UKIPT Dublin Day 2: Level 13, 14 & 15 updates (2,000-4,000, 400 ante)

September 10, 2010


9.35pm: Daniel Stohler bubbles, play ends
Daniel Stohler is our unlucky bubble boy – unlucky for bubbling, and unlucky for the the manner in which it happened. Gavin Joyce caused the damage, shoving in the small blind with A♣3♣ with only Stohler to go. Stohler had just 25,000 behind and when he looked down at A♥K♦ it was an automatic call.

Stohler was in great shape, then. But the flop came 4♥3♦6♥, shooting Joyce into the lead. The 9♣ turn and 4♦ river kept him there, leaving Stohler as the last player to bust from the tournament with no money.

So that’s it, we’re down to 72 players and play has now finished for the night.

It seems certain that Peter McGarvey is the overnight chip leader with 437,800, followed closely by James Keys with 432,600. Other challengers include Ciaran Taggart on 362,100.

A full wrap of today’s play will be with you shortly, and full official chip counts will be published just as soon as we get them. — SY

9.25pm: Hand for hand
Action is going for hand for hand. The bubble beckons. — RD

9.10pm: Level up
With the arrival of level 15, blinds have gone up to 2,000-4,000 with a 400 ante. There are now just 77 players left in the main event. Once the player to bust in 73rd leaves the room, all the rest will be in the money and we’ll be done for the night. — SY

8.45pm: Chip-leading pot for McGarvey
There you are, scouring the room for the current chip leader when, boom, a massive pot blows up in front of you, giving you just what you’re looking for. On a 9♥9♣7♦ flop Peter McGarvey made it 30,500, Ivan Tononi announced he was all in for around 80,000 – insta call. McGarvey had K♥K♦ and was in great shape against Tononi’s Q♠Q♦. The kings held up on the 2♠ turn and A♠ river.

That little coup rocketed McGarvey up to 430,000 and the almost certain chip lead. There are how just 79 left, seven more to lose and we’re in the money – and done for the night. — SY


Peter McGarvey

8.30pm: Brammer doing what Brammer does
Chris Brammer, one of the most consistently good performers during the UKIPT this season, is now up to 190,000, his latest chunk coming when his K-J bested a short-stack all-in player’s A-4 (a jack doing the damage on the river). — SY

8.20pm: JP Kelly missing
The Team PokerStars Pro is nowhere to be seen, presumed out. We’re trying to track him down to get the grizzly details. — SY

8.10pm: Level up
We’ve moved up to level 14, with blinds at 1,500-3,000 and a 300 ante. 90 players remain. — SY

8.05pm: Keys extends lead
James Keys is now up to 330,000 and seemingly running over his table. He’s betting big at flops to knock opponents off their hands. Just now he tossed in another 20,000 at a Q♠Q♥10♠ flop to win the hand and add to his growing stack. — SY

8pm: PokerStars qualifier…
… Stephen Dunnet from Scotland satellited his way here, just as he did for the last UKIPT event in Edinburgh. He tells all to our video blog team. — SY

7.55pm: Another gone
As predicted, the rate of eliminations has not slowed a bit. Just 93 remain, and Patrick Ljsbrand is the latest to go after his A-K never caught up with Dara Fitzgerald’s Q-Q. — SY

7.44pm: Silver-tongued Max
Max Silver is up to 100,000 now and there seems to be no link between the amount of chips he has and the amount he speaks – he’s pretty much always nattering at the table. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_max silver.jpg

Max Silver at PokerStar UKIPT Dublin

7.44pm: Bemmel knuckle bump
Nick Bemmel has just doubled up to 80,000 with A♣A♥ to Q♥Q♠ after getting it in preflop. The Dutch PokerStars qualifier has had a friend railing him for the last two days and as Bemmel raked in the pot he stuck out his left fist for a knuckle bump with his pal who, it turns out, had just wandered off for perhaps the first time of the tournament.

We have some strict rules of etiquette on the PokerStars Blog (i.e. never leave a glass unfinished, never leave a man behind unless it’s Marc Convey etc) which includes never leave someone hanging so I had to oblige with the knuckle bump before reminding the table of the PokerStars blog’s impartiality. We’re down to 98. — RD

7.37pm: Ryan’s slaughter
Poor old Rob Ryan. He’d been under our radar for nearly two days and not made it on to the PokerStars Blog. Unitl, that is, just now when we saw him bust. He was all-in with Q-10 and up against K-6. His opponent first improved to trips on the flop… and made a full house on the river. — SY

7.34pm: Cernuto back in it
After the player under the gun raised to 6,200, ‘Miami John’ Cernuto moved all in for 11,900 in the next seat. It was folded back to the original raiser, who made the call. Cernuto had A♦K♣ dominating his opponent’s A♥J♥ and the board ran a harmless 7♥4♣7♣3♣7♠ to put him over 25,000 once again. — SY

7.22pm: Keys taking a long lunch
James Keys’ seat is conspicuously empty at the moment but given that he has 307,000 it’s no surprise that he’s not raced back to the action. Ciaran Taggart is just behind him with 300,000. — RD

7.15pm: Final push
It’s been announced we are going to play down to the money tonight. That means getting down to 72 players from the 113 still alive right now. Although there’s normally a natural slow down as the money approaches, the blinds and antes are getting high and will do damage to any ponderers. — SY

Here’s a pic of Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly, who made a great call just before the 30-minute break only to find he still lost the hand (see the last entry in our previous post). He’s down to 44,000 — SY


JP Kelly

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of speed of dinner just eaten): Simon Young (beef stew, 10 minutes) and Rick Dacey (chicken curry, 11 minutes). Photos by Mickey May


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