UKIPT Galway: Day 2, End of the day wrap

December 13, 2009


Every tournament is a little like a war film. You start out with hundreds of extras wading through bull rushes or galloping across hills and most of them find themselves falling in a hail of machinegun fire or hacked down by an evil rampaging horde of barbarians. And what does that leave? Well, the heroes and protagonists of the piece, of course. We’ve got Padraig Parkinson charging along at the front of the pack firing his chips scattergun across the table, quite literally as our pictures prove, while patriotically championing Guinness. Alongside him is an aptly heroic former Irish rugby captain, Reggie Corrigan, who is barging his way past anyone that dares stand in his path. Despite their chip slinging it’s Brit Matt Perrins who has broken the 400k mark and is the overnight chipleader with 36 players left. Perrins has been causing so much havoc that he even managed to make someone fold Kings face-up pre-flop, despite being the most active player at the table. You figure it out, no-one else could. Perrins biggest win to date is a similar tournament, the €2,000 IPT, Venice, and he’ll be targeting a final table finish at the very least.


Chip leader Matt Perrins made someone fold Kings preflop. Was it voodoo?

But this is not to say some of the fringe characters can’t make their way through to the front for more than a cashing cameo. Jerome Bradpiece started the day on just 6,000 and has patiently parleyed that up to 137,500 and Christopher Brammer has never be far from the top three spots. In fact, come tomorrow when there’ll be nothing to lose any number of short stacks could double or treble through; Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie, APPT Macau winner Dermot Blain and local hero Nicky Power are just three players that are a couple of races away from being able to cause serious trouble. There’s a war to be won but it can only be taken a battle at a time – and the next one starts at 2pm tomorrow afternoon. Stay with us and we’ll bring you the knockouts as they happen all the way to the final table.

_UKIPTGAL_MickeyMay_PadraigParkinson_chipskeepsgrowing_  8118.jpg

Padraig’s chips were flying everywhere, but always seemed to come home with more

The Chip Captains are:
Matt Perrins – 430500
Reggie Corrigan – 373500
Padraig Parkinson – 372500
Christopher Brammer – 276000
Thomas Nolan – 272000

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The payout structure is as follows:
1. €125,000
2. €82,000
3. €52,000
4. €36,000
5. €22,000
6. €17,000
7. €13,000
8. €11,000
9. €9000
10-12. €7000
13-15. €5000
16-18. €4200
19-24. €3400
25-30. €3100
31-36. €2800


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