UKIPT Edinburgh Day 2: Levels 16 & 17, blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 500

August 21, 2010


9.40pm: Break
We’ve got a 15-minute break as we go into the final stage of the day. There’s 18 players left spread across three six-handed tables. — RD

9.39pm: Zandvliet bursts into chip lead
Here’s the hand that saw Joeri Zandvliet win a huge 660,000 pot and take the chip lead with 700,000.Both Zandvliet and James Williams had been active players at the table so the dynamics of this hand are pretty understandable.

Zandvliet had opened the action to around 13,000 from late position and Williams had made a small three-bet to just 31,000 from the small blind. Zandvliet then four-bet to 73,000 and Williams decided to ask the ultimate question (that means he moved all-in, not threatened nuclear war). Williams’ 310,000 all-in was snapped off by Zandvliet who tabled pocket kings. Williams showed Q♥5♥. A flopped gutshot for Williams never got there as Zandvliet grabbed the chip lead of the tournament. — RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_joeri zandvliet.jpg

9.35pm: Two small hands
Hand One: Steve Lovett (big blind) and Nicholas Abou Risk (cut-off) saw a flop of A♥8♣4♥ and Abou Risk bet 17,500 into a 35,000 pot and Lovett called. Both players checked the 6♦ on the turn. Lovett fired 44,000 on the 4♠ river and Abou Risk gave it up.

Hand Two: From under the gun Owen Robinson made it 14,500, the Irishman has been moved to the same table as Jake Cody and Joe Whittaker, but it was big blind Luke Marsh who looked him up from the big blind. Robinson fired two bullets on the 5♥K♠2♥2♣ board, Marsh calling the first of 18,000 but folding to the 40,000 turn bet. — NW

9.30pm: Zandvliet bursts into chip lead
UKIPT Manchester winner Joeri Zandvliet has just won a 700,000 pot to take the chip lead. Details to come. — RD

9.20pm: No action for Mary’s monster
Mary Martin had hit a monster board with Q♥Q♣10♥10♠ flop with Q♦10♦ but just couldn’t get anyone to come along with her. She’s short but only a double up away from getting back into things here. — RD

9.18pm: Chadwick takes a pot from Pyefinch
Suzanne Pyefinch raised under the gun to 15,000 from under the gun. From the cut-off Richard Chadwick made it 43,000. Pyefinch folded, she’s down to 310,000 and Chadwick has 410,000. – NW

9.15pm: Cody catches the river
Jake Cody just doubled through Max Silver. From the cut-off Silver made it 13,000 to go and Cody three-bet to 28,000. Silver asked Cody how much he had (136,000 total) and moved all-in, Cody called quickly.

Cody: A♣J♠
Silver 4♥4♦

The board made Cody wait 9♠10♣6♣5♦J♦, “I’m a bit surprised at the speed of you call,” said Silver. “I think a worse line would be three-betting then deciding,” said Joe Whittaker. — NW

9.10pm: Richard Callaghan out out in 22nd
Richard Callaghan has just exited in 22nd after getting it in against Luke Marsh with K♦J♦. The short stack was horribly dominated with A♠K♥ and when an ace dropped on the flop he was as good as out. And out he did go. There are 21 players left in the field and we’ll be playing down to a final table or ten levels have been played, whichever comes first. Marsh is now challenging for the chip lead with 440,000.

Owen Robinson has just been moved tables to balance for Callaghan’s exit and is two seats to the right of Jake Cody, who himself is on the right of Joe Whittaker. — RD

9.02pm: Chip counts
I’ve cast my eye over the three remaining tables and have chip counts for those who remain, Joe Whittaker appears to be chip leader with 450,000. I’m in the process of updating the chip count page. — NW

ukipt edinburgh_day2_joe whittaker chip leader.jpg

Smile Joe, you’ve got the chip lead

9pm: Robinson runs Rann and Leedham off a hand
Owen Robinson had lost some chips back (we missed how) but he just got some back after three-betting to 44,000 over a 15,000 bet by James Rann, which had been flat called by Michael Leedham, both players folded to Robinson’s bet. He’s now on 270,000, Leedham has 370,000 and Rann has 250,000.- NW

8.50pm: Those that will not make the final table
Players that have fallen in the last couple of levels include:

24. Martin Mulsow, Germany, £1,500
25. Adam Small, UK, £1,300
26. Jan Orlicky, Czech Republic, £1,300
27. Laurence Paisley, UK, £1,300
28. Paul Humphrey, UK, PokerStars qualifier, £1,300
29. Ian Bruce, UK, £1,250
30. James Gray, UK, £1,150
31. David McCallum, UK, £1,150
32. Antony Wolsey, UK, £1,150
33. Dominic Clarke, UK, £1,000
34. Ewan Brown, UK, PokerStars qualifier, £1,000
34. Jeun-Pierre Gazian, UK, £1,000

Everyone is guaranteed at least £1,500 now but all eyes will be on the £50,000 first place prize. — RD

8.40pm: Jimmy White makes the double
Jimmy White has just scored a vital double through to keep himself alive in this tournament. Owen Robinson had opened to 15,000 and White jammed for 120,000. Robinson called.

