O’Connor takes the chip lead
Sound the five-bet pot klaxon and shake the dust off it whilst you’re at it…

Harry Lodge opened to 60,000 from the hi-jack, Jamie O’Connor three-bet to 120,000, Lodge popped it to 245,000 and O’Connor moved all-in. He was the covering stack. “Let the face saving tank commence,” noted Nick Wealthall in the booth.

The student from Exeter tanked for a few minutes before folding and O’Connor took the chip lead with that pot. But not for long as the very next hand they went at it again, Lodge opened to 60,000, O’Connor three-bet to 120,000, Lodge four-bet to 245,000 and this time O’Connor folded. — NW

1.20pm: Chip counts
Chris Jonat has taken the chip lead, the head of Team Online is up to 1,273,000 but it’s still close at the top with five players within nine big blinds of him.

1. Adam Topping, United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier, 438,000 (15 big blinds)
2. Chris Jonat, United Kingdom Rational Group Staff, 1,273,000 (42 big blinds)
3. Duncan McLellan, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,183,000 (39 big blinds)
4. Harry Lodge, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,007,000 (34 big blinds)
5. Daniel Stacey, United Kingdom, 387,000 (13 big blinds)
6. Jamie O’Connor, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,224,000 (41 big blinds)
7. Richard Milne, United Kingdom, 1,009,000 (34 big blinds)
8. Fatima Moreira de Melo, Netherlands, Team PokerStars SportStar, 647,000 (22 big blinds)

1.17pm: Daniel Stacey shoves twice
With less than 10 big blinds Daniel Stacey only has the one move and he’s used it twice. Both times he got it through and scooped the blinds and antes. – NW

1.15pm: A fabulous setting
The Villa Marina makes for a great poker venue. It really does. There are well maintained wooden floors, a high domed ceiling, one that would give anyone with vertigo cause to shudder if forced to climb a ladder to attach a disco ball, piñata or ‘Class of 78’ banner, and plush theatre seats around the edge of the room, both in the tiered stalls and dress circle. It really is a fine space for a UKIPT as hundreds of players have found this last week.

There are four rows of seats just below the stage and another couple on the stage. Many of those seats are getting filled up and we can expect those to continue to fill up as the day goes on, particularly if Chris Jonat or Fatima Moreira de Melo make the final few spots – there are a lot of PokerStars people in the Isle of Man. — RD


The Main Event a couple of days ago

Blinds up: 15,000/30,000, ante 4,000

1.05pm: Fatima Moreira de Melo doubles through Daniel Stacey
From under-the-gun Fatima Moreira de Melo moved all-in for 341,000, Daniel Stacey made the call from the button, both blinds folded and it was time for showdown.

Moreira de Melo: A♣A♥
Stacey: A♠J♥

Moreira de Melo was a 92% favourite to double up and she did just that on the 2♠9♦10♦A♦Q♠ board. She’s up to 742,000 and Stacey is down to 253,000. — NW

12.50pm: Release the all-in triangle
The all-in triangle just made its first appearance at the final table here’s how…

Harry Lodge opened pre-flop from the hi-jack, Daniel Stacey three-bet from the cut-off and when it folded back to Lodge he smooth called.

On the 5♠3♠Q♠ flop Lodge checked to Stacey he bet 112,000 and Lodge made the call. The 3♣ hit the turn and both players checked to see a fourth spade, the 8♠ to be exact, complete the board. First to act Lodge bet 85,000. “I really like this bet if it’s to induce a bluff from Stacey,” said Wealthall. After about a minutes thought Stacey made it 180,000 total and Lodge went into the tank. After a minute or so Lodge moved all-in for 440,000 total, but no sooner had the all-in triangle made an appearance then Stacey mucked his hand. After that hand Lodge is up to 1,114,000 and Stacey is down to 591,000. — NW

12.35pm: Lodge gets a lift
Harry Lodge was the second shortest stack with just 19 big blinds, he min-raised from under-the-gun and Duncan McLellan defended from the big blind. The 7♥2♦A♥ flop was checked through and the A♥ landed on the turn. McLellan led and Lodge made the call. The 10♥ completed the board and McLellan led for 100,000. “I think Lodge has a hand as he checked the flop,” said Nick Wealthall in the booth. “As for McLellan he’s uncapped, your guess is as good as mine.” Eventually Lodge called and McLellan insta-mucked his hand so we’ll never know what either player had. After that hand Lodge is up to 708,000. — NW

12.25pm: Chip counts
Duncan McLellan has taken the chip lead but it’s incredibly tight at the top with the top three separated by just three big blinds.

