UKIPT Galway: Day 2, level 12&13

December 12, 2009


Updates from day 2, level 10&11 of UKIPT Galway, brought to you by Rick Dacey.

Level 12: blinds 800/1600 (200)

7.51pm: Frost freezes on the corner
Players have returned from the dinner break and with just 79 players the money is starting to get near. Thirty-six spots are due to be paid out and for some players just making the money isn’t going to be enough. It’s all getting a bit cagey and big stacks such as Padraig Parkinson are staring to take advantage of that. Raising under the gun, probably with rags, Parkinson fires two bullets into Paul Frost who freezes on the turn and passes his hand. Parkinson adds another 8000 to his stack.


Parkinson’s stack is growing like bacteria

8.26pm: O’Mahoney trapped by Aces
Ray O’Mahoney is one of the latest victims having been flatted and then check-raised by Pat Kearny with pocket Aces. The flop brought three clubs and Kearny’s check-raise all-in almost made O’Mahoney fold but he eventually made the call with two red kings. Kearny had the over pair and the A♣ for the nut flush draw and his monster hand dodged O’Mahoney’s one outer. Kearny has in the region of 100,000 and O’Mahoney is walking. There are 69 players left.

Level 13: blinds 1000/2000 (200)

8.49pm: Is Parkinson blowing up
Padraig Parkinson has lost a big chunk of chips in the last level and loses three hands in a row. The first cut is the deepest when Kieran Walsh raises to 6500 under the gun and is called by Paul Frost on his immediate left. Parkinson squeezes to 25,000 as the next to play and the action folds to John Dooley who moves all in for a large stack of yellow 5000 chips. Parkinson tank folds. He raises the next hand from early position and insta-folds showing the 2♠ when the big blind 3-bets. He raises again, under the gun now, to 5100 for the second hand on the bounce but it folds all the way round and he scoops the lucrative blinds and antes. Parkinson appears to be on around 90,000. Walsh’s stack continues to grow.

There are 66 players left and the average stack is 79,000.

9.12pm: Sheringham is leading a charmed life
When you ship your chips in and you’re opponent is getting roughly 3 to 1 if they call off the rest of their stack you expect to get some action. Somehow Eamonn Murray found it within himself to pass… Ace Queen. Either he’s a legendary reader of men or he’s missed a good spot to chip up their. That said he got it in with K♦ Q♠ against A♠ J♣ the next hand and doubled back up.

9.12pm: Galway beware, Abrahams is getting a stack
English pro Javed Abrahams made a big call with pocket Tens in a button versus big blind battle to knock out Karl Hargrove and his A♥ K♣ putting Abrahams in the region of 160,000, which is comfortably above average.

_UKIPTGAL_MickeyMay_ JavedAbrahams_7857.jpg

Javed Abrahams has some breathing space for the first time


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