UKIPT Galway: Day 1, level 4, 5 & 6 updates (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

December 03, 2010


7pm: Dinner break
That’s the end of level six and the beginning of a one-hour dinner break. — RD

6.50pm: Parkinson rivers a set to stay alive
Last year’s winner Padraig Parkinson was all-in and at risk with pocket sevens against pocket queens and in trouble, however a seven on the river saved his tournament life for now. Parkinson is on around 15,000. — NW

6.45pm: Gilligan going great guns
Ronan Gilligan, second place finisher to Max Silver at UKIPT Dublin is the first through the 100,000 mark, he currently has around 107,000 and we’ve been told is in a mood to gamble, so it remains to be seen if he can hang onto it. — NW

6.40pm: Another Team PokerStars Pro down
It’s Julian Thew who’s been sent to the rail, I didn’t catch it first hand, but I’ve been given his seat I.D card which is a sure fire guarantee he’s out. I’ll endeavour to track him down and get details. — NW

ukipt galway_day 1_julian thew.jpg

Julian Thew in happier times

6.30pm: Kubis likes Kings
Our thanks to Piotr Majewski (UKIPT Nottingham finalist and sometime EPT blogger) for telling us about a huge pot that has given Jan Kubis a stack of 50,000. Extra cap doffage as the hand in question wasn’t even on Majewski’s table, the Pole told us: “He {Kubis} got it all-in with pocket kings against pocket nines and ace-king. The flop had both an ace and nine on it, but he hit runner-runner flush.’

ukipt galway_day 1_piotr majewski.jpg

Majewski hasn’t given up the day job just yet

6.15pm: My chips where art thou?
In the opening five and a half levels a total of 61 players have fallen by the wayside leaving just 205 to fight for a slice of the €266,000 prize pool. — NW

6.10pm: What’s up top?
We’ve just been handed (well emailed) the prize pool information and the headline grabber is that the winner here in Galway will take home €67,100 out of a total prize pool of €266,000. Full payout details to follow. — NW

6.05pm: Macdonal making waves
One player who has already doubled his starting stack is Mark Macdonal, who is sitting on around 44,000. I saw him win a pot of around 20,000 when he called Micheal Rossiter’s river bet of 4,050 on a 7♥10♦Q♥5♦6♣ board. Macdonal’s pocket sevens winning him a tidy pot. — NW

6pm: Thew needs new nickname
Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew is known as ‘Yo-Yo’ due to the propensity for his chip stack to constantly go up and down. However he’s on about 17,500 right now and said: ‘It’s been a slow demise so far.’ Still nicest man in poker isn’t a bad back-up nickname. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300, ante 25

5.45pm: Silver streak comes to an end
UKIPT Dublin winner Max Silver has been knocked out of the tournament and we know this because he’s sat next to us at the end of press row badgering us. It’s a tough tournament situation that we’ve all been in; what do you do when you’re busto and all your friends are sit in?

Silver, who had made back-to-back UKIPT final tables before this event, had flatted an under-the-gun raise with pocket queens with his twenty big blind stack and then got it all-in on a [8][6][4] rainbow flop. The under-the-gun raiser called with [a][8] and duly hit one of his five outs on the river. It’s a tough break for Silver but he’s the first to admit that in recent tournaments he’s run pretty well, including some very sweet staking arrangements. The young Brit will be back for sure (at the UKIPT not media row).

Kevin Williams is also out, we hear. — RD

5.40pm: Beel versus Burland
I joined the action to see a flop of 6♣4♠A♣ and that Tom Beel had wagered all his chips and been called by Jamie Burland. The pot was approximately 23,000, Burland held 9♣10♣ and Beel 4♣4♦, the 6♠ turn seeled the deal and the 4♥ river was a touch of overkill. Burland must have made a fast start as after the hand he still has around 24,000. — NW

ukipt galway_day 1_jamie burland.jpg

Burland still buoyant despite doubling Beel

5.30pm: Goodbye, Boeree
Liv Boeree has just busted after a series of three unfortunate hands. The first was unfortunate because, well, Liv thinks she may have misplayed it and lost half of her 16,000 stack. She had bet near pot on the river of a four-flushed board representing the nuts and been shoved on by a player who did actually have it.

