UKIPT Edinburgh Day 1B: Levels 5 & 6, blinds 150-300, ante 25

August 20, 2010


6.40pm: Summary of the last two levels that can fit on twitter
£50,000 to the winner, 56 players guaranteed at least £800. Jake Cody, Jamie Gray and Deva Crouch are chip leaders. — NW

6.35pm: Half the field on dinner break
That’s the end of level six and half the field has now gone on dinner break, the other half will play level seven, before they trade places in an hour’s time. — NW

6.30pm: Lietuvninkas fades outs to stay alive
Marius Lietuvninkas, who is currently top of the UKIPT leaderboard, just doubled up to around 13,000 fading a ton of outs in the process. He got it in against Sean Mclean:

Lietuvninkas: A♠A♦
McLean: A♥Q♥

Flop: J♥K♥4♦


River: 3♦

“What a sick board,” said Lietuvninkas, somewhere I’m sure I heard Mike Hill (second on the leaderboard), who’s also playing today, scream. –NW

ukipt edinburgh_day1b_marius lietuvninkas.jpg

Marius top of the leaderboard…for now

6.25pm: Ainsworth bubbling under
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth is on around 30,000. ‘I’ve just been playing small pots, stealing here and there.’ –NW

6.20pm: Maudlin up with the chip leaders
Dave Maudlin is on around 58,000, he told me: “I had aces against Mark Trett’s kings and had him slightly covered. -NW

6.15pm: Cody chipping up
Jake Cody had a normal stack just a level ago but how the EPT winner is rocking a 60,000 stack (from our brief count). Niall Farrell is the player looking conspiciously devoid of chips and looks like most likely donator given the fact that he had quite some stack himself. Cody with a stack could be very dangerous as he’s not a player likley to sit back. — RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1b_jake cody.jpg

Jake Cody: rocking the chips and cardigan combo

6.13pm: May’s table gets tougher
Tables are breaking all the time and if Jesse May’s table wasn’t tough enough already (he has Liv Boeree on his direct left) they’ve been joined by Deva Crouch (54,000) and circuit regular Dave Maudlin (30,000). — NW

6.11pm: Thew on an uptick
Team PokerStars Pro is up to around 26,000. I saw him raise Glen Robson’s turn bet of 1,500 to 3,700 on the turn of a 3♠9♠A♣9♣ board. Robson folded and Thew was kind enough to show the 9♥. Neighbour Dan Owston is on 11,000. –NW

6.10pm: Hill keeps climbing
Mike Hill just doesn’t like to be beaten down once he’s in a pot. I’ve twice seen him shove the river in the last hour and this time the player facing a 12,000 hammer was Alan Brown.

Hill had started the action with a raise of 900 from the cut-off and Brown had three-bet to 2,350. Hill flatted and check-called the 8♠9♣8♥ flop for 2,350. Both players checked the 3♠ turn before Hill slammed in a 12,025 shove into the 5♦ river. Brown didn’t look happy about being put to the test and mucked his hand. Hill is up to 18,000. Thanks to Nicholas Farnborough who filled me in on the preflop action – he is up to 43,000. — RD

6pm: Recent eliminations
Include Jack Ellwood and Jonothon Butters. The latter is a very smart man as he was reading the PokerStars blog tournament updates on his Ipad (see pic). –NW

ukipt edinburgh_day1b_jonothon butters.jpg

Jonothon Butters reading the best UKIPT updates on the web!

5.45pm: Ihfors fires three bullets
Alexander Ihfors was in the hijack when he entered the pot following an 800 open from middle position. Derek Pickens called in the big blind. Ihfors shot out 1,200 on the 8♠3♣Q♠ flop and only Pickens opted to play on. Ihfors fired 2,500 at the 4♥ turn and Pickens called again before check-folding to Ihfors’ third and final bullet on the 2♦ river. Pickens showed A♠J♠ for a busted nut flush draw. — RD

5.35pm: Blinds are up
The antes have just kicked in and the aggression levels should rachet up accordingly meaning it will soon be double up or bust time for the likes of Jonothon Butters who is getting low on 7,000. Plenty of good three- and four-betting spots should present themselves this level and next. — RD


5.30pm: Hackman out
Neil Hackman has been a great source of information for us bloggers and he’s carried on in that vein through his bust out as well. Hackman had opened with A♥9♥ and been flatted by the button with ace-queen. “But how was I meant to know that?” said Hackman, who then check-shoved the ace-high flop for 9,000. The news wasn’t good. He’s still -fairly – grumbling about losing a huge post earlier on with his flopped king-queen two-pair against aces. Lol donakments as some would say. — RD

5.25pm: Who’s flying high and who’s flying low
As well as grabbing the chip counts of the chip leaders we got a few others too, Julian Thew (17,000), Jude Ainsworth (18,000), JP Kelly (28,000), Liv Boeree (34,000), Jake Cody (20,000), Mike Hill (24,000) and Marius Lietuvninkas (14,000). –NW

5.20pm: Current chip leaders
From our jaunt around the room here’s who we think are the current chip leaders: James Gray (56,000), Deva Crouch (54,000), Jakub Klimek (48,000), Niall Farrell (46,000), Sean Mclean (43,750) all of our top five have a stack greater than that of the average stack at the end of play of Day 1A. –NW

ukipt edinburgh_day1b_deva crouch.jpg

Crouch is currently second in chips with 54,000

5.10pm: Prize pool confirmed
The £200,500 prize pool has just been confirmed with 56 places being paid. A min cash will scoop you £800 but if you become top of the jocks you’ll walk away with £50,000 and a £5,000 seat into EPT London. — RD

5.05pm: Cooler for Cox
When you flop a full house in a three-bet pot and the money goes in you generally expect to be the one left dancing a little jig. Not so for Christopher Cox however. Neil Hackman had raised the button and been called by Cox in the small blind before Jean-Pierre Gazian had three-bet from the big blind to 2,700. Hackman quickly wilted away and Cox made the call.

Both players had checked the [j][9][j] flop before Cox jammed the turn. Gazian made a quick call with pocket jacks for flopped quads while Cox turned over pocket nines for a flopped boat. That cooler was worth some 35,000. — RD

4.55pm: May doesn’t believe Boeree
Jesse May limped in the small blind and Liv Boeree checked to see the 7♦7♠7♥ flop. Neither player so much as blinked at the board until the 8♦ turn which Boeree bet and Mat called. Both players checked down the 9♥ river with May’s A♣2♠ being good enough to take it down. Boeree accidentally flashed a Q♦ and claimed to have a second diamond to go with it. — RD

4.45pm: Flop three-bet by McFarlane
Last hand before the break Stewart McFarlane amped up the aggression to win a pot from Jamie Dale. The two of them saw a flop of 10♦6♣9♥ and with about 1,350 in the pot McFarlene bet 750, Dale raised to 1,925, only for McFarlene to raise to 5,300 which prompted an instant fold from Dale. After the hand McFarlene had 19,000, Dale had 17,850.–NW

4.35pm: Big field
We’ve got an official field count for the main event now and it weighs in at a massive 401. A total of 59 players made it through Day 1A with Owen Robinson top of the class with 181,900. The bigger starting field today would usually mean that Day 1B would carry through the larger stack but Robinson’s is going to take some beating. — RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1b_jesse may.jpg

Poker legend and TV commentator Jesse May is cruising along with an above average stack

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Edinburgh: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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