UKIPT Galway: Day 2, level 14&15

December 12, 2009


Updates from day 2, level 14&15 of UKIPT Galway, brought to you by Rick Dacey.

Level 14: blinds 1200/2400 (200)

9.58pm: John Duthie resurgent
The Team PokerStars Pro has had his ups and downs but he looks like he’s found his stride and is up to around 95,000, which is just over the average stack with 56 players left. He’s getting involved in a lot of pots at his table which includes Jerome Bradpiece, Nicky Power and Matt Perrins.

10.05pm: One ill cat
There’s just one female player left in the comp and that’s Cat O’Neill. A regular at the Fitzwilliam and the Sporting Emporium she bought into the event directly and is sat on around 45,000.

_UKIPTGAL_MickeyMay_ CatONeill_8033.jpg

10.32pm: Teddy bare of chips
Teddy Sheringham has run Kings into Aces and is out. He had been up to around 60,000 which was quite a comeback from the 10,000 he started the day with – and, in fact, he missed all of day 1 due to airport booking confusions.

10.32pm: Parkinson huge chip captain
Padraig Parkinson has just got it all in against Kieran Walsh for an almighty 370,000 pot with AK against AQ. The flop spiked a King for Parkinson and Walsh was left with just 500 chips and looking a little shell shocked. Walsh had opened the action with a 5200 raise and Parkinson had made it 50,000 on the button which, after a lot of needling either way, induced Walsh to push over the top for around 170,000. Parkinson snap called and raked in the biggets pot in UKIPT history (okay, it’s the first event). Walsh span up his 500 to 3800 the next hand but was sent to the rail after shoving in with K♦ 9♦ and getting called by Paul Frost’s Q♦ Q♣.

There are 49 players left and the average stack is 105,000.

Level 15: blinds 1500/3000 (400)
We’re into the last blind level of the day and with just 5 tables left there isn’t much dead money to be had with every pot being fought over tooth and nail. Michael ‘BIGMICKG’ Graydon 3-bets Trevor Dinneen from the small blind raising the 6400 open to 20,000. Dinneen passes flashing an Ace, Graydon shows A♠ K♠.



11.12pm: Bradpiece doubles up
When Iain Cheyne shoved for 40,000 (just 10 big blinds now) it didn’t take Jerome Bradpiece long to get his chips in behind him with 10♥ 10♣. Cheyne showed A♠ 10♣ giving him a decent shot of survival with the over card but it wasn’t to be. Bradpiece is up to 100k.

11.17pm: Heard the one about the Cat and the boat?
Cat O’Neill, the last female player left in, flopped a boat with pocket threes in a three-way and has trebled through to 130,00 putting her in with a good chance to make the money.

It’s been announced that we’ll be play down to the last 36 places so the last player out today will be the bubble boy. The action has corrospondingly gone a little mental with Paul Nash’s pocket Tens rivering Dominic Hever’s pocket Kings (although he’s still alive with about 40,000) and Javed Abrahams rivering a boat after getting it all in with pocket 7’s against Nigel Murphy’s AQo which flopped trip Queens. Does this always happen around the bubble? Yes, it seems so. There are 38 players left.

11.31pm: Aidan Connolly is the bubble boy
Aidan Connolly has been the unlucky soul to go out in 37th and bring today’s play to an end. During a tense bustling bubble there were the inevitable suck outs and double ups but it was down to Connolly who had to call all-in for around 30,000 with K♥ K♠ after Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie had shoved from the cut-off with A♠ Q♣. A tourniquet of tournament directors attempted to stem the flow of players and spectators from crowding the table – with poor Dermot Blain almost getting shoved to the ground – but given vested interests it’s hardly a surprise. The board ran out a safe 8♣ 10♥ 4♠ 8♦ before the knockout A♥ landed on both the river and Connolly’s solar plexus poleaxing the short stack out of the tournament. Everyone else left in the tournament is guaranteed at least €2,800 while the winner can look at claiming a €125,000 in cash and entry into the £5,000 EPT London main event, the crown jewel of the UKIPT.

_UKIPTGAL_MickeyMay_JohnDuthi_knocksoutthebobleboy_  8375.jpg

In case you can’t guess who the bubble boy is, Connolly is the one getting his coat


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