UKIPT Dublin Day 2: Level 8 & 9 updates (blinds 400-800, 100 ante)

September 10, 2010


3.30pm: Level up
That’s the end of the level – we’re into level 10 with blinds of 600-1,200 with a 100 ante. — SY

3.25pm: Diskin downed
Rory Diskin is out as well. Colm Hanlon had opened for 1,900 and Diskin moved all-in for 15,800. Hanlon, having established the amount, made the call with a shrug.

Hanlon: 8♦8♣
Diskin: A♦10♦

If Diskin had hope, it soon evaporated when the flop came 8♠3♠6♥. The turn of 4♦ and river Q♥ were never going to help. Hanlon chips up to 59,000. — SY

3.20pm: Lloyd busts
David Lloyd us out, running his Q-Q into the A-K of Samad Razavi. The board ran a big slick-friendly 8♠K♦2♦10♣A♥ and Lloyd was gone. Razavi is up to 46,000. — SY

3.15pm: Jones still going strong
David Jones is up to 43,000, more than double his starting stack at the beginning of the day. On this one there was a 4♠4♦J♠ flop at which Jones bet 2,500, only for Daniel Smyth to bump it up to 6,200. Call. On the K♠ turn Jones fired out 6,800, and this time Smyth thought better of it and mucked. — SY

3.10pm: Bernsten burnt
Simon Bernsten started the day second in chips but doesn’t seem to have moved that much (he’s got about 115,000) but that could have been a different story had he just won his last flip. It inevitably went in when a short stacked Lars Isaksen (13,100) was dealt 10♠10♣ to Bernsten’s A♥K♦. The board blanked out as Isaksen moved up to 27,000. — RD

3.02pm: Blackout
Andy Black has just been knocked out by Larry Santo. Black had opened the action to 2,500 and Santo had three-bet to 7,200. Black pushed all-in for 39,500 and Santo snap called. All fairly standard stuff but who was ahead?

Santo: K♥K♠
Black: J♣J♠

The news was not good for Black who was in dire need of help, especially when Santo flopped a king. No miracle runner-runner came out and Black departs the field as Santo chips up to 90,000. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_andy black.jpg

‘On your bike!’ Andy Black won’t be making another Irish final table here

2.55pm: Blogger’s sore point
This is one of happiest blog entries I’ve ever had to make. My colleague here in Dublin, Rick ‘Pacey’ Dacey has been limping all week after doing his leg in playing football. Our photographer, Mickey May, came to the rescue by offering Dacey some cream to rub in to the painful area around his calf.

It’s a cream that causes a burning sensation and generally sparks off some rather bizarre feelings when it’s applied. Now, Dacey being Dacey, he decided to go to the toilet a few minutes after applying said cream.

Needless to say, he’s now got a terrible burning sensation in his, erm, private area. May tells us the burning will soon pass – but will be followed by an even worse ‘cold’ phase.

Obviously I am being terribly sympathetic. Not. — SY

2.50pm: Folan floored
Michael Folan is out, one of a steady of stream of players heading for the exit. The flop was showing 3♦7♦6♥ and Niall O’Conner bet 2,200, Daniel Olmer called and Folan moved all in for 16,800. O’Conner made the call, but after a little time in the tank Olmer got out of the way.

O’Conner: J♠J♣
Folan: K♣7♣

Folan’s paired seven was way behind, and he failed to catch another or a king on the 6♥ turn and 4♥ river. — SY

2.45pm: Cascarino chipping up
Tony Cascarino is up to 42,000. With 12,000 in the pot already, and the board showing J♦A♦2♠10♦10♥, Erik Gaiovnik checked and then folded instantly when the former Irish international footballer put out 3,000 – SY

2.40pm: “You got the ace?”
When someone moves all-in for just a few thousand more at this stage of the game a call or fold is normally immediate. JP Kelly had put 2,800 into the middle on the river of a 10♦A♣4♦5♠7♥ board and had been shoved on for another 5,500 by Darren Burns. Kelly asked him: “Have you got the ace?” Burns said nothing (well, nothing that we could hear anyway) and Kelly passed. — RD

2.30pm: Back from break
A total of 288 players have returned from the break including three-time bracelet winner ‘Miami’ John Cernuto and UKIPT Nottingham champ Andrew Coulridge. On the first pot back from the break Coulridge raised from the small blind and scooped the pot. Easy game. — RD

2.20pm: Prize money alert!
The big numbers are in! The 590 entries generated a prize pool of €295,000. Top prize is €72,000 and we’ll be paying 72 spots starting at €750. A full prize payout page is on the way. — SY

2.15pm: Break
That’s the first 15-minute break of the day.

