UKIPT Brighton: Day 2, levels 9&10 (blinds 600-1200, ante 100)

July 17, 2010


2pm: Bedi battered by Drummy
Rupinder Bedi has been running his stack up and down more than most and on this last hand it was, unfortunately for him, down. Bedi check-called 9,600 from Joe Drummy on a 5♦J♣3♣ 8♠ turn and a further 13,300 on the 7♠ river. Drummy showed A♣J♠ for top pair top kicker. Bedi didn’t look best pleased but still has best part of 50,000.

There’s now fifteen-minute break. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_rupinder bedi.jpg

1.50pm: What a call
Kirit Patel just made a very impressive call. The hand seemed to be a bit of a non event as although three players – Neil Fox (utg), Glen Storey (middle position) and Patel (BTN) all put in 3,100 pre-flop, they’d checked it down to the river on a board of Q♣4♠3♥J♠6♣, Fox checked, Storey bet 11,000 and Patel went deep, deep into the tank. He only had 11,600 total and faced a decision for his tournament. He eventually called and Storey said good call. Patel rolled over 6♦8♦ and said, ‘Blog that.’ –NW

1.45pm: Woodley whacks Watts, Burland busts Leff
Ian Woodley opened from the button and Steve Watts moved in from the small blind for around 24,000. Woodley made the call.

Woodley: A♦5♣

Watts: A♣10♣

‘This might be the first beat I’ve put on someone in a long time.’ Woodley’s words proved prophetic with the board running out J♥6♣6♥8♦5♥, Woodley now has 80,000. Meanwhile on table 15…

On a flop of 10♦Q♥8♠ Jamie Burland and Harvey Leff got their chips in. Burland with pocket kings and Leff with [Q][9].

Turn: 9♣

River: 8♣ –NW

1.40pm: Grafton on a roll
Sam Grafton started the day on 27,300 but is now up to 160,000. He first bagged a huge pot against Oliver Schaffmann without showdown scooping close to 80,000 after shoving on a A♦9♥Q♠ rainbow flop. Schaffmann had to call another 35,000 or so but passed. ‘I had ace-nine so I’m beating queen-nine,’ said Schaffmann who passed. He still has around 90,000.

Grafton was straight back into the action the next hand against Richard Dickison. Grafton raised to 2,700 from the cut-off and was three-bet to 6,200 by Dickison on the button. Grafton called before check-calling 7,500 on the 8♠2♠A♥ flop and a further 16,500 on the 9♣ turn. Both players checked the 6♥ river and Grafton triumphantly flicked over his A♣J♠. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_sam grafton.jpg

Sam Grafton has ran up a big stack in these first two levels

1.30pm: New chip leader
Sam Grafton has had a fairytale 90 minutes, he started the day with 27,000 and now has around 160,000 , details on how he got them coming up…–NW

1.25pm: Marius moving up
Marius Lietuvninkas is currently in fourth place on the UKIPT leaderboard and just did his chances of moving up a world of good. He opened to 3,500 from utg+1 only for Andrew Hulme to move all-in from middle position, but not before he had checked his cards a number of times. It folded back to Lietuvninkas who made the call, he was the at risk player, all-in for 20,100.

Lietuvninkas: A♥K♥
Hulme: A♠Q♣

The board ran out: 3♦2♥2♠4♦2♣

Hulme was left with around 15,000. –NW

1.20pm: Greek chips
Nikolaos Domestinis has had a good start to the day. I arrived at his table having missed the pre-flop action but tablemate Andrew Hulme filled me in saying, ‘The button (Domestinis) raised, the big blind (Tomas Cibek) three-bet and Domestinis called. There was 16,700 in the pot before the flop came down Q♠10♣2♦. Cibek c-bet 11,200 and after some thought Domestinis bumped it to 24,400. Cibek had about 40,000 back and eventually opted to preserve that stack and folded. Domestinis showed 3♠3♣. –NW

1.15pm: Moti misfires… and then fires
Sunil Moti tried to raise but hadn’t realised that the blinds had increased so had to call instead. This allowed both Neil Channing and Vicky Coren in for cheap in the blinds. All three players checked the 5♥6♦8♥ flop but a 7♣ turn encouraged Coren to fire at the flop. Moti swiftly raised to 4,500 and both Coren and Channing mucked. — RD

1.10pm: Somewhere to be?
We lost an incredible 23 players during the opening 60 minutes. Jake Cody among those knocked out. — NW

ukipt brighton_day 2_jake cody.jpg

Jake Cody has been KO’d and wopn’t be adding to his EPT title

1.05pm: Structure change
Tournament director Toby Stone has annouced that the tournament will finish tomorrow not Monday. We’ll likely play down to the final table today so hold on for a long and brutal ride today. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1200, ANTE 100

