UKIPT Coventry: Day 2, level 14 & 15 (blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400)

April 10, 2010


8.40pm: Dinner break
Back in an hour. Chip counts taking place now. Click here for the updated lists of the final 34 players. — RD

8.35pm: Jarvis on fumes
Overnight chip-leader Ross Jarvis is down to dust after losing a bit pot to Samuel Grafton in a blind on blind battle. Jarvis raised pre-flop from the small blind and Grafton called. Jarvis then proceeded to check call Grafton on all three streets including Grafton’s 60,000 bet into the 77,000 chip pot on the river. Jarvis spent at least five minutes in the tank before electing to call off 60,000 of his remaining 80,000 stack.
With the board reading 5♣J♠5♥Q♠8♥ it was on their backs time.

Grafton: A♦5♠
Jarvis: A♥8♠

Jarvis shoved all-in the last hand before the break but received no callers. — NW

8.25pm: Dobson welcomed to the table
Ben Dobson has had pretty good chips all tournament but he could be in for a rude awakening now he’s at the Cody/Carter/Lacey table. Dobson opens for 8,800 from the cut-off and calls Cody’s 32,500 three-bet from the small blind. Cody leads 32,000 into the 5♠Q♦K♦ flop. Dobson folds looking a little perturbed. — RD

ukipt coventry_day 2_jake cody.jpg

Cody isn’t afraid to use his big stack

8.20pm: Carter chipping up
Dan Carter has just felted Tony Drew after flopping a set with 5♦5♥ on against Drew’s A♥7♥ on an ace-high board. Carter rakes in another big pot as Drew walks to the cash desk shaking his head.

Click here for the payout page. — RD

8.15pm: Dobson under-raises but wins pot
Ben Dobson has added his 300,000 plus chips to an already stacked table and was just involved in an interesting situation. Dan Carter raised the button to 9,500 a bet Ross Jarvis popped to 27,000 (a raise of 17,500). Dobson, who was the big blind announced raise and made it 40,000 total. Carter got out the way and Jarvis went into the tank. At this point Mike Lacey and a couple of other players started murmuring that Dobson’s bet was an under-raise (in that he must raise but at least the size of the last raise which in this case was 17,500 and so he should’ve made it 44,500 minimum). Either way Jarvis called and the bet stood. Dobson took the pot with a continuation bet on a 7♣3♦K♠ flop and after the hand was done the table beckoned Toby Stone – the UKIPT tournament director and consultant over. He cleared up the matter by saying that Dobson’s minimum raise should’ve been to 44,500. –NW

7.50pm: Queues at the cash desk
As usual there’s been a number of exits as well as Richard Stanley and Ross Johnson we’ve lost another four in quick succession. John McGoldrick, Matt Myford, Richard Sutcliffe and Simon Mairs are all £850 better off. –NW

7.45pm: Reinforcements needed
As hand for hand play was in progress Mike Lacey told us he his table two could do with some reinforcing due to the amount of chips lodged at his end. Dan Carter, Mike Lacey and Jake Cody are sat in a row and with almost a million chips between them they own almost 20% of the chips in play. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,000-4,000, ante 400

7.40pm: First pay outs
The bubble has burst and there’s always a flurry at this point as short stacks that have been holding on for dear life start jamming it in. The first player to take a money spot is Richard Stanley whose K♠2♣ is no good against Yucel Eminoglu’s A♦Q♥. Stanley takes home £850. He’s closely followed by Ross Johnson who loses a flip against Alex Jackson to go out in 44th. — RD

7.35pm: Bedi is the bubble boy.
Rupinder Bedi is the UKIPT Coventry bubble boy. He moved his final 17,400 in and was called by Mike Lacey and then Simon Morrison moved all-in over the top for an additional 27.500 which Lacey called.

Bedi: A♠10♥
Lacey: A♦5♣
Morrison: Q♥Q♠

Board: 3♥4♠K♥10♦9♥

Bedi shook hands with his tablemates and then departed the poker room, phone in hand to tell someone the bad news. –NW

ukipt coventry_day 2_ rupinder bedi.jpg

Bedi was the bubble boy

7.20pm: Bubble time!
The 47th place finisher is Cliff Merino-Juez who ships his final 6,000 in with K♣10♦. Yucel Eminoglu gets it in with A♦K♦ and Merino-Juez fails to make the outdraw. We’re down to 46 and playing hand for hand. There’s £850 for 45th (and £46,000 for first). — RD

7.15pm: Monster pot
Toby Lewis has just been knocked out by Lithuanian Marius Lietuvnikas. A total of 320,000 went in pre-flop with Lewis showing ace-king and Lietuvnikas showing down the pocket rockets. It’s a horrible spot for Lewis who has to see a huge stack pushed over to another player. — RD

7.10pm: Fintan Gavin doubles up
Fintan Gavin has doubled up with 9♥9♦ to Ben Sweetman’s K♠8♣ to just over 50,000. It’s a huge double up for the Irishman who gives himself some breathing space as the bubble drawas near. There are 48 players left and only 45 spots paying. — RD

7pm: Turkish Delight.
We’ve witnessed many things at the poker tables at various PokerStars events, but I think i’m safe in saying a first has just occurred in a pot between Yucel Eminoglu and Fintan Gavin who both love a bit of table chat. By the river there was about 60,000 in the pot and Fintan only had 25.000 back. The board read, K♠J♣8♥Q♣7♥ and Yucel started to talk, ‘You might have A-10, I had the best hand before the flop, on the flop, but now I don’t know. I can beat Q-J, if I check you will bet.’ This continued for some time so long in fact that before Eminoglu made a bet Gavin just mucked his cards and conceded the pot. We’re fairly sure we’ve never seen that happen before.–NW

6.55pm: Get Carter.
Dan Carter is your new chip leader after winning a 200,000 pot with pocket kings off of Nick Gibson, who had queens. But this was no bish bash bosh all-in pre-flop four-bet, five-bet pot. Carter raised pre-flop and was called by Gibson. They both checked the 7♠4♦2♣ flop. On the J♥ turn Gibson bet 10,500 and Carter raised to 25,000 a bet which Gibson flatted. On the 7♥ river Carter, who had Gibson out-chipped, moved all-in and Gibson called for his last 70,000. Carter now has over 350,000. –NW

6.50pm: Owston ousted.
It’s bad timing for Dan Owston. Fintan Gavin raises to 7,000 from the cut-off and Owston moves all-in for what looks like close to 60,000. The small blind, Richard Teatum, snaps him off with A♥A♣. Owston’s pocket fours are in deep trouble. The Welshman won’t be making another final table (as he did in Manchester). — RD

6.40pm: Dobson dominating.
Current chip daddy is Ben Dobson who has just burst through the 300,000 mark. No one else has over 300,000 but there are several over 200,000. Amongst them are Jake Cody (205,000), Mike Lacey (225,000), Dan Carter (202,000) and Samuel Grafton (205,000). –NW

ukipt coventry_day 2_mickey wernick.jpg

6.35pm: What a legend.
My God, Mickey Wernick can grind a shortstack. He’s currently on 64,000 I don’t think he’s been above average in chips for the last 10 levels. We doff our proverbial cap to you, Mickey.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Coventry: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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