UKIPT Galway: Day 1, level 7, 8 & 9 updates (blinds 400-800, ante 100)

December 03, 2010


11.16pm: End of level nine
Nine down, two to go. 106 players remain.– NW

11.15pm: There’s something about Gavin
Vinny Gavin just loves playing UKIPT events in Ireland. Back in Killarney in June he led the field for two days before eventually finishing in 19th place. He’s now the chip leader here in Galway with about 112,000. — NW

11.10pm: More fallers
The next blind level is a particularly punishing one, jumping as it does from 400-800 to 600-1,20, but that’s not to say that players aren’t falling at this one. Emlyn Long, Todd Tooley and Andrew Ferguson are three of the most recent. The latter having a brutal level. — RD

10.55pm: Big stacks
Two of the bigger stacks in the room currently belong to Andrew Grimason (80,000) and Peter Barrable (90,000) the latter finished fourth at UKIPT Killarney. — NW

10.45pm: Not a gentleman’s game
Liam ‘The Gentleman’ Flood is one of the latest casualties, he’ll have to content himself with side events and cash games for the rest of the festival. I wonder if he’ll be sporting a hoodie in them? — NW

ukipt galway_day 1_liam flood.jpg

Liam Flood rocking the hoodie look

10.38pm: Grim flop for Ferguson
Mark MacDonal opened the pot for 1,700 under-the-gun and had been called by Richie Trench in early position. The action folded all the way around to Andrew Ferguson in the big blind who raised it up to 5,100. MacDonal passed and Trench instantly moved all-in for 26,000. Snap call from Ferguson.

Trench: A♠Q♥
Ferguson: Q♣Q♦

It was a large pot that would propel Ferguson close to 100,000 if he could hold. He couldn’t. An ace on the flop brought out an instant sigh of Ferguson and a look of apology – albeit one tinged with happiness – from Trench. The board ran out A♥6♥4♠8♣J♥. Trench is up to 54,000 and Ferguson is down to 33,000. — RD

ukipt galway_day 1_andrew ferguson.jpg

Andrew Ferguson wasn’t smiling when the ace fell on the flop

10.25pm: Respect your Elder
We reckon that Rupert Elder is the current chip leader with a stack of around 91,000. There could be fireworks to come on his table as fellow big stacks Mark MacDonal and Andrew Ferguson are also there. — NW

ukipt galway_day 1_rupert elder.jpg

Elder is leading the pack

10.15pm: Ferguson tangles with Elder
Andrew Ferguson just finished second in an EPT Barcelona €1,000 side event and given the last hand played before the break it comes as little surprise that he’s chipped up to 60,000.

Ferguson opened the pot to 1,275 and was flatted in the cut-off before Rupert Elder three-bet the button to 4,100. Ferguson came back over the top for 9,275 total. Elder didn’t waste much time in showing he was three-betting light by mucking quickly. Ferguson tipped his hand upright to show the 3♠. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400-800, ANTE 100

9.55pm: All tables now nine handed
A total of 151 players remain, here’s a picture of current chip leader Mark Macdonal, who at last count had just under 80,000. It’s a 15-minute break to boot. — NW

ukipt galway_day 1_mark macdonal.jpg

Macdonal has been farming chips so far today

9.42pm: Robinson rivered
Owen Robinson was on the verge of getting a big stack here with which he would have been a very real threat heading into the second half of this tournament. Thomas Fineran opened from middle position to 1,500 and was called by Adam Wilks on the button before Owen Robinson three-bet from the button to 4,700.

Fineran waited a few moments before moving all-in for 19,000. Wilks passed and Robinson quietly but quickly made the call.

