UKIPT Galway: Day 2, level 10&11

December 12, 2009


Updates from day 2, level 10&11 of UKIPT Galway, brought to you by Rick Dacey.

Level 10: blinds 500/1000 (100)
The players are back from the first break of the day and as mentioned we’ve already lost some 40 players. Nelius Foley (Nines into Kings) and Fergal Coyle (top pair and flush draw) are two more names consigned to the UKIPT Galway scrapheap.

Teddy Sheringham is trying to make his late arrival worth it and has squeezed at least two whole levels of play in. He’s up to 18k. Big names hanging on in include Andy Black (8000) and Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly (15000).


Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly is down but not out

See what JP had to say when our video bloggers caught up with him in Galway

4.51pm: Interesting table move
Tables are breaking more frequently now and one of the most interesting repositioning is that of Ray O’Mahoney, an aggressive cash game player, to the left of Kieran Walsh, who is one of the tournament chip leaders. O’Mahoney has 85,000 and Walsh 141,000. I expect fireworks and, quite frankly, will be a little disappointed with both if there’s not. Get it on!

Check chip counts here

5.15pm: Not so interesting table move
After all the bluster about O’Mahoney and Walsh they’ve broken that table as well. Oh well, maybe we’ll have to wait until they make the final table. But in other update news it’s looking like Andy Black has taken a tumble. The big time player was down to less than 10 big blinds and it’s looking like his shove didn’t go the way he intended.

5.28pm: Sheringham denied by the Keeper
Barry McPhilips had a long hard think before calling off his chips – and most of Sheringham’s – after the ex-football player madea standard shove from the button with A♠ 6♠. McPhillips turned over A♥ J♦ and promptly hit trips taking his stack up to 26,000. Sheringham is down to around 8000 and will have to keep shoving that stack in.

Meanwhile APPT Macau winner Dermot Blain has just bagged a huge pot from David Connors with K♥ K♠ versus Q♥ Q♣ on a 4♥ 5♥ J♥ board. A bit of a cooler for Connors who is down to just 8000 after losing the 105,000 pot.


APPT Winner Dermot Blain is getting chipped up

Level 11: blinds 600/1200 (100)

5.53pm: Double jeopardy for PokerStars
In a brutal five minutes Team PokerStars Pros Jude Ainsworth and JP Kelly have been knocked out of the UKIPT Galway. Ainsworth was the first to fall getting it all-in for a 100k pot with pocket 7’s on a 7 8 A flop against Benoit Mouret’s AQ. Running 8’s gave Benoit his 2% chance of a monster outdraw and sent Ainsworth to the rail.

Just a table away JP Kelly had just enjoyed a double up to get back to a workable 31,000 when the action folded to him on the button. Raising to 3,000 with KJ he was 3-bet from Ray O’Mahoney in the big blind to 8,500. Kelly decided to take the aggressive further and 4-bet all-in and O’Mahoney made the call tabling AT and the (marginally) best hand held. The hopes of Team PokerStars is left resting on John Duthie’s capable shoulders.

5.53pm: Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a new chipleader
Matt Perrins has gone on a bit of a tear and is up to 200,000. He was a little coy about how he won all the chips – maybe a little fishing was involved – but there was also a big hand with his Kings versus Ace-King that held up. One of his victims has been the overnight chipleader Gavin O’Rourke who is looking a bit hard on his luck with about 20,000 left.

The last remaining Team PokerStars Pro, John Duthie, is up to around 62,000.

6.30pm: Time for scran and a scoop round the chip stacks
Dodging round the eagle eyed dealers protecting their table’s stacks I’ve got three potential chip leaders for you. Walsh has been moved two seats to the right of Parkinson and should the two clash there could be a truly monster stack making an early run at the final table. Stephen Devlin is also on the table with around 65,000.

Padraig Parkinson – 190,000
Matt Perrins – 180,000
Kieran Walsh – 170,000


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