UKIPT Edinburgh Day 2: Levels 18 & 19, blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000

August 21, 2010


12.15pm: End of day chip counts
Here’s the chip counts from end of day, Joeri Zandvliet leads the way with Luke Marsh and Nicholas Abou Risk hot on his heels. Then comes Steve Lovett, who’s someway behind and is actually under the chip average.

In chip order:

Joeri Zandvliet: 1,204,000
Luke Marsh: 1,146,000
Nicholas Abou Risk: 1,018,000
Steven Lovett: 451,000
Suzanne Pyefinch: 344,000
Richard Chadwick: 335,000
Max Silver 291,000
Mantas Puidokas: 277,000
Jake Cody: 235,000
Mary Martin: 220,000
Owen Robinson: 218,000

By table:

Table One:

Jake Cody: 235,000
Joeri Zandvliet: 1,204,000
Suzanne Pyefinch: 344,000
Mantas Puidokas: 277,000
Richard Chadwick: 335,000

Table two:

Steven Lovett: 451,000
Owen Robinson: 218,000
Max Silver 291,000
Luke Marsh: 1,146,000
Nicholas Abou Risk: 1,018,000
Mary Martin: 220,000

Average stack is 546,818. Blinds will be 6000-1200, ante 1,000 when players return at 3pm. — NW

ukipt edinburgh_day2_jake cody end of day.jpg

The EPT champion is looking to make his first UKIPT final table

11.46pm: Double up for Puidokas marks the end of play
On the last hand of the night Mantas Puidokas doubled through Richard Chadwick with pocket fives to ace-eight. We have 11 players left. The chip lead is currently contested three ways between Joeri Zandvliet, Luke Marsh and Nicholas Abou Risk. Full chip counts and wrap to come. — RD

11.46pm: Last four hands of the day
Tournament director Toby Stone has announced the last four hands of the day. — RD

11.45pm: Zandvliet scalps another
Joeri Zandvliet has claimed another tournament life and it’s Sam Holden this time. Zandvliet opened for 21,500 and Holden shipped it in for 170,000. Zandvliet made the call with K♦Q♠ against Holden’s A♦K♣. The Dutchman needed help and got it when he turned the nuts on a J♦10♦2♠A♠6♥ board. Tough break for Holden as Zandvliet approaches the million chip mark. — RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_sam holden.jpg

Sam Holden’s dominating ace couldn’t keep him in the tournament

11.38pm: Whittaker out
Joe Whittaker had been shifting his chips well but this proved to be one ship too many. Zandvliet had made it 26,000 and Whittaker shifted for 200,000. Zandvliet made the call with A♥7♦ and Whittaker’s K♣9♦ needed to hit. No joy for Whittaker and Zandvliet is up to 800,000. — RD

11.30pm: Whittaker doubles again
His A♠J♦ spiked a jack on the river against Joeri Zandvliet’s pocket sevens, Whittaker has around 200,000 now, whist Zandvliet slips to around 700,000. — NW

11.20pm: Michael Leedham eliminated in 14th place
He shoved for 15 big blinds from the cut-off with A♣7♥ and was called by Max Silver on the button with A♥K♠ and despite Silver saying he could feel a seven coming the board ran out, K♣10♥9♥2♠6♦, with Mary Martin saying, “I folded pocket tens.” Silver is up to 400,000. –NW

11.15pm: Kings again!
It’s pocket kings again as Luke Marsh gets it in against James Rann’s big slick. Rann couldn’t find a bullet and goes out in 15th. Marsh is back near the million chip mark. — RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_james rann.jpg

James Rann’s ace-king failed to hit the target

11.12pm: Cody and Whittaker double through Chadwick
Two of the shorter stacks have been helped out by Richard Chadwick. Joe Whittaker (90,000) and Jake Cody (270,000) have both doubled through Chadwick. — RD

11.05pm: Abou Risk shows kings
Nicholas Abou Risk was last night’s chip leader and he hasn’t stopped the aggression since. Abou Risk three-bet Marsh preflop before betting 67,500 into the Q♠6♥6♠ flop. Marsh called. Abou Risk fired another 111,500 at the 5♥ turn and Marsh called. A final 167,500 on the river was also called. Marsh showed A♠Q♥ and Abou Risk K♦K♠. Huge pot for Abou Risk. — RD

11pm: McTaggart out as Marsh breaks million barrier
It’s quite a cooler for McTaggart. The Scotsman opened and was three-bet by Marsh to 40,000. McTaggart four-bet to 120,000 and then called all-in when Marsh shipped it all into the middle.

