UKIPT Brighton: Day1b, levels 3&4 (Blinds 100-200)

July 16, 2010


4.20pm: Grech not happy
Jpe Grech opened the pot with a raise to 550 and was called by Waseem Ahmed to his left as well as the button and the blind. All four players checked the K♠9♣3♦7♣Q♥ board down to the river. Grech showed 4♥4♠ while Ahmed tabled J♠J♥ surprising Grech who duly picked up the fish hooks and slapped them back down with disdain. That’s the end of the level, folks. Join us in the new post in 15-minutes. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_joe grech.jpg

Joe Grech made the final table at the UKIPT Coventry – will he go deep again here in Brighton?

4.15pm:, Jean-Nicolas Fortin is chip leader
As we approach the end of level four Canadian Jean-Nicolas Fortin appears to be the current chip leader with a stack in excess of 60,000. –NW

4pm: Eames snags one
Blaine Barton raised to 450 from under the gun and was called by John Eames in middle position. Both players cagily checked the board down to the A♠10♣2♣J♣4♣ river where Barton bet 800. Eames sat for a short while before making the call with Q♦Q♥ to catch out Barton’s 7♥7♦ bluff. — RD

3.55pm: Dinh Lee knocks out David La Ronde
Dinh Lee and David La Ronde got all the money in on the turn of a 3♥6♠8♦7♠ board.
Lee: K♠8♠
La Ronde: 7♦3♦
River: 8♣
Lee banged his fist on the table in celebration at winning the pot. -NW

3.45pm: Vicky Coren doubles through Paris Bence
I missed the hand but word is she flopped a boat with pocket tens on a [10][4][4] flop and cracked Paris Bence’s pocket aces. Coren has around 34,000. –NW

3.35pm: Show the bluff, oh ok then
Adam Wilks and Paul Kavanagh saw a flop of 7♣3♣4♥, both players checked. The A♠ turn elicited a bet of 750 from Wilks which was called by Kavanagh; on the 10♥ river Wilks check folded to Kavanagh’s bet of 1,750. Kavanagh at the behest of the table to show a bluff, showed one card, the 5♠. -NW

3.25pm: Southern branch of The Vic
It’s like a home away from home (i.e. The Vic) at table 13 with Neil Channing and Vicky Coren sat across from each other. One of the pair seem to be involved in every hand if not both at the same time. Coren started a limpathon with an under the gun call inviting in Owen Robinson, Neil Channing on the button, Paris Bence in the small blind and Tomas Cibak in the big. The board was checked through to the A♠5♠6♦J♣ turn whereupon Bence led 625 into the pot. He was called by Cibak and Coren both of whom called a further 1,100 on the 2♣ river. Bence showed a flopped set with 5♥5♦. — RD


3.15pm: Couldridge struggling
On a flop of 3♠3♦7♥ with exactly 1500 in the pot UKIPT Nottingham winner Andrew Couldridge check-raised Kirit Patel’s bet of 825 to 2,175. Patel responded by moving all-in and Couldridge folded leaving himself with 8,000. –NW

3.10pm: Brammer left clawing the air
Sometimes frustration can be spotted by the clench of a jaw or by a fierce exhalation. Chris Brammer’s was a lot easier to spot as his hand attempted to claw and throttle the air in front of him. What had made him so annoyed? It was a 5,000 bet made by Robin Dhinsa on the river of a 9♦8♠K♣Q♥A♥ board.

Brammer had opened the pot to 500 and was three-bet by Dhinsa to 1,150 picking up two callers. Dhinsa bet another 2,500 and Brammer made the call on the flop. Both players checked the Q♥ turn before Brammer check-folded on the A♥ river preserving his 19,000 stack. Dhinsa showed 7♣5♥ for a missed gutshot and a wide three-bet range. ‘I had a nine,’ said Brammer. ‘I was so close to making the call.’– RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_chris brammer.jpg

Chris Brammer was left fuming that he missed his hero call

3.05pm: Hill Climbing
UKIPT Leaderboard, er leader Mick Hill is up to 27,000. He told me ‘I flopped a set of sevens on an all heart flop, bet the flop and turn and then check called a bet of 5,000 on the river and my set was good.’ Hill’s chips came from Simon Tomsett. –NW

3pm: James Mitchell out
Word has reached us that Irish Open winner James Mitchell is out. We hear that he shoved over the top of a three-bet squeeze with pocket sixes and was snapped off by pocket jacks. This is not straight from the horse’s mouth but anecdotally and second-hand. He is, however, definitely out. — RD

2.50pm: Flopped the joint
UKIPT Host Nick Wealthall alerted us to a big pot involving Neil Channing this is what happened as reported to me by Channing himself. ‘Kevin Williams raised to 400, I called with A♥2♥ and Enzo (Roman Pizzo) called on the button. The flop was 10♥4♥5♥, Kevin checked, I bet 600, Enzo made it 2,500, Kevin folds and I raised to 5,600 and Enzo called. A♦ on the turn I bet 4,600, call. The 4♣ on the river paired the board, I went all-in for 4,825 and he called.’ Channing now has around 31,250. –NW

2.45pm: Coren caught out
When Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren opened for 350 I doubt she expected to pick up four callers but that she did from players including Neil Channing and Roman Pizzo in the blinds and Owen Robinson in the cut-off. Coren fired a single yellow 1,000 chip into the 8♦4♠5♦ flop and folded out every player except for Pizzo who dropped a check-raise to 3,000.

Coren made the call before Pizzo check-called 3,500 on the 7♦ turn. Both players checked the 10♥ river and Pizzo happily showed 5♠4♥ for flopped bottom two-pair. More Neil Channing news to follow. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_vicky coren.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren is now at a table of death with Neil Channing, Owen Robinson and co

2.40pm: Fin (aka the end)
We’re one Team PokerStars Pro lighter as Julian Thew is out running his pocket tens into the pocket queens of Fintan Gavin. Julian told us, ‘Fintan made it 450, I made it 1,200, he made it 2,500 and I moved in for 8,000 and he called.–NW

2.35pm: Nice river bluff
With 2,000 in the pot pre-flop, B Tracht led out for 1,200 from early position on the 5♥2♦3♣ flop. From from the hi-jack Jeff Bloor made the call. Both players checked the J♦ turn. On the 10♣ river Tracht led for 2,900 only for Bloor to raise to 8,900 total. Tracht started grinning and then laughing before eventually folding. Bloor showed A♣K♦ as he raked the pot. –NW

2.30pm: Roel Peeters out
Malte Prosse is having a great start to his tournament. He’s flopping sets and getting paid and then managing to get 10,000 in preflop with K♦K♣. Roel Peeters was the unfortunate who found himself in a horrible spot with J♣J♥ on its back against Prosse for a 20,000 pot. The board faded a jack as Prosse raked in another large pot. — RD

2.20pm: Four gone
Four players perished in the first two hours, Luca Castagnola, Mitchell Johnson, Harry Dunnell and Robin Fisher are all out. At the other end of the spectrum Ian Woodley, Carolyn Gray and Phil Gregg all have over 30,000.–NW

2.10pm: Thew Yo-Yoing
We caught up with Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew at the break and it turns out that he had an eventful two levels. He was struggling early on and was down to 11,000 or so then a few minutes before the end of level two he was up to 19,000. Just as I was about to report that, he popped his head into the room on the first break and announced, ‘I’m down to 7,000, set of fours against a set of sixes.’ Hoss Parkizhar did the damage.
Players are back from break. — NW

ukipt brighton_day 1b_julian thew.jpg

Team PokerStars pro Julian Thew

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Brighton: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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