1pm: Middleton trebles up
Tom Middleton just trebled up – almost. He shoved under the gun for 7,100, the small blind Shane Archer called all-in for 4,800 and Jeff Bloor overcalled from the big blind. Both Bloor and Archer hand ace-king and Middleton had J♣J♦. As the dealer was counting down the stacks, Bloor, who had the A♦ said, ‘Come on the diamonds,’ with Middleton replying, ‘I’ll take a 10 high all diamond flop.’ Neither got their wish as the dealer spread 4♥5♣10♥, the turn J♥ increased Middy’s lead but his opponent’s still had four outs, just different ones. Middleton dodged those outs on the 5♠ river. –NW

12.55pm: Thompson more than triples
Steve Thompson started the day on just 21,000 and is now sat on 75,000. The Costa Rican got paid big with [a][k] on a [k][8][6] flop against Wojtek Barzantny’s pocket nines. He’s now got a big smile on his face which is little wonder. Thompson is at the beginning of a one-month European Tour that is taking in a couple of EPT’s. Could this be the beginning of a ludicrous tear? — RD

12.45pm: Brammer oot!
Chris Brammer has been knocked out by Lee Taylor. We don’t have the details bar the most important one: Brammer’s lost his chips and will be getting no further points towards his second place UKIPT Leaderboard charge. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_chris brammer.jpg

Chris Brammer (photographed yesterday) has been one of the early knockouts

12.40pm: Home from home
Neil Channing has just been moved to the direct right of Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren. As Channing approached the table Coren quipped, ‘Sorry there are no seats open here.’ –NW

12.35pm: Short stacks surviving
First Wim Verhagen spiked a third nine to overtake Anthony Lee’s pocket jacks to double up to around 28,000 and leave Lee with a micro stack. Then Rupinder Bedi’s K♦Q♣ didn’t get there against Stuart Hilton’s pocket aces, this despite the table going ‘This is like a 60-40 the way he [Rupinder] runs.’ Hilton’s all-in was for 8,400. –NW

12.30pm: Hendley breaks the curse
Darren Hendley was a day 1a survivor and we spoke to him yesterday where he half-jokingly mentioned that we were a curse to him. Every time we had lingered nearby he had found himself crushed in a cooler but that trend has been reversed. Hendley opened the raising from early position and was called by Steve Rawle on the button.

Hendley players checked to the 8♥K♠K♥4♥ turn and Rawle took the opportunity to bet 4,300, which was called by Hendley. The A♠ on the river helped Hendley to pick up 6,000 and toss it across the line. No action from Rawle though who swiftly mucked. ‘My moment of glory,’ said Hendley as he tabled A♦A♣ for the rivered boat. — RD

12.20pm: Early fallers
Andrew Couldridge is one of the early fallers today his aces losing out to pocket nines, which made a flush. Also out the door are Gavin O’Rourke and Simon Tomsett. –NW

12.15pm: Action early
As usual at the start of day two there’s been a flurry of action. Oliver Schaffmann has added to his stack and is now the chip leader. He and Steve Watts got 6,200 in a piece pre-flop, Schaffmann check called 9,500 on the 2♦8♥7♥ flop and then check shoved on the 3♦ turn, Watts folded and Schaffmann showed 6♦8♦. On the adjacent table Albert Sapiano doubled up Nikolaos Domestinis, Sapiano’s pocket kings losing out to Domestinis’ pocket jacks when a third jack popped out on the flop, ‘It always happens to me,’ was Sapiano’s rueful remark. –NW

12.05pm: Interesting table draws
The day two table draw has thrown up some interesting dynamics. Neil Channing who is well placed with 74,500 is seated to the direct left of Oliver Schaffmann, who begins the day as the second biggest stack in the room with 109,900. Also at that table is Chris Brammer who’ll be one of a number of players looking to close the gap on Mick Hill who is currently top of the UKIPT lederboard. Three old timers in the shape of Liam Flood, Bruce Atkinson and Albert Sapiano are table mates and overnight chip leader Joe Drummy will get to have a nice chat with Jake Cody should he wish to. Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren is sat next to Nicholas Couldridge who’s father, Andrew, won UKIPT Nottingham, Andrew is still in too, but in his own words ‘has a bowl’ he’s got some work to do. –NW

ukipt brighton_day 2_schaffmann and channing.jpg

Oliver Schaffmann and Neil Channing have been seated next to each other

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Brighton: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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