1. Adam Topping, United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier, 518,000 (22 big blinds)
2. Chris Jonat, United Kingdom Rational Group Staff, 1,293,000 (54 big blinds)
3. Duncan McLellan, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,328,000 (55 big blinds)
4. Harry Lodge, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 447,000 (19 big blinds)
6. Daniel Stacey, United Kingdom, 1,032,000 (43 big blinds)
7. Jamie O’Connor, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,236,000 (52 big blinds)
8. Richard Milne, United Kingdom, 958,000 (40 big blinds)
9. Fatima Moreira de Melo, Netherlands, Team PokerStars SportStar, 356,000 (15 big blinds)

ukipt4_isle of man_day4_final_table.jpg

The elite eight at UKIPT4 Isle of Man

12.25pm: Jonat takes one from Stacey
Chris Jonat raised it up from the cut-off and Daniel Stacey defended from the big blind. On the 4♠K♣4♥ flop Jonat c-bet 60,000 and Stacey called. “He showed yesterday that he’s quite capable of floating the flop out of position with no hand,” said Nick Wealthall in the booth.

Both players checked the 7♥ turn, the J♣ river completed the board and Stacey led for 85,000. “I think Jonat should call with ace high here,” said Wealthall. Jonat did call and he had better than ace high as he showed J♦10♦ for one pair and it was good. — NW

12.15pm: O’Connor gets some revenge
Yesterday Duncan McLellan bluffed Jamie O’Connor off a huge pot with the ol’ 3♥2♥ and O’Connor just got some revenge in the first pot that made it to the river.
McLellan made it 63,000 from the cut-off, O’Connor flat called from the big blind and the two of them took a 8♦4♠3♥ flop. It checked to McLellan he bet 74,000 and O’Connor made the call. The 2♣ turn was checked through and the 4♦ completed the board. First to act O’Connor led for 100,000, McLellan folded and O’Connor showed [7][6] as he took the pot. — NW

12.10pm: First orbit passes without major incident or showdown
We’re now eight hands into the final table and there’s been little action of note thus far. There’s only been two flops but no hand has made it to fourth street.

The most active player has been Duncan McLellan he’s dragged three pots and as such has taken the chip lead as he’s up to 1,322,000.

Chris Jonat, Daniel Stacey and Adam Topping have also won pots during the first orbit. – NW

12.01pm: Play is underway
Cards are in the air on time!! — NW

12pm: Meet your final table

Seat 1. Adam Topping, United Kingdom (PokerStars Qualifier): 676,000
This final table appearance already represents 22 year old Adam Topping’s biggest live tournament cash. The semi-pro has been playing live poker in and around his native
Manchester for the past three years, sticking to No-Limit Hold’em for the most part. He won his seat into the UKIPT Main Event in a satellite on PokerStars, meaning that for a self-described “bankroll nit” it’s been worth venturing out to the Isle of Man. He added that, “with all the pros playing” it was a must-visit stop and is looking forward to his first final on the tour.


Adam Topping

Seat 2. Chris Jonat, United Kingdom (Rational Group Staff): 952,000
Chris Jonat, who manages Team PokerStars Online, is the last remaining Rational Group staff member left in the UKIPT Isle of Man Main Event. The 43-year-old lives in the Isle of Man but originally hails from Vancouver, Canada where he played bass in a band (The Clumsy Lovers) and played online cash games attaining the VIP level of Supernova Elite before getting the call from PokerStars to help run the VIP Club programme. Jonat’s wife runs a website and has a book coming out in April 2014. He says that win or lose, he’s “really happy that they allowed us to play here.”


