UKIPT Brighton: Day 1b, levels 1&2 (blinds 50-100)

July 16, 2010


2pm: Break time
That’s a fifteen-minutes break. We’ve started scouring the floor for chip counts already and will update the big names as soon as possible. Check the chip counts page. — RD

1.55pm: Brammer’s river bet
Chris Brammer opened for 250 from the cut-off and was called in the small and big blind. All three players checked the 10♣4♣Q♦ flop and Robin Dhinsa (small blind) led for 500 on the J♣ turn. Brammer raised to 1,500 and was called. Another 2,500 from Brammer was called. He showed 5♣6♣ for the flush. — RD

1.40pm: Interesting stuff between Brammer and Ainsworth
Tables draws are random, they are not fixed but they can be very unfair and none more so than this. We have Jude Ainsworth, Chris Brammer and John Eames all on the same table who have around $800,000 in live cash winnings between them and bucket loads of online cashes.

It was Brammer and Ainsworth have just had an major clash. An under the gun limper sparked the action which Brammer raised. Ainsworth called in the big blind. Brammer fired 425 on the 5♥K♣8♥ flop which Ainsworth check-called. A 10♠ on the turn was quickly checked by both players as was the 4♥ on the river. Ainsworth showed 9♣9♠ to 10♣Q♥. Did Brammer miss a street of value on the river there? — RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_jude ainsworth.jpg

Jude Ainsworth, was he let off cheap by Brammer

1.30pm: A smattering of chip counts
Registration is open for the first three levels today, half way through level two the tournament information screen says there are currently 144 players registered. The climbers in the opening 90 minutes include Liam Flood (15,200), Ali Mallu (16,100), Joe Grech (16,000), going in the other direction currently are all three Team PokerStars Pro members Julian Thew (11,600), Vicky Coren (12,800) and Jude Ainsworth (14,200). Check out our chip count page which we’ll be updating throughout the day. –NW

1.15pm: Good timing?
I wandered over to table six to see small blind Finn Zwad betting 1900 into a 4,000 pot on a board of 5♥3♥2♥3♦. The button, Anatohj Jevtbjbv raised it up to 4,375, this was suddenly a significant pot, ‘Good timing,’ quipped tablemate Deborah Worley-roberts to me. Jevtbjbv sat completely still, elbows on the table rail, palms on his cheeks as he waited for Zwad to act. And act he did, Zwad moved all-in for around 13,900 total. Jevtbjbv turned to Zwad and asked some inaudible (to us) questions, before giving it up. –NW

1.10pm: Atherton drops the ball
It’s not the best start for Lee Atherton who has just lost a 15,000 pot to Malte Pross in a battle between the big blind (Atherton) and the button (Pross). There was already more than 5,000 in the pot when Atherton check-called 2,300 on the K♣5♠9♥A♣ turn. Atherton checked again on the Q♣ river and audibly groaned when Prosse made another 3,200 bet. A raise was certainly not on the books but he eventually made the call and you had the feeling he knew he was behind but wanted to know how. He got his answer when Prosse turned over 9♣9♠. — RD


12.55pm: Thew’s eyes of envy
Hoss Parhizkar is making big raises and showing big hands and has flashed aces and kings already. Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew is sat on the right of Parhizkar and is all but rolling his eyeballs. I’m sure he’d rather be on the other side of him but still seems happy to be on the same table as someone who is opening for 9x. — RD

12.35pm: Fuzzey feeling good
Showdowns can be rare in the opening levels, 100 big blind pots even more so, but I managed to catch a hand that ticked both boxes. On the turn with the board reading 9♠4♠3♠4♥ Andy Gray bet 800 into a pot of roughly the same amount . James Fuzzey raised the price of poker to 2,100 and Gray called after a dwell of around 10 seconds. The river was the 3♦, Gray checked to Fuzzey who threw out a bet of 2,225. Gray clearly didn’t like this turn of events but cut out the call and made it reluctantly. Fuzzey showed the got there on the river holding of 9♥4♦ and Gray showed his good but not good enough 10♠8♠. –NW

ukipt brighton_day 1b_neil channing.jpg

Is Neil Channing scared of our photographer, or his table draw?

12.05pm: Play underway: queue at the cash desk
Play has started, but there’s still a reasonably long queue at the cash desk as players buy in late. There are a few players who’ve already taken their seat who know just what it feels like to go deep in a UKIPT. Owen Robinson (fourth in Nottingham) is sharing a table with Neil Channing, also in the field are Oliver Shcaffmann (second in
Nottingham), Marius Lietuvninkas (sixth in Coventry) and Joe Grech (third in Coventry). –NW

ukipt brighton_day 1b_chips.jpg

Dealers are still handing out stacks to late buy-ins

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Brighton: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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