UKIPT Brighton: Day 2, levels 13&14 (blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300)

July 17, 2010


6.40pm: Woodley gone before the break
Ian Woodley fell in 24th, just before Liam Flood, and also takes home £2,200 for his troubles. We’re now going into a 15-minute break — RD

6.30pm: Burland busts Flood
Jamie Burland has had a good level, his latest victim is Liam Flood. The two of them got the majority of the chips in on a flop of 3♦6♥7♣. Flood shoving and Burland calling with Flood saying, ‘I’m in trouble.’

Flood: 4♣4♦

Burland: J♣J♥

‘No four, no five,’ repeated Burland as the dealer prepared to burn and turn.

Turn: K♣

River: A♣ –NW

ukipt brighton_day 2_liam flood exit.jpg

Liam Flood had another deep UKIPT run.. but its over

6.25pm: Three is the magic number
We’ve just had three quick eliminations and are now down to three tables. First to go was Jean-nicolas Fortin his pocket tens losing out to Steven Thompson’s pocket queens in a 200,000 pot. Next to bust was Jack McDermott, his A♣10♥ no match for Jamie Burland’s pocket queens, that was another 60,000 to Burland’s stack. And just now Andrew Youens, who seems to be knocking players out all over the shop, accounted for another, his A♥K♦ starting and staying ahead of Malte Pross’s A♣Q♣. –NW

6.20pm: Lietuvninkas hangs in for his points
There are two major point scorers in the UKIPT Leaderboarder left in the comp and they are Marius Lietuvninkas and Rupinder Bedi. Lietuvninkas had hung on until the top 27 places and after Moti’s bust out swiftly got his chips in with A♠8♠ and doubled through pocket fives up to 50,000. – RD

6.15pm: Sunil Moti is out in 28th
We spoke to Sunil Moti just after he busted, ‘I was short down to 35,000 and saw ace-eight and couldn’t let that go. I got called by ace-jack and that was that.’ Moti took his knockout in good spirits and pockets £1,700. — RD

6.10pm: Dave Maudlin doubles through Liam Flood
Dave Maudlin moved in for his last 15,200 and Liam Flood decided to give him a spin.

Maudlin: A♥A♣

Flood: K♥J♥

The board a sweat inducing – 2♣6♥A♦Q♠4♠. –NW

6.05pm: Glen Storey eliminated in 29th place
Andrew Youens is on a tear and he seemingly can’t miss. Glen Storey raised from under the gun and was called by Youens in the big blind. Youens then check shoved on the 8♠10♥6♣ board and Storey called.

Youens: 7♣7♥

Storey: A♦A♥

Turn: Q♣

River: 9♣

Youens rivered the straight and then turned to me and said, ‘I’m not coming across as very well am I!’–NW

6pm: David Gant doubles through Tomas Cibek
By the time I reached the table Gant was all-in for 37,000 and Tomas Cibek had called.

Gant: A♥J♥

Cibek: J♠J♣

Things looked grim for Grant but he was saved by the river on a 3♣2♥2♦4♣A♦ board. Gant now has around 80,000, Cibek slips to 150,000. –NW

5.55pm: Day 1 chipleader Joe Drummy is out in 30th
Joe Drummy came into today with over 117,000 chips but has just been KO’d in 30th after a nasty turn of events. Jonathan Spinks had shoved into him with Q♦10♦ and he had called with J♥A♥. Spinks flopped top pair and rivered a straight. That left Drummy incredibly short and he got it all-in with Q♥Q♦ against Bill Seber’s A♥J♥. The flop came 4♠8♣3♠ but the A♠ on the turn was too much for his ladies. Drummy bows out in an admirable 30th place.
Meanwhile, Liam Flood managed to get into a race situation for his 63,700 stack with pocket jacks and faded two overcards to double up. — RD

5.55pm: Neil Channing eliminated in 31st place
Sunil Moti got the action started by raising to 6,000 from the hi-jack. Next to act Andrew Youens made it 17,200. Neil Channing call the 17,200 and Moti made up the extra too. The flop came down 8♣9♠9♣, Channing slid his remaining 31,000 over the line, Moti quickly folded and after getting a count Youens called.

