UKIPT Galway: Day 1, level 10 & 11 updates (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

December 03, 2010


1.40am: End of the day
After an exhausting 11 levels of poker day one is in the books. Just c.78 of the 266 starters made it through to day two. Chief amongst them appears to be Peter Barrable who has 185,700. Full wrap of the days play to come, join us at 1pm when play resumes and the plan is to play down to the final table. — NW

1.20am: The Jude and Jamie show
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth has recently moved tables and he was plonked down to the immediate right of Jamie Burland. Ainsworth is currently enjoying a pint of Guinness and has around 53,000. — NW

1.15am: Blain finds magic river
Dermot Blain now has in the words of Jason Herbert: ‘Massive chips,’ after damaging the latter in a 130,000 pot. Herbert came over to tell us about the hand as he didn’t want his mates to think he spewed off his chips.

This is how the hand went down. Blain opened, Herbert three-bet with pocket queens and then flat called when Blain four bet pre-flop. The flop was A♦[Q]3♦ and they both checked. The turn was the 8♦, Blain bet, Herbert moved all-in and Blain called with [A]K♦ and spiked the 2♦ on the river. Blain told me he has 134,000.– NW

1.05am: Vamplew vanquished
I didn’t catch the exit but EPT London and UKIPT champion of champions winner David Vamplew is out. That’s the first time we’ve ever had to write that at a UKIPT event. — NW

ukipt galway_day 1_david vamplew.jpg

David Vamplew couldn’t quite make day two

1am: Elder survives
One time chip leader Rupert Elder was all-in and at risk for his last 35,000 showing A♣Q♦ his opponent had the same hand, but suited in hearts. But it was Elder who was freerolling after the flop of 9♣9♦K♣ but the turn and river of 10♦4♦ ensured a chopped pot. The beneficiary of Elder’s slide appears to be, Richie Trench who is sat to Elder’s right and has around 130,000. — NW

12.50am: Owen out
Owen Robinson’s rollercoaster ride today has ended on a downer rather than an upward trend. I saw him walking away from the table and caught up with him to see what happened: ‘Peter Murphy raised from under the gun to 3,800, another player then moved all-in for 25,000 and I’m on the button with A♣K♣. I move all-in for about 50,000 and Peter says he doesn’t like it but calls with pocket queens. The other player had ace-king too and the board bricked out. — NW

12.48am: Burland bags a big one
Jamie Burland has just won a monster pot after two big draws collided. On a flop of A♥10♥8♠ there was a certain inevitability that both Burland’s 4♥8♥ and Tommy O’Rourke’s J♥Q♥ would push their stacks in. And so it happened creating a 123,000 pot. Burland was ahead on the flop but a two-to-one dog overall in the hand. Luckily for the UKIPT Brighton winner he blanked the 2♠ turn and 3♦ river leaving O’Rourke crippled.

Meanwhile, there were contrasting fortunes for Owen Robinson. Details to come. — RD

12.40am: ‘I was definitely going with it’
So said Fionnan Dolan after scooping a pot. He three-bet to 8,000 off a 38,000 stack after Austin Crowe had made it 3,900 to go; Dolan flipped pocket jacks as he collected the pot. — NW

12.35am: Back from break
The big push of Day 1 has begun. Just sixty minutes of cards left today. I, of course, say ‘just’ when we’ve already slogged through ten hours of play and 170 knockouts. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, ANTE 200

12.20am: Break time
Our 97 players have gone on a final 15-minute break before we play one last level and then ring the bell for the end of play. — RD

12.10am: Exit to exit
Players seem to be dropping out at a rate of knots as we approach the end of level ten. Notable recent exits include Luke Marsh and James Browning. — NW

12.05am: Risk plays it safe against Ainsworth
Nick Abou Risk opened under the gun and picked up calls from both blinds, including Jude Ainsworth on the small. The J♥J♦9♦ flop was checked round before Ainsworth led 3,500 into the 2♥ turn. Only Abou Risk made the call.

The Team PokerStars Pro, who has been on fire online of late bagging over $200,000 in the Sunday Million last weekend, quickly led for another 5,300 on the 3♠ river and Abou Risk weighed up his options. The scales ended up settling on fold and he tossed his cards into the muck. Ainsworth is up to 63,000 and Abou Risk 73,000. — RD

ukipt galway_day 1_jude ainsworth 4.jpg

Jude Ainsworth: negotiating hs way through the last two levels of the day

11.56pm: Ryan thankful that Ray got out the way
A curious hand just played out on the table right in front of my vantage point from media row. First to act Ray Maloney made it 3,100 to go and was flat called by Michael Ryan who was next to act. It then folded to Declan Connolly who moved all-in from the small blind for around 90,000 – covering both players.

Maloney who had about 60,000 back seemed to put Connolly squarely on ace-king and took several minutes before folding what were evidently pocket queens. Ryan though made an insta-call and moved in his stack of around 25,000 and rolled over pocket aces, whilst Connolly showed pocket jacks. The board of 2♠10♣K♣4♠Q♥ led Maloney to say: ‘I’d have scooped the lot.’ — NW

11.46pm: Rob from the rich give to the Robinson
Owen Robinson who earlier had his pocket kings cracked by pocket queens, is back up to 50,000 after cracking pocket aces with pocket kings. I asked the Irish Poker player of the year if he got a trophy for his triumph and he said: ‘Yeah, I gave it to me Gran.’– NW

11.32pm: Barrable bursts into the chip lead
Peter Barrable looks to be packing somewhere in the region of 150,000 and arguably holds a chunky lead at the top of the chip table. Barrable has tasted some UKIPT success before with a fourth place finish at Killarney earlier this year. That said there are plenty of others that have that aren’t far behind. Third place UKIPT Leader Board winner Mike Hill has over 90,000 and Jamie Burland, winner of UKIPT Brighton, has around 75,000.

Burland told me that he had been ‘rocking and rolling’ and by that I think he meant he’d been a bit swingy. He earlier got it all-in with [k][q] versus pocket nines giving him the healthy stack he’s currently packing. — RD

ukipt galway_day 1_peter barrable.jpg

Will Peter Barrable’s big stack propel him to a second UKIPT final table?

11.20pm: Time to seperate the men from the boys
The blinds jump from level 9 to level 10 is the one of the toughest momensts on the tour for many players. Have-a-go heroes can start to smell the hint of the distant money spots while some nervous amateurs suddenly find themselves hideously short stacked and having to shove light or, worse, call off for their tournament life.

Whichever camp players fall into there will be a lot of fallers in this level. — RD

ukipt galway_day 1_tournament floor.jpg

Players are approaching the tough last two levels of the day

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Galway (in order of interest in the Ashes): Nick Wright (‘Very’) and Rick Dacey (‘Ridiculous game of men with sticks’).


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