Marsh: K♠K♥
McTaggart: Q♣Q♥

The board blanked out as Marsh pushed into a 1.2m chip lead. — RD

10.55pm: Cody doubles up Puidokas
Jake Cody was still un-racking his chips when he called Marius Pudokas all-in bet of 116,000. Cody had A♦J♦, Pudokas 10♥10♦, Pudokas improved on a 10♠3♥2♣K♦A♥ board to double through to 220,000. Cody is down to 160,000. — NW

10.50pm: State of Play
With the elimination of Jimmy White we’re down to 16 and two tables. When Owen Robinson saw it was his table that was breaking he let out a ‘Yes,’ before adding, ‘That was the table of death.’ Tablemate Max Silver quipped, ‘It was horrible playing with you.’ Here’s how the last two tables pan out and the chip stacks of those still in:

Table One:

Jake Cody: 150,000*
Joeri Zandvliet: 910,000
Sam Holden: 150,000
Suzanne Pyefinch: 360,000
Max Silver 188,000
Joe Whittaker: 55,000
Mantas Puidokas: 220,000*
Richard Chadwick: 380,000

Table two:

James Rann: 168,000
Steven Lovett: 230,000
Owen Robinson: 225,000
Michael Leedham: 165,000
Paul McTaggart: OUT*
Luke Marsh: 1,200,000*
Nicholas Abou Risk: 690,000
Mary Martin: 310,000

*Details on two hands involving these to come. — NW

10.45pm: White out, down to final 16
Jimmy White has just been knocked out in 16th after a blind on blind tussle that saw him table 10♠10♥ to Nicholas Abou Risk’s J♥J♠. White raised to 19,500 from the small blind, Abou Risk made it 42,500 from the big before the inevitable 130,000 jam and call. White failed to catch an out but does take away £1,700 – not bad for online qualification. Whiet said to us: “I started the day with 20,000 so I’m pretty happy with how things went.” Well played, sir.

We’re now down to two tables of eight. Table draw to come. — RD

10.35pm: McTaggart doubles through Whittker
Whittaker had completed from the small blind and McTaggart had checked his option. All the money went in on a [8][2][2] flop Whittaker had [8][6], McTaggart J♣8♣. After the hand McTaggart was up to 380,000, Whittaker was left with 55,000. — NW

10.30pm: Holden holds on
Sam Holden shoved the button with J♥10♠ and was called in the big blind by Mantas Puidokas with A♥Q♠. The flop put Holden ahead with 10♥5♠2♣ but the 6♥ gave the Lithuanian a lot more outs. A flash of red on the river gave Holden a moment of panic but the K♦ was safe enough to double him up. — RD

10.25pm: Luke Marsh new chip leader
He did it by winning a pot against Owen Robinson. Marsh raised the button to 18,000 and Robinson called from the small blind. They checked all the way to the river on a K♠4♣6♦2♥9♣ board, before Marsh bet 32,000 and Robinson called. Marsh showed K♥10♦ to win the pot and now has around 770,000. — NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_luke marsh.jpg

Luke Marsh has swiped the chip lead with a 770,000 stack

10.15pm: Martin catches the bluff
Mary Martin was left dwelling whether to call a 53,500 bet on the river of a 5♦8♦7♠4♣Q♠ board. Jimmy White had made the bet, almost a third of his stack, and Martin eventually made the call. White tapped teh table and mucked his hand. Martin turned over bottom two with 4♥5♣. She was still arranging her stack when we left but she looks like she must be approaching 300,000. — RD

10.10pm: Marsh challenging for the chip lead
Luke Marsh just padded his stack moving all-in over the top of Joe Whittaker’s 70,500 bet on a 6♦4♦7♣ flop. Whittaker folded leaving himself 230,000 behind, Marsh is up to around 700,000 — NW

10.05pm: Williams clears it up
Things are fairly hectic here and occasionally we have to rely on anecdotal reporting of hands (i.e. from fellow bloggers) and the info just wasn’t right on the hand we reported regarding James Williams’ exit – not a million miles off but I digress.

Williams, who is still looking a little shell shocked about his knockout just collared me to settle the facts as he “didn’t want to look like a fish.” A top 20 finish should have answered that anyway but here goes. Zandvliet opened to 13,000 from the cut-off and Williams three-bet to 31,000 from the small blind. Zandvliet then made it 73,000 at which point Williams, knowing that he would get three-bet with a wide range, jammed for 310,000. Zandvliet had pocket kings and Williams, who held Q♥5♥, said: “I just wished I’d done it with a suited ace. I would have got there.” Well, at least he’s got the promise of a pint of Guinness from me should he make it to UKIPT Dublin. — RD

10pm: Leedham has respect
Michael Leedham is in good shape right now third in chips with 18 left, but he obviously has respect for Jake Cody and Joe Whittaker, recently tweeting. “Will be down to 2 tables soon and need to hope neither joejoe or cody get put on my left.” — NW

9.55pm: Chip Counts
We’ve updated the chip count page, the top five with 18 remaining are:

Joeri Zandvliet: 708,000
Luke Marsh: 588.500
Richard Chadwick: 537,000
Michael Leedham: 450,000
Joe Whittaker: 435,000

Shortest stack belongs to Sam Holden who has 110,000. — NW

9.50pm: Joeri Zandvliet leads the UKIPT Edinburgh
The players are back from the break and Dutchman Joeri Zanvliet is leading with 700,000 but has Luke Marsh is close on his heels with 588,500. Action set to restart in moments. — RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_joeri zandvliet 2.jpg

Chip leader Zandvliet could be the first player to win two UKIPT titles

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Edinburgh: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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