Channing: Q♠Q♥

Youens: A♥8♦

Turn: 5♣

River: 8♥

Channing wished the table good luck as he exited. –NW

5.50pm: First payout
Nikolaos Domestinis is our first player to make a cash in 32nd for £1,700. — RD

5.40pm: Double bubble
We had two players fall simultaneously; Daniel Rudd by Kirit Patel and Charalambos Xanthos courtesy of Rupinder Bedi. Rudd’s was fairly straightforward as he was down to just a few thousand losing out with jack-queen to Patel’s ace-five. Rudd was down to his bare bones after losing most of his chips to Steve Thompson the hand before.

The Xanthos KO was a larger affair after Bedi opened for 6,600 with K♥K♠ and was shoved on by Xanthos for around 50,000 with A♠J♠. The board faded aces and spades and Bedi chipped up as the bubble burst. — RD

5.35pm: Grafton wins one from Bedi
Rupinder Bedi and Sam Grafton are two of the bigger stacks but they just played a pot with respect for each other and their respective stacks. Pre-flop Grafton opened to 6,000 and Bedi three-bet to 15,700 and Grafton called. On the 4♥2♦7♦ flop Grafton check called a bet of 18,500. The 6♦ turn and the Q♦ river were both checked through with Grafton announcing ‘flush’ and showing 3♦3♠ to win the pot. –NW

5.30pm: ‘One more before we go hand for hand’
That’s the announcement made by tournament director Toby Stone as the blinds went up putting even more pressure on the short stacks. There are 34 players left and 32 getting paid. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000, ANTE 300

5.25pm: Grafton grinding
Sam Grafton has got hold of some chips and is looking plenty greedy for more. He has made several three-bets from position and it’s proving very profitable, as it should be too. There are a couple of big stacks on that table with Rupinder Bedi two to his left and Ben Martin directly to his right (past the dealer anyway). — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_sam grafton.jpg

Sam Grafton is continuing to build on his big stack

5.15pm: Hanlon eliminated
Lee Hanlon made it 6,300 from early position and it folded all the way round to the big blind Andrew Youens, who asked for a count and it was established that Hanlon had 31,200 behind. Youens, who goes by the screename of ‘Clunged’ online and is a confirmed fan of the Inbetweeners set Hanlon all-in and was snapped by Hanlon, ‘Oops,’ said Youens.

Youens: A♦9♦

Hanlon: 10♦10♣

The board ran out Q♣6♠K♠5♥A♥

Youens spiked an ace on the river to eliminate Hanlon. –NW

5.10pm: Martin pads his stack
I arrived at the table to see a flop of K♠A♦A♥. Ben Martin checked and Malte Pross bet 14,600 into a pot of 25,000. Martin called. On the 8♣ turn the pattern repeated itself, Martin check calling a bet of 21,600. On the 7♦ river Martin checked once more, but Pross didn’t fire the third barrel. Martin flipped A♠Q♠ which was good enough to scoop the pot. –NW

5.05pm: Lots of chips on table 18
Three of the chip leaders, Sam Grafton, Richard Taylor and Rupinder Bedi are all group together on table 18, they’re all on around 250,000. -NW

5pm: Seber on a tear
American Bill Seber has been on a tear this last half hour and has knocked out Owen Robinson with [a][k] to [7][7] – after managing to force out Rupinder Bedi’s pocket tens which would have flopped a set – and another flip against Roman Koller. Seber is up to 150,000. — RD

4.50pm: Chip counts of the remaining players
The chip counts of the remaining players can be found on the chip count page, which we’ve been busily updating. –NW

4.45pm: Coren just misses the money
Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren is out after losing a 60,000 race against Sunil Moti. Coren had three-bet all-in from late position for 30,900 over the top of Moti’s 7,000 open. Moti made the call.

Moti: 6♦6♠
Coren: A♦J♦

The flop wasn’t the best for Coren with 2♠5♣5♠ and the turn wasn’t much better with a 5♦ and a blank 8♣. Coren stood up, muttered ‘Marvellous,’ to Neil Channing who was sat next to her and bid the table adieu. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_vicky coren exit.jpg

Vicky Coren couldn’t win that vital race

4.40pm: Koller still going in reverse
Things just aren’t working out for Roman Koller who had over 200,000 a level or so ago. Koller’s taking a beating. — RD

4.30pm: Full chip counts en route

Here are the top five stacks with 41 players left. Full chip counts are being entered as I type (by someone else, of course).

Ben Martin- 242,500
Rupinder Bedi – 222,000
Richard Taylor – 215,000
William Beauchamp – 211,000
Sam Grafton – 200,000

ukipt brighton_day 2_ben martin.jpg

Ben Martin has taken the UKIPT Brighton chiplead

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Brighton: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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