Chris Jonat

Seat 3. Duncan McLellan, United Kingdom (PokerStars Qualifier): 1,161,000
Full-time bricklayer Duncan McLellan has been laying some solid foundations in this Main Event. The 49-year-old from Corby, Northamptonshire was 12th in chips at the end of Day 1 and a runaway chip leader coming into Day 3. He twice showed enormous bluffs at the final table, including in a monster pot against Jamie O’Connor for his tournament life. McLellan has a lot of heart and could create fireworks tomorrow, adding to his string of cashes (mainly in Nottingham) in the last two years.

UKIPT_IOM_Velli-542_Duncan McLellan.jpg

Duncan McLellan

Seat 4. Harry Lodge, United Kingdom (PokerStars Qualifier): 569,000
Harry Lodge is currently studying Economics at Exeter University. He started playing poker – for £2 – at boarding school with friends. He decided that he wanted to improve his play and began reading up on poker. As soon as he turned 18, Harry started playing online. This stop is only Harry’s second UKIPT and when asked what he thought about the possibility of winning the UKIPT Isle of Man title, he modestly declined to even think about that possibility. No matter which position he finishes in tomorrow – the UKIPT Isle of Man will be his biggest cash to date.


Harry Lodge

Seat 5: Daniel Stacey, United Kingdom: 1,087,000
Daniel Stacey is a 23-year-old professional poker player from Stoke-on-Trent who won his seat in the Isle of Man Main Event in a Full Tilt Poker Last Longer at UKIPT London last month. He finished 11th there (winning himself £8,480 in the process) and is now guaranteed at least another £11,455. He’s had success online, too, finishing fourth in the Sunday Million under the username ‘Noobladonk’. He plays Omaha Zoom when not playing tournaments. Should he win, buying a house would be the first thing on his mind, but says that, come what may, “It’s been a good tournament.”


Daniel Stacey

Seat 6: Jamie O’Connor, United Kingdom (PokerStars Qualifier): 1,243,000
Jamie O’Connor is a 24 year-old professional poker player from Leeds. He’s been playing poker for six years, having picked it up from watching his Dad play. O’Connor or “Boz” as he’s known to his friends, mainly grinds online tournaments with his biggest online win being worth $20,000. O’Connor has had live success as well having won a tournmanent for £45,760 at the back end of last year. However with this result, he already plans to play the next UKIPT in Nottingham in a few weeks. O’Connor travelled here with Simon Deadman, Jonathan Salfi and Oliver Cooper, all of whom played this event and will be hoping to rail him to victory tomorrow.


Jamie O’Connor

Seat 7: Richard Milne, United Kingdom: 956,000
Richard Milne has caused tournament reporters to scratch their heads at live events (such as UKIPT Marbella where he cashed for €1,760) because his name has appeared twice in player lists. This is because he often travels with his father, also Richard Milne. Both played this Main Event. The 26-year-old semi-pro has gone much further than his dad here and is already guaranteed his biggest cash. Milne normally focuses on Zoom cash games, but has been known to tackle a tournament Sunday or two, as well as a regular vacation to Las Vegas. Should he take top honours here he says he’ll play all UKIPT stops next year.


Richard Milne

Seat 8: Fatima Moreira de Melo, Netherlands (PokerStars SportStar): 524,000
PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira de Melo has time booked in the UKIPTLive commentary booth tomorrow but a reschedule may be on the cards. Moreira de Melo, from Rotterdam, is one of Holland’s best known field hockey players, and an Olympic gold medalist to boot. She played as part of the team that took gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, having previously won a bronze medal at the Sydney games in 2000, and silver in 2004 in Athens. She’s since turned her hand to the sport of poker, banking more than $100,000 in live tournament cashes around the globe. Moreira de Melo would be a hugely popular winner with the international poker community.

Daniel Stacey

11:40pm: Final table set
First of all, you should read last night’s wrap of the action. That will get you up to speed with how the final table was set. Jamie O’Connor may be leading but it’s not by much. Five players are well stacked and the other three aren’t actually too far behind. It should be a fascinating day of poker. You can watch the action streamed here.


Watch the UKIPT final table live today

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT Isle of Man: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Rene Velli.


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