UKIPT Coventry: day 1b, level 7, 8 & 9 (blinds 400-800, ante 100)

April 09, 2010


12.50am Your Day1b chip leaders
As the players were bagging and tagging their chips we scoured the room for the biggest stacks and by our reckoning these are your top five.

Ross Jarvis: 131,100
Jeffrey Burke: 111,900
Paul Rigg: 102,100
Toby Lewis: 91,100
Marius Lietuvnikas: 87,200

12.45am Play has ended for the day
Play has come to an end for day 1b and around 65 players will return for day two along with the 72 who survived day1a. Play recommences at 2pm on Saturday. We’ll post official chip counts and player numbers when we’ve received them, our unofficial top five in chips will follow shortly.

11.30pm: Toby Lewis finishing strongly
Toby Lewis has been sitting comfortably for most of the day, he just padded his stack to over 75,000 when he made a set of nines on the river. But he was made to sweat as his unknown opponent had pushed all-in with J♠10♠ on a 2♠4♠3♦ flop. Lewis faded the turn and improved on the river. –NW

11.40pm: Jarvis juggernaut rumbling on
When you’re hot you’re hot and Ross Jarvis is riding his rush away from the chasing pack and has added another 20,000 to his stack. He eliminated both Graham Hbbert and Stephen Spring in the same hand with it all going in pre-flop. –NW

Jarvis: Q♦Q♣
Stephen Spring A♣K♠
Graham Hibbert A♦4♦

Board: K♦9♦5♣Q♣K♣

11.35pm: Smooth sailing for Mitchell
Irish Open champion James Mitchell has had a fairly quiet day steadily building his chip stack up to 31,000. I asked him if his €600,000 win last weekend had sunk in yet, he paused before replying, ‘No I don’t think it has yet.’ –NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400-800, ante 100

11.30pm: Jarvis writing a good script
Poker journalist Ross Jarvis is the chip leader as we head into the last level of the night. Jarvis currently has 101,700 needs to accumulate another 14,500 chips in the last 60 minutes to overtake day 1a chipleader Alexander Jackson. Also looking likely to be up there going into day two are Sam Grafton (70,000), Simon Mairs (82,000) and Dennis Troake (75,000).

11.25pm: Heaps pegged back
Long time chip leader Matthew Heaps has lost around 45,000 of his stack to Marius Lietuvnikas, who finished 11th in the Manchester leg of the UKIPT. Marius turned a set of jacks to overtake Heaps pocket kings. After the hand Lietuvnikas has jumped to second in chips with 95,000 whilst Heaps slips to 75,000, which is still good for a top five place. More chip counts to follow. –NW

11.20pm: Turk talks himself down
PokerPlayer magazine editor Mark Stuart raises from the button to 1,600 and is called in the big blind by Yucel Eminoglu, aka the Mad Turk. Before the flop comes down the talkative player says, ‘Give me a seven high flop.’ The flop comes seven low instead with Q♠J♠7♦ and he instantly folds to Stuart’s 2,200 bet.

As Stuart rakes in the pot Toby Lewis sits down two seats to his left. — RD

11.10pm: I’d Sunar be Lewis
A quick scan of the cardroom reveals that Toby Lewis has boosted his stack to over 50,000. Surinder Sunar meanwhile is on 19,000. –NW

11.10pm: Jackson getting action
Paul Jackson, who in his own words is a ‘bit of a plodder’ in the early stages of poker tournaments has around double the average as it currently stands, sitting, as he is, on 45,000 chips. –NW

11.05pm: Cody standing still
EPT Deauville winner Jake Cody really hasn’t got going today and on our last glance his stack was 14,500 a shade under his starting stack of 15,000. There’s no doubt though that Cody, who won €847,000 in Deauville, knows his way around a 20 big blind stack. –NW

11pm: Fast playing kings
Chris Wilson moves his 13,000 stack over the line from early position. The action folds to Samuel Newman in the big blind who looks at his hand and gets to his feet. ‘I swear on my life I’m probably going to have to call here,’ he says. And call he does.

