UKIPT Dublin Day 2: Level 10, 11 & 12 updates (blinds 1,000-2,000, 200 ante)

September 10, 2010


6.50pm: Mini dinner break
The players are taking a half-hour break so expect elbows to fly in the buffet rush. The field is down to 113 now with 72 places paying and €72,000 up for grabs for the winner. — RD

6.45pm: Convey loses a big flip… and then busts
Marc Convey opened for 5,000 from the hijack and was called by UKIPT Nottingham winner Andrew Couldridge in the big blind. On a J♦8♦J♣ flop Couldridge open shoved for 31,300 and Convey made the call.

Convey: 10♠10♣
Couldridge: K♦9♦

Couldridge hit the flush on the turn leaving Convey in tatters. He was forced to call all-in in the big blind where he lost a second flip to bust out. On the upside it is Friday night in Dublin. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_marc convey.jpg

Marc Convey: Swapping notepad for chips didn’t work out today

6.35pm: Great read, wrong result
Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly just made what, on the face of it, was a brilliant call on the river – but still ended up losing a monster pot.

We picked up the action when the board was showing 5♣4♥K♥K♣6♣ andTrevor McCarthy had bet 26,000. There was a good deal more than that in the pot already, and Kelly was thinking through his options.

After staring down McCarthy, Kelly reasoned his opponent was weak, and made the call. He was right. “If you hit you’ve got it,” said McCarthy, turning over A♣9♥ for only ace high. But Kelly was crestfallen – he himself had only A♠8♣ and had been beaten by one pip.

A great call – and a bad result. That’s how slim these margins are. Kelly now down to 18,000. — SY

Earlier, Mr Kelly spoke to the video blog team…

6.26pm: Youthful exuberance
Anthony Young just made one of those live tournament mistakes that can tilt you hard. He tossed in a blue 5,000 chip from the button meaning to raise but didn’t announce it. He got a little irate when the small blind made the call for 1,000 and the big blind checked behind but quickly apologised to the dealer: “Sorry for getting on your case,” he said. It didn’t seem to make too much difference given that he won the pot on the turn of the 6♦9♣J♠3♥ board after picking up a solitary call on the flop for 6,000. In fact he proably got more than he would have had his attempted raise stood. — RD

6.15pm: Allen key to chips
Kevin Allen moves over 200,000 after an odd hand against Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly. Kelly made it 4,600 pre-flop and Allen called to see a Q♥Q♠4♥ flop.

Then it all went a little mad. Allen checked, Kelly made it 4,100, Allen re-popped to 9,200, Kelly bumped it up again to 16,000, Allen raised again to 25,200… and finally Kelly called.
On the 3♠ turn Allen checked, Kelly put out 15,200 and Allen dwelled for a moment or two before announcing he was all-in. Kelly insta-mucked. Kelly is now down to 60,000. — SY

6.10pm: Hayes is big
Noel Hayes has a chunky stack of more than 200,000, one of several now having turned double centurian. — SY

6.01pm: Lipien mashes Mulsow
Jaroslaw Lipien has just entered big stack territory after winning a monster pot from Martin Mulsow busting the German player in the process. Both players had got 100,000 in on the 5♣8♣Q♣ flop with Lipien ahead with 9♣10♣ and Mulsow needing the board to pair with his set of eights. That pot takes him up to 200,000.

Also, word has reached us that James Keys has lost a 50,000-sized chunk from his stack. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_james keyes.jpg

James Keys has so many chips he can laugh after losing 50,000

5.55pm: Level up
We’ve reached level 12. Blinds are now 1,000-2,000 with a 200 ante. 134 players remain, which means we’re rapidly approaching the bubble as only 72 get paid. — SY

5.53pm: Keys and Tompkins at it
James Keys has just been moved to the Chris Brammer/Cat O’Neill/Ondrej Goetz table. It’s is loaded with chips – Keys has 230,000 alone – and aggressive players so an end of play chip leader is likely to come from this table. I’d been distracting Chris Brammer with some idle chat when he turned round to see James Keyes sitting down two seats to his right. I didn’t 100% hear what he mumbled but if I don’t think it was printable whatever it was. — RD

5.45pm: Convey with the big boys (well, two of them)
PokerStars blogger Marc Convey is now at tough table with overnight chip leader Shane Crosby, on 130,000, and now also Mark Muldoon on Crosby’s left, who has 160,000. Convey himself has 57,000 and is going along nicely. — SY

5.40pm: O’Boyle lanced
Brendan O’Boyle hits the felt. He made it 4,000 and Ryan McCaul re-raised to 12,000. Call. On the 2♥J♥6♥ flop, O’Boyle checked and McCaul put out 26,000, more than enough to put O’Boyle all in. He made the call with A♥K♣, a big draw which he needed to hit to catch McCaul’s 10♥10♦. But the turn was 3♠ and river 4♦, ending his tournament. — SY

5.34pm: Keys and Tompkins at it
Jason Tompkins and James Keys have been going at it for some time with the former three-betting the latter a couple of times. Keys passed both times before the table broke. — RD

5.27pm: “Who’s that?”
“Who’s that?” asked Chris Brammer pointing at Ondrej Goetz. “He’s raised almost every pot since he joined the table.” Well, Chris, it’s Ondrej Goetz from the Czech Republic. He’s got a couple of small scores in live tournaments. That’s as much info as we have at the moment. Well, that and the fact he laid down a four-bet top Brammer. — RD

5.20pm: Bartlett hits the rail
Raymond Bartlett shoved for 11,000 from under the gun and got a call from a player with A♠Q♣, one vital pip above his own A♦J♣. Bartlett never caught up and now he’s on the rail. — SY

