UKIPT Galway, Day 2: Levels 11-12 updates (800-1,600 200 ante)

February 18, 2012


4.25pm: Break time
That’s four levels of Day 2 play done and dusted. The players are on a 20 minute break. Join us in a new post for updates of vevels 13-14. — NW

4.20pm: More on the scrapheap
There’s no easy way to put this, but if you pulled any of the following out of your office’s UKIPT Galway sweepstake, you should tear up your ticket. They have let you down: Thomas Kitt, Charlotte Gouldsborough, Dimitri Van Leent, Leon Louis, Grzegorz Fafinski, Kiyasettin Gungor, Sergi Monferrer Trevejo. — HS

4.15pm: Played so bad but yet played so well
I should make it clear that the title of this post is a comment by another player at the table, not an opinion of the PokerStars Blog. Anyway, to the hand that caused the comment. From under-the-gun+1 Tim Slater opened to 4,200 and got calls from both Thomas Finneran (small blind) and Craig Burke (big blind).

All three players started the hand with over 90,000 and Gareth Walker turned to me and said: ‘There’s a lot of big stacks on this table, someone could get a huge stack.’ The dealer then spread a flop of 9♥10♦10♥, it checked to Slater who bet 6,000, Finneran looked like he wanted to make a play at the pot but he folded, as did Burke.

As he took the pot Slater showed K♦K♥, ‘If I’m raising in early position that’s the bottom of my range,’ he said. ‘I had A♠K♠,’ said Finneran, ‘I’ve never played ace-king so badly in my life,’ he added. ‘So bad but yet so well,’ piped up another player. — NW

4.10pm: Willoughby far from weeping
John Willoughby is now up to about 180,000 after knocking out Leon Louis. This went two, three, four, five bet shove, call pre-flop for amounts of approximately 3,200, 8,100, 15,000 and about 50,000. Willoughby’s A♦Q♥ was always good against Louis’s A♣10♠. — HS

4.05pm: Chip leaders
If you’ve got a stack of 200,000 plus not only do you have around three times the average you’ve also got a top five stack. Residing in the penthouse right now are: Aurimas Klastaitis (240,000), Emmett Mullin (230,000 – won 150,000 pot with aces against fives), James Estrop (220,000) and Barny Boatman (205,000). — NW

4pm: Watching you watching us
A big hello to John Willoughby, who is currently reading PokerStars Blog updates on his smartphone, while quietly crushing table 9. If you look over your left shoulder, you can see how the magic is made. (Willoughby has at least 110,000.) — HS

3.50pm: More victims
There’s no easy way to put this, but if you get a text from any of Gavin O’Rourke, Allan Phillips, Daniele Amatruda, David Hughes, Bernard Brennan, Tadgh Ryan, David Connors, Daniel Devlin or Raymond Daly telling you they’ve won UKIPT Galway, then their phone has been hacked and you should contact Justice Leveson immediately. They are, in fact, all out. — HS

3.45pm: Deadman killed by Hall with the cowboys
Excuse the poor Cludeo style pun but it succinctly sums up the fate of Simon Deadman.

I missed exactly how it went in but the facts are that Thomas Hall (cut off) and Deadman (small blind) held pocket kings and pocket jacks respectively and had got their stacks in pre-flop, Deadman at risk. His stack was around 52,000.

The board ran 2♦A♦A♥4♥Q♠ to send Deadman to the rail and Hall’s stack over 100,000. — NW

3.40pm: Another long list of the departed
There’s no easy way to put this, but if you’re family of any of the following, don’t be expecting them to burst through the front door with a UKIPT title tucked under their arm and wielding a big comedy cheque for €114,000. They have joined the ranks on the rail.

Michael McGrath, Derrick Wall, Danny Blair, Vincent McNeela, Simon Deadman, Karl West, Gavin Keana, Claas Stoob, Arkadiusz Liszewski, Jack Humphreys, Anthony Lynch, Seamus Delaney, Michael Weissmann, Miroslav Beneš, Cathal Shine, Timotheos Timotheou, Mickey Petersen, Nick Bemmel, Ross Johnson, Frankie Carbin.

