UKIPT Coventry: day 1b, level 3 & 4 (blinds 100-200)

April 09, 2010


6.10pm: Hadland had
Tristan Hadland looked awfully keen to get his Jacks in pre-flop but didn’t look quite so thrilled to find them in against the bullets of Charles Denton. An A♦ window card all but killed off Hadland on the A♠9♥6♥2♥K♣ board. A handshake later and he was gone. Carla Goddard who was also involved pre-flop claimed to have passed queens for a great escape.

All the players are now escaping from their seats towards the bar/exit/toilet for a 15-minute break. Join us in the next post in a short while. — RD

5.55pm: Gibson hooks the ladies
Nick Gibson has doubled up to around 20,000 after flopping a set of jacks and getting it all-in on the turn against James Moody’s pocket queens. Moody was left with around 4,500 after the hand.–NW

5.40pm: Ainsworth’s exits Coventry with cowboys
Jude Ainsworth was the last remaining member of Team PokerStars Pro in the UKIPT Coventry main event but his tournament is now over. Ainsworth, playing a stack of 7,000, opened to 500 from middle position and was called by Samuel Newman. The flop was 10♥J♠3♥. Ainsworth led, Newman raised enough to effectively set Ainsworth all-in, the Irishman moved all-in and Newman made the obligatory call.

Ainsworth: K♥K♣
Newman: 10♣10♠

No help on the turn and river and Jude was out. The hand bore similarities to fellow Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew’s exit yesterday when he held pocket tens against Jonathan Butter’s pocket kings. –NW

5.30pm: Jude Ainsworth out
It’s not a great day (or tournament for that matter) for Team PokerStars Pro. Ainsworth, the last standing member of the team, has just fallen. Details to come. — RD

ukipt coventry_day 1b_jude ainsworth.jpg

Not a good day for Jude Ainsworth

5.25pm: Dennis versus Derek
We reached table seven on the river to see a board of K♥10♦6♥4♦K♦. With 5300 in the pot, Dennis Troake stabbed at the pot for 1175. His lone opponent in the hand, Derek Thorpe put his hand to his head and began riflling his chips as he pondered his next move. Eventually he methodically raised it up to 3,850 total. Troake grimaced and eventually passed. After that hand Thorpe is up to 27,500 and Troake slips to 24,000. –NW


5.15pm: Your aces are no good here
Cara Moore raises to 450 from early position and is called by John Angus on the button and Paul Jackson on the big blind. Jackson checks the 2♥10♥8♥ flop allowing Moore to bet 725. Both Angus and Jackson make the call. Moore makes the same sized bet on the 9♣ turn. A J♠ on the river was enough for Jackson to lead 2,000 into the pot making both players pass with Moore flashing A♥A♠ to her neighbour. ‘I think I’m ahead’ said Moore. Well, there is a way of finding out… — RD

5.10pm: Quads!
Sadan Turker open raised to 800 from early position off a stack of 13,000 it folded to Charles Nelson in late position who made it 2500 total from a stack of around 16,000. Turker just called. The flop came 2♣2♠3♦ Turker led, Nelson raised, Turker shoved and Nelson insta-called.
Turker: J♣J♦
Nelson: 2♦2♥
Nelson had flopped quads and with no miracle 0.1% runner-runner, Turker hit the rail. –NW

5.05pm: Jarvis jarred
Ross Jarvis had the look of a man sat on a cactus who had been paid not to grimace. On the river of a 2♥5♦6♠9♥8♥ board Samuel Grafton had bet 5,100 into the 8,000 pot. Jarvis huffed and puffed before eventually passing his hand. To his credit the look on Grafton’s face was of someone who wished he’d bet a couple of thousand less. Good fold from Jarvis or great post hand acting from Grafton? — RD

4.55pm: Big Slick flushed away
Samuel Newman opened to 450 and was flat called by Yucel ‘Mad Turk’ Eminoglu, next to act Stefan Strand moved all-in for 2,900. Newman got out the way and Eminoglu started talking, ‘I’m sorry if I outdraw you, but it’s only 2,500 more, I hope you have Ace-King or Ace-Queen.’ On their backs:

Strand: A♥K♥
Yucel: 10♠7♠

The board ran out a topsy-turvy 7♥K♠J♠10♥6♠ and Eminoglu made first, two pair and then a flush to eliminate Strand. — NW

4.45pm: How does he do it?
Marc Goodwin seems to possess an innate talent in making players stick in a lot of chips with inferior hands. The hand begins with Marc Goodwin limping behind Turgay Bagdagi’s under the gun limp before Mathew Frankland punishes the limps with a raise to 800. Goodwin plays back at Frankland by making it 3,500 to go. Frankland moves all-in, he covers Goodwin by a few thousand. Goodwin calls.

Frankland: 10♣10♥
Goodwin: K♠K♦

No ten for Frankland and Goodwin scoops the 25,000 pot. — RD

ukipt coventry_day 1b_Marc Goodwin.jpg

Goodwin was runner-up at the EPT Barcelona – will he go deep again?

4.40pm: Shallow Fry-ed
2008 EPT Budapest winner Will Fry had cut is stack in half in the first two levels and is now done for the day. We missed the action but the table filled us in on what happened. Fry raised pre-flop with Q♦4♥ and Dennis Troake called with K♠Q♣ the flop was K♦Q♥3♣ Fry bet and Troake called. The turn was 4♠ and Fry open shoved and Troake instantly called with the better two pair and Fry missed his two outer on the river. — NW

4.35pm: Will Fry out
Details to come. –RD

4.25pm: Early Chip leaders
The chip leader appears to be Simon Morrison who is currently sitting pretty on 33,325 after doubling up and eliminating Tiago Barbosa. Morrison had A♣K♦ against Barbosa’s K♣Q♦ with it all going in on a king high flop. Paul Rigg is not far behind on 31,700 and Aaron Barry (28,400) and Lars Hansen (27,800) are also making the early pace. — NW

4.20pm: Play has resumed
The players are back in their seats and trying to cut each other’s throats take each other’s chips. We did a quick scan of the tournament floor for any early chip breakaways and that will be jetting onto the blog shortly. — RD

ukipt coventry_day 1b_dealer.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Coventry: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright.


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