White: 8♠8♦
Robinson: A♠K♠

The board ran out 6♥Q♥6♣4♥9♥ and White doubles through to 240,000. Robinson is on a similar amount. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3000-6000, ante 500

8.30pm: Robinson eliminates Adam, in small pot
Owen Robinson has increased his stack to 360,000 by eliminating Adam Small. Robinson held aces and raised and then called Small’s three-bet shove of 70,000, by the river there was a chance of a split pot but Robinson faded the chop and is now second in chips. — NW

ukipt edinburgh_day2_owen robinson2.jpg

Robinson is closing in on his second UKIPT final table

8.25pm: Williams wins one
James Williams told me about a hand between himself and Suzanne Pyefinch saying, “I sucked out on the river and now she hates me,” Williams made two pair eight and fives on the river against Pyefinch’s top pair (she held king-nine) to win a pot of roughly 80,000. Shortly afterward Williams four-bet jammed pre-flop and got no action, his stack is approaching 300,000. — NW

8.20pm: Robinson beats down Lovett again
Steve Lovett had obviously got fed up of Owen Robinson’s continuous three-betting when the following pot took place. Lovett had opened for 13,000 and Robinson has repopped it to 29,000. Lovett took a large stack of blue and yellow chips (5,000 and 1,000 respectively) and raised to 92,000. Robinson quietly announced that he was all-in for 79,000 more. Lovett counted his chips, got to the total of 190,000 and opted to fold his hand. Robinson’s up to around 270,000. — RD

8pm: Lovett gets value on the river
Steve Lovett just won a three way pot with a nice river bet. Lovett, Michael Leedham and Jimmy White all reached the river of a 10♦Q♦6♥5♣Q♠ board with about 37,000 in the pot. Lovett was first to act and bet 8,000. Leedham folded quickly but White made the call. Lovett announced “two pair,” and showed 5♥3♣ to win the pot. — NW

8.10pm: Maudlin getting active
Max Silver opened to 11,000 and Dave Maudlin three-bet to 37,000 from the small blind. Silver passed. This obviously wasn’t enough for Maudlin who moments later check-raised all-in over Richard Callaghan’s bet on the turn of a 3♥6♣Q♠J♦ board. Callaghan passed and Maudlin is up to 200,000. — RD

8.05pm: Robinson beats down Lovett
Steve Lovett opedn form late position to 12,000 and was three-bet from the blinds to 30,000 by Owen Robinson. Both players checked the 5♦J♦3♦ flop but Robinson took the opportunity to lead 40,000 at the 2♣. Lovett folded the A♠ face up. Robinson is back over 200,000. — RD

8pm: Joe Whittaker doubles through Jake Cody
Those two are trading the chip lead back and forth between themselves. Still as they’re sat side by side the chips don’t have far to move. In the hand in question Antony Wolsey shoved all-in for about eight big blinds, Cody flat called on the button and then Joe Whittaker moved all-in from the small blind and Cody called the pot was 560,000. Whittaker had pocket nines, Cody ace-king and Wolsey pocket twos. Although Cody flopped a king, Whittaker flopped a third nine and won a massive pot. Cody now has 170,000 and Whittaker 560,000. — NW

7.40pm: Lucky Joeri
Suck-out alert, UKIPT Manchester winner Joeri Zandvliet just doubled through Martin Mulsow and it wasn’t pretty. Zandvliet opened from early position, Mulsow three-bet to around 35,000 on the button, Zandvliet shoved all-in for 147,000 and Mulsow called.

Mulsow: Q♠Q♥
Zandvliet: K♠7♦

The board ran out K♣4♥5♦10♥A♠, “Better lucky than good,” said Zandvliet who is up to 300,000. Mulsow has 42,500 after the hand. Chip counts are now available here.— NW

7.37pm: Chip counts
Fresh chip counts are in. We’re catchinig up with the last few knockouts and will post a link here when that’s done. — RD

7.37pm: How Cody became chip leader
Jake Cody is the chip leader with 360,000 as level 16 gets underway. He went on a rush in the last few hands of level 15 to go from 100,000 to his current standing. Joe Whittaker, who is at Cody’s table, told us that first he doubled Cody up with [Q][10] against Cody’s [Q][9] on a [9][8][6] flop and then Cody took some off of Laurence Paisley with a trickily played pair of aces. — NW

7.35pm: Back from dinner
Jake Cody is chip leader as we come back for the seventh level of the day. The EPT winner is sat on a huge 360,000 stack. Chip counts are being updated. — RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_cody and whittaker.jpg

Jake Cody (left) is chip leader with Joe Whittaker (right) in close pursuit

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Edinburgh: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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