Newman: 9♦9♣
Wilson: K♦K♣

Wilson is streets ahead. Then a 2-outer arrives on the river… for Wilson for a final king. Wilson is on 27,000. — RD

10.50pm: Any two will do
As we walked past Priyan Demel’s table we saw him scooping a 20,000 pot with the mighty 9♦3♦ a hand so bad it doesn’t even have a nickname (that we know of). He’d made two pair on a queen high board against an opponent’s Q♣J♣. Despite evidence to the contrary Pryian was saying he’s a tight player and that he’d limped the hand, quick as a flash another player at the table reminded Pryian that he’d actually raised to 1250 pre-flop. He now has around 55,000. –NW

10.40pm: Multi-tabling
Mark Goodwin is on 45,000 and so relaxed that he’s playing a card game on his iPhone. We think its solitaire. We’ve always said that Goodwin has never been short of patience. –NW

ukipt coventry_day 1b_marc goodwin on phone.jpg

Goodwin is winding his way through the field

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600, ante 75

10.30pm: Jarvis keeping pace with the chip leader
We’ve said it before Ross Jarvis is chasing the 1b chip lead and he’d finding lots of great spots. Jarvis raises from the button to 1,200 and is called on the button by Charles Nelson. Nelson leads the 9♦5♥2♠ flop for 1,600 and Jarvis makes it 3,500. Nelson has a rush of blood to his head and moves all-in for close to 30,000. Jarvis makes the call.

Nelson: Q♠9♠
Jarvis: 9♣5♦

Jarvis’ two pair holds and he’s on ‘about 101,000.’ — RD

10.25pm: The six figure man
Matthew Heaps has burst through the 100,000 barrier and currently has 117,000. He told us about two of the big hands that have propelled him to the top of the chip charts. In the first he cracked aces with pocket tens when he made a set saying, ‘I won about 25.000 in that hand.’ Of the second important pot he said, ‘Again I had a set of tens and we got it all in on the turn, my opponent had a straight, but I made a full house on the river.’ –NW

ukipt coventry_day 1b_matthew heaps.jpg

Matthew Heaps has, well, heaps of chips

10.15pm: Second pair any good?
Nick Gibson calls an early position raise of 1,100 and is joined with calls from Surinder Sunar in the cut-off and Anutr Amranand on the button. The raiser checks the A♠J♠8♥ flop and Gibson bets 3,500. Only Sunar comes along for the ride. Both player the 6♣ turn and the 8♣ river. Gibson shows K♣J♣ for second pair and Sunar mucks his hand. — RD

10.05pm: Turkish Delight
Samuel Newman made it 900 to play from the cut-off, a bet which Yucel ‘Mad Turk’ Eminoglu bumped to 3600. It folded to John Eames who thought for around 30 seconds before moving all-in for just over 20,000. Newman quickly folded and then the chat, from the never shy Eminoglu began. ‘Do you want me to call? Will you show me if you pass? You must have ace-queen or jacks or queens,’ he opined at various junctures. He again asked Eames if he’d show if he folded to which Eames eventually said, ‘You can pick one card at random,’ this seem to confirm, in Yucel’s mind, that Eames must have Ace-queen so he made the call.

Eminoglu: A♦K♠
Eames: K♥Q♥

The board ran out: A♥J♠5♠9♣7♥ Eames is now out. — NW

9.55pm: Nelson given the Bird
Charles Nelson was more than happy getting it all-in on a 5♥5♠8♥ board with pocket jacks pushing in Ivan Bird’s 6,000 short stack. Bird looked at his cards, shrugged and made the call with A♥Q♥ with the nut flush draw. A scary red 7♦ on the turn didn’t change anything but the 10♥ on the river gave Bird the pot and a severe tournament resuscitation. — RD

9.45pm: Veterans side by side
The last outside table has broken and now all 120 players are situated within the poker room. One consequence of this is that Surinder Sunar and Marc Goodwin are now side by side. The two legends of the UK poker scene have over $6,000,000 in tournament earnings between them. — NW

9.40pm: Jarvis trebles up
Just before the break Ross Jarvis tripled up to almost 70,000 in a three-way all-in. We caught up with Ross on the break who told us about the hand. An unknown player opened from the cut-off to 900, on the button James Keys made it 2,600. Jarvis then four-bet to 5,600 prompting the original raiser, who was the shortest stack of the three, to move all-in. Keys, who covered Jarvis, then jammed over the top and Jarvis called all-in.

The button: 10♠10♣
James Keys: Q♦Q♠
Ross Jarivs: K♣K♦

No tens, queens or kings appeared on the board, the original raiser was eliminated and Keys dropped to 20,000. –NW

ukipt coventry_day 1b_ross jarvis2.jpg

Jarvis is on some 70,000 and isn’t likely to nurse a big stack through to day 2

9.30pm: Dinner break over
We’re into the last three hours of the day (albeit with a 15-minute break). There should be a collapse in player numbers within the next two hours as we grind through the tournament levels. — RD

ukipt coventry_day 1b_back from break.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Coventry: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright.


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