2.12pm: Brammer making waves
Chris Brammer has an interesting table with Sofia Lovgren two seats to his right and Cat O’Neill to his right. The Brit is up to 55,000 and should he cash in this event he should take top spot of the UKIPT Leaderboard. He just took a small hit calling a short 5,575 shove from Eldon Orr. Orr showed J♣2♣ to Brammer’s pocket fours and binked a pair on the 10♥J♦K♥ flop. Brammer failed to catch up but from across the tournament floor we can often see him raking in chips. — RD

2.01pm: Cibak keeps on truckin’
Position doesn’t seem to matter to Tomas Cibak. In position or out he’ll slam a big pile of chips into your face. I just walked past his table as he flashed J♠7♣ after check-raising someone all-in on a 10♥5♠9♥A♣3♠ board. — RD

1.55pm: Small one for Rousso
Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso came back today fairly short but is looking for spots to get her stack moving in the right direction. Michael Folan had opened for 1,175 and Rousso three-bet from late position to 4,500. It was enough to make everyone, Folan included, to pass for an easy couple of thousand chips. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_vanessa rousso.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso has her game face on

1.50pm: Renehan picks one off
There was an opening raise to 1,800 which Jaye Renehan called before Petr Arnstein moved all-in for around 14,500. The original raiser looked desperate to call. “You don’t look like you want a call. This is either a very good call, or a bad one,” he said, before folding. But Renehan was going nowhere, calling and tabling A♦Q♦. He was ahead of Arnstein’s 6♠7♠, and stayed there as the board ran K♦3♥10♣4♦A♣. — SY

1.48pm: Aces… aces
Glen McCabe got it all-in with pocket aces – unfortunately so did his opponent. The resulting split pot was a bit of anti-climax to both. “At least we didn’t lose with aces,” sighed McCabe. — SY

1.45pm: Convey the aggressor
Marc Convey, a member of Team PokerStars Blog, the newly-formed, elite band of poker bloggers, has swapped his usual scribbling duties for playing here in Dublin. And so far it’s going rather nicely. He started today with 25,000 and is now up to around 34,000.

Just now he opened to 1,600 and David Carberry, one of the overnight big stacks, three-bet to 3,700. But Mr Convey was going nowhere, four-betting to 8,500. Carberry asked for a count, but thought better of continuing, folding A♦K♠ face up. That’s giving Convey great respect (something we never give him when he works with us on the blog). — SY

1.40pm: Gillan’s timely big slick
Craig Gillan was very short at the start of play with 4,700 and one of many in the room looking for an early double up. He got, moving all in with A♣K♠, cards which came at the perfect time, and getting a call from Neil McCambridge with K♥Q♥.

It was a great spot for Gillan and it got even better when the flop came A♦10♠2♦. The slim danger of a straight for McCambridge never materialised when the turn came 5♦ and river 5♥. — SY

1.35pm: JP Kelly starts where he left off
After a massive tear-up on the last level last night, Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly has started today in similar fashion. With a dangerous flop of 6♦7♦3♦, Belgium’s Daniel Dodet checked then called Kelly’s 1,200. Both then slowed down on the K♠ turn, then on the 10♠ river it was Dodet who led our with a 3,500 bet. Kelly was going nowhere and called instantly, showing K♥Q♥ for the win. He’s up to 110,000 while Dodet slips to 21,000. — SY

1.30pm: Bemmel up
Nick Bemmel was after an early double up – and got one when his K♥K♣ shove was called by John Curtis with K♥Q♣. He’s on nearly 30,000 now. — SY

1.27pm: Chips!
We’ve got two sets of chips here on the PokerStars Blog. There’s the end of Day 1 chips which can be found here. And then there’s today’s chips which can be found here – it’s a slimmed down list that is being made a little more manageable (following 307 chip stacks is a little unfeasible). — RD

1.15pm: UKIPT Leaderboard
As we reach the end of the season lots of eyes are turning towards the UKIPT Leaderboard, which awards its top three players entries into Season 2 events (first place gets entry into every main event, second and third less so). Chris Brammer comes back today with 34,675 chips and is currently in third spot with 168.75 points. He is only one of two players in the top ten left in the event (Jason Herbert in tenth with 108.6 points opens up 44,659 today).

Brammer is only a few points behind Mike Hill and Owen Robinson, both of whom busted yesterday, and should he cash in this event he should take top spot with just EPT London left to play. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_chris brammer.jpg

Chris Brammer has been a constant threat this inaugural UKIPT season

1.12pm: And we’re off

1.10pm: Any minute now
Players have now found their seats after the redraw and play will be starting any moment. — SY

12.45pm: Welcome back to the UKIPT
Play for Day 2 is soon to start with 307 players left from yesterday’s starting field of 590 runners with €295,000 in the prizepool (blowing the back out of the €250,000 guarantee). PokerStars qualifier Shane Crosby is chip leader with 120,200 and is followed by another qualifier, Simon Bernstern, with 106,800. Someone must have lit a fire under Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly at the last level of the day because he went from a very average stack to 101,350 in less than an hour.

Stay with us as the big action happens and we play down towards the money (well, eight levels anyway). — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_jp kelly.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly is riding high in chips

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Dublin (in order of PokerStars branding currently worn): Simon Young (looks like an Indy 500 driver sponsored by PokerStars) and Rick Dacey (5cm PokerStars logo on his press pass). Photos by Mickey May.


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