She then ran ace-king into ace-king, which was unfortunate given that she got action from a decent hand before finally bashing ace-queen into, you guessed it, ace -king. That put pay to her UKIPT ambitions (until Nottingham). — RD

ukipt galway_day 1_liv boeree.jpg

Liv Boeree: Would you trust this face on a four-flushed board?

5.20pm: Exits
Amongst the recent exits are Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree and Nicholas Newport. Details on the Boeree exit coming right up. So far 46 players are out.– NW

5.15pm: Ainsworth on the up
I’d noticed that Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth’s stack had rocketed from 12,000 to a far healthier 33,000 and as the players went on break I asked him to give me the details: ‘I raised the cut-off with five-three and got one caller (David Caffery) from the blinds. The flop was [10][2][4] he checked, I bet, he called. The turn was an ace, he checked, I bet, he called. The J♥ was the river and he led, I moved all-in and he called with ace-ten for two pair.’

5.08pm: Shaun stems the Flood
Shaun Conning moved all-in for 3,600 over the top of Liam Flood’s 750 open and when it folded back the The Gentleman he made the call. Flood held pocket queens but was in bad shape against Conning’s pocket kings. A non descript board of 10♣A♦5♣4♦8♥ saw Conning double up and dent Flood’s stack, he still has 26,000 though. — NW

5.01pm: Chip counts
Just before the break I managed to update a few of the chip counts of the notables and chip leaders in the event. Ticking both boxes currently is Dermot Blain, winner of APPT Macau in August 2009. He has around 46,000 and is amongst the early sprinters.

ukipt galway_day 1_dermot blain.jpg

Blain is amongst the early chip leaders

5pm: Players are back into the action
The start of level five also marks the end of any late registrations meaning that 265 players is, according to the big screen in front of me, the total number of entrants for this year’s UKIPT Galway. Prize structure breakdown is being worked on right this second. — RD


4.40pm: Break!
That’s the end of the level and a 15-minute break for all the players.

4.25pm: Online doesn’t go live
Team PokerStars Online’s Dale Philip has just gone busto after shoving with ace-high. The online pro will be back. Not here at this event, of course, it’s not a rebuy. — RD

ukipt galway_day 1_dale philip.jpg

Dale Philip will have to wait until Nottingham to showcase his skills in the live arena

4.15pm: Big pot for Jansen
Sander Jansen has just won a large 50,000 pot with an aggressively played draw. Derek Murray had opened the pot from middle position and found action from Jansen in the small blind and Trevor Dinneen in the big blind who, I believe, had three-bet pre-flop.

Jansen checked the J♣10♣5♥ flop and Dinneen c-bet 2,400. Murray raised it up to 6,000 and Jansen moved all-in for 22,200. Dinneen moved in behind him for 18,000 and Murray looked in anguish. He opted to preserve his remaining 17,000 stack and passed.

Jansen: Q♠9♠ for an open-ended straight draw
Dinneen: A♣K♣ for the royal flush draw

Jansen was drawing fairly thin but one of his outs, the 8♠, appeared on the river gifting him the 50,000 pot. — RD

4pm: Don’t forget the living, but remember the dead
Seat Open is a cry that’s open up a lot in level four. Some 21 players have exited the main event so far and that includes Paul Marrow who finished second in this event last year. — NW

ukipt galway_day 1_paul marrow.jpg

Marrow has been squashed

3.50pm: The power of the button
I stopped by local boy and Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth’s table to see how he was getting on in his home event. Ainsworth, who won this event in 2008 when it was known as The Irish Poker Championships, looked to have dropped down to around 10,500 but got involved in a pot as luck would have it. Declan O’ Holloran raised to 525 from under-the-gun and was flat called by Aidan Connolly from middle position. It folded to Ainsworth on the button and he made a three-bet to 2,025 total. Both O’Holloran (slowly) and Connolly (swiftly) foldd, the Galway man is up to just under 12,000. — NW

3.40pm: Level up
The blinds are up to the 100-200 level and while there’s still plenty of play some will start looking down at their dwindling chip stacks and wonder how they’ve found themselves committed. — RD

ukipt galway_day 1_jude ainsworth.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth will have to get busy grinding

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Galway (in order of compliments made about their specs today): Nick Wright (one – modern day Michael Caine) and Rick Dacey (zero – should have gone to Specsavers). Photos by Mickey May.


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