5.15pm: Young doubles
Dean Pearson opened with a raise and Anthony Young – a man with a fine surname – moved all in for 33,000. Pearson called, only to find his A♠Q♣ was behind Young’s A♥K♥. The board ran 8♣2♣7♠10♣2♦, meaning Young faded a cruel flush on the river. He’s up to 70,000. — SY

5.10pm: It’s Ken Doherty
The former world snooker champ takes UKIPT host Nick Wealthall to his private snooker lounge… — SY

5.07pm: Finnerty hurled out
Irish hurling legend Pete Finnerty just got knocked out in a horrible bad beat after slow playing aces. Finnerty had flatted an initial raise with the pocket rockets and had been squeezed all-in by Paul Burke. Finnerty obviously made the call and was looking good on the king-high flop until running fours gave Burke unlikely trip fours. — RD

4.55pm: Monster pot for Keys
James Keys has just jumped into the chip lead after a monster pot against Simon Bernsten. Keys had led 18,500 into a 8♦8♣3♠K♣8♠ board and Bernsten, equally stacked with 90,000 behind, moved all-in. Keys looked a little nonplussed and announced: “Call. You got it?” as he turned over A♣A♦. Bernsten showed K♦7♠ and looked devastated as he realised he’d just lost a 215,000 pot. The tall Dutchman put his head low by the rail before counting out his chips and said: “I’ve got terrible timing.”

He slinked off after pushing his chips across to the dealer who pushed them onto Keys. The student from Amsterdam is here with a few friends and may need their help to drown his sorrows. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_simon bernsten.jpg

It’s true, everything is not safe in the hood (for Bernsten at least)

4.45pm: The big boys
As the players settle back in their seats for the start of level 11, three are happier than most. Peter McGarvey and Ciaran Taggart have around 190,000 each, with Mark Muldoon on 140,000. — SY

Still going strong is the oldest player in the field, Paddy Hicks. He’s a popular gent here in Dublin and is currently on 20,000. — SY


Paddy Hicks

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, ANTE 200

4.35pm: Break
That’s the end of level 10 and a swift 15-minute break for players to ring home, order a drink, grab some fresh air and perform a little Tai-Chi. — RD

4.29pm: Joy for Joyce
Gavin Joyce was building a big stack at the end of yesterday before losing a large chunk to JP Kelly at the death. He’s got himself back up to 64,000 having just shoved for a little over 25,000 on a 4♦J♣3♣K♦ board into Georgina Allan who seemed to make a relatively easy fold. — RD

4.25pm: Cascarino sent off
Tony Cascarino was down to 25,000 and limped on the button. Trevor McCarthy raised from the small blind and the former Irish international footballer shoved. “I don’t mind if you call. In fact I’d like you to – it means I can catch my plane.” McCarthy obliged, and found his A♥8♦ was ahead of Cascarino’s K♦Q♣.

The flop was Q♥5♦10♥, shooting Cascarino into the lead. The 4♠ turn changed nothing, but the A♣ river turned things around for McCarthy. “I made a loose call, but it worked,” he said, stacking up the chips. He’s up to 70,000 now. — SY

ukipt dublin_day 2_tony cascarino.jpg

Tony Cascarino: no home win for the former striker

4.17pm: O’Neill lets one go
Cat O’Neill opened the hijack for 2,800 and Chris Brammer three-bet to 7,500 from the small blind. O’Neill looked sorely tempted to four-bet but eventually thought better of it and passed. — RD

4.11pm: Silver shining
Max Silver is British resident of Dublin and will be looking to replicate his Edinburgh final table finish here on (new) home turf. He’s just taken an easy raise-and-take pot and is looking at ease going at his table. He gets extra points for giving me (probably unwarranted) sympathy for my five-a-side hobble injury. — RD

4.05pm: Rousso out
There are 199 players left in play here as thoughts start turning towards making the money. The top 72 players here will cash and while some may start nitting up soon others will be only too happy to get it in. One such player was Vanessea Rousso who got it in with [a][t] to [a][j] and tumbled out the tourney. She was followed shortly after by Sofia Lovgren whose pocket jacks were almost dead against kings when it was revealed someone else had passed the other two knaves. — RD

3.52pm: Allen makes a hero call
Kevin Allen looked a troubled man when I limped upon this pot (sports injury, don’t ask). There was a pot fat in chips in front of Allen next to a J♥4♣2♦Q♥4♥ board when JP Kelly led 18,000 into him. Allen eventually made the call only to be shown K♠K♥ as Kelly raked in a pot that took the dealer to swipes to move it all round to him. Allen’s stack is looking fairly anaemic now. Kelly, however, is up to 135,000. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_kevin allen.jpg

Kevin Allen: not happy to run into Kelly’s kings

3.45pm: Rousso short and shoving
Vanessa Rousso is down to just 11,000 but has no intention of going out quietly and is outweighing everyone at her table in the words-per-minute race at the very least. She just stole the blinds with a shove telling her opponents that she had king-queen and therefore would have been dominating anyone that was thinking of calling but hadn’t called and so and so forth. A couple of her tablemates look a little shell shocked and are one mention of ‘game theory’ away from ordering something from the bar. — RD

3.35pm: New level, new casualties
This blind level is a bit of a jump from 400-800 to 600-1,200 so we expect several players to meet an unpleasant end, such as Sean Prendeville whose flopped two-pair was rivered by Scott Gray’s aces, which made a larger two-pair. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_tournament floor.jpg

Into level 10 here at the UKIPT Dublin

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Dublin (in order of love felt for Mickey May for producing a bag of chocolate raisins out of thin air): Rick Dacey (teenage lovestruck) and Simon Young (fatherly affection). Photos by Mickey May.


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