Fineran: Q♦Q♥
Robinson: K♥K♠

The board ran out A♠8♦5♣7♦Q♣ and Robinson grimaced as he saw the 40,000 pot slide the wrong way across the table. The 2nd place finisher in last year’s UKIPT Leader Board was left with a playable 25,000. — RD

9.35pm: B means bust
Two of the latest casualties are Tom Beel and Roy ‘The Boy’ Brindley. — NW

ukipt galway_day 1_roy brindley.jpg

Brindley couldn’t make a deep run

9.15pm: Chip counts
We’ve been busy trying to spell words out of UKIPT IPC updating the chip counts page. Currently Mark MacDonal leads the way with Sander Jensen and Luke Marsh not far behind. Jason Herbert is another of the 50,000+ club. — NW

ukipt galway_day 1_owen robinson and jason herbert.jpg

Jason Herbert and Owen Robinson both going well

9.08pm: Gilligan loses another chunk
Ronan Gilligan started the level with over 100,000 and has lost half of that with Michael Healy the most recent beneficiary. Gilligan must have been rubbing his hand with delight when he flopped top two-pair on a 2♣6♠8♣ board but that soon turned to dismay when Healy showed pocket deuces for a flopped set.

Healy’s hand held up to double him to 36,000. Gilligan has dropped to 40,000. — RD


8.55pm: Convey returns to the drawing board
Marc Convey has busted in what he described as ‘standard spot.’ Convey called a c-bet on a A♠2♦4♦ flop with ace-queen and shoved the J♣ turn. His opponent feared ace-jack but called with ace-king to leave Convey drawing super thin. He didn’t hit and left his seat to recount his sorry tale to us. — RD

ukipt galway_day 1_marc convey.jpg

PokerStars blogger Marc Convey’s trade from paper to felt didn’t pay off this time

8.45pm: Huge pot for Hill
Mike Hill made two UKIPT final tables in Season 1 and he’s just won a huge pot that could well help him on his way to a third. Bill Tully made it 1,500 from the hijack and was three-bet to 4,400 by Paul Hogan from the small blind. Hill called from the big and Tully also put in the required extra. This was a 13,200 pot before the flop had been dealt!

On the flop of J♣2♦Q♦, Hogan checked to Hill who bet 6,625, both Tully and Hogan called. The turn was the 7♥, Hogan checked once more and Hill moved all-in for 14,925. After a minute’s thought Tully called all-in (he had about 9,500 total). It looked like Hogan was going to call too but he folded what he told Hill was aces. Hill showed Q♥Q♣ for the flopped set and Tully was drawing dead with K♣Q♣. The J♥ completed the board, Hill is now up to around 60,000. — NW

ukipt galway_day 1_mike hill.jpg

Hill now has a 60,000 stack

8.30pm: The king is dead! Long live the king!
The reigning UKIPT champion Padraig Parkinson has just busted. — RD

8.25pm: Big call from Bonadies
John Bonadies has just made a big call against big stack Ronan Gilligan to scoop a chunky 45,000 pot. I caught up with the action on the turn of the K♣9♦10♣7♦ board which Gilligan had fired 5,000 into from the cut-off. Bonadies had made the call.

Gilligan blasted a larger 12,000 into the 5♦ and Bonadies made the call again. There was a bit of dithering between the two as to who should show first but Bonadies’ flash of J♦J♠ was enough to win the pot and put Gilligan into a state of minor exasperation.

Bonadies then won a couple of thousand more from Gilligan on the next hand. The fuse has been set. — RD

8.15pm: Out like Flynn
Conor Flynn is another of the early bust-outs in level seven. He moved all-in for around 7,500 and was called by Paul Lucey, showdown!

Flynn: A♠2♠
Lucey: A♣Q♠

The board of 7♥J♥3♣4♥K♥ gave Flynn a sweat, but ultimately was no help. — NW

8.10pm: Big names, few chips
The post-dinner carnage has begun. Chris Brammer and Sam Grafton have joined Kevin O’Leary on the rail. — NW

8pm: Back into the breach
We have 187 players returning after the dinner time gorging and that means we’ve already lost 79 players today. The blinds and antes have picked up and we’ve already lost one; Kevin O’Leary. Ronan Gilligan, who finished second to Max Silver at UKIPT Dublin, is our current chip leader with 107,000. — RD

ukipt galway_day 1_ronan gilligan.jpg

Ronan Gilligan holds the chip lead coming back from the break

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Galway (in order of dinner time activity): Rick Dacey (ate chicken curry and lamb with gravy) and Nick Wright (slept).


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