Petersen tweeted that he “4-bet jammed ATs button vs sb and got sighcalled by AKo.” — HS

3.35pm: Grecian lightning
Shout out to Matt Crocker a fellow Exeter City fan and someone who’s doing very well in this tournament. The PokerStars blog first met him back in Brighton during Season One when he won a freeroll to the tournament. He didn’t trouble the cashier’s cage on that occasion but he’s up to 130,000 here in Galway and looking good to get a flag.

According to his twitter account (@mfcrocker) his latest boost comes from winning a race with ace-king against pocket jacks. — NW


Matt Crocker

3.30pm: Don’t mess with MacPhee
We’re not totally certain how the very early stages of this played out, but by the time action reached Kevin MacPhee in the small blind, a raise to 8,700 was appropriate. (We’re guessing an early position open and then a call before it reached MacPhee.)

But after MacPhee had made this bet, Thomas Hall made it 15,500, a probable four bet. That ushered out the early dabblers. MacPhee, though, was going nowhere. He now added another 30,200 to the 8,700 already in front of him, and Hall was left to ponder his options. Eventually he folded, allowing MacPhee to pick this up with his characteristic power poker.

MacPhee now has about 135,000, which is terrible news for everyone else in the field. — HS

3.25pm: Half and half
As level 12 begins there are exactly 162 players left meaning that 50% of the remaining field will make the money and the other half won’t. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600 200 ante

3.20pm: Newport and Sinclair motoring on
Both Richard Sinclair (96,000) and Nicholas Newport (103,000) have seen their respective stacks head north this level. Other selected chip counts: Joris Ruijs (100,000), Filip Hanusek (57,000), Phil Baker (46,500), John Willoughby (97,000) and Stephen O’Dwyer (26,000). — NW

3.10pm: Keeping up with the Klastaitis’s
The constant need to break tables to balance others has seen PokerStars Team Online’s Mickey Petersen plonked to the direct right of the current chip leader Aurimas Klastaitis. There are in seat six and seven respectively and also at the same table are Thomas Ward and Neil Rawnsley. — NW

3pm: The smell of elimination
It became no secret that I had forgotten to pack a deodorant at something like the mid-point of day 1B. It was around then that the swarm of flies became something of an embarrassment and the dense fug hovering over media row grew opaque.

However the good news for all is that after a wander down the road and €2.99 handed over in exchange for a small pot of Right Guard, this corner of the ballroom is a far more fragrant place today than it has been for the two previous days’ play.

Resultantly, the tournament officials have been regular visitors all day, bringing with them the ID cards of eliminated players. So sweet smelling are we that they have now been past no fewer than 146 times.

That represents a scything of close to half the day two field in less than three levels. The latest fallers are:

Peter Gillick, Marty Smyth, Stephen Doherty, Kevin Mcgahon, Deborah Pumfrett, Jonathan Crute, Benjamin Jackson, Mateusz Adryjanek, Diego Bermejo Delgado, Darren Naylor, Barry Kilbane, Jack Heaney, Dermot O’Donnell, Cathal Walsh, Kestutis Gricius, Brendan McDermott, Robert Hallworth, Clement Van Driessche, Zac Sloper, Timothy Dearing, Liam Naughton, Fraser Bellamy and Alexander Lemme.


Marty Smyth, WSOP bracelet winner, out

We have 165 players remaining. — HS

2.55pm: Boatman takes a hit
I eyed up Barny Boatman’s chip stack as I wandered past his table and it’s currently in the region of 110,000, some 30,000 lighter than when I last looked. Twitter (@barnyboatman) reveals the answer: “Things I didn’t expect to do in Galway: Go to bed sober; take a ten mile walk before breakfast; Lay down a set of sevens.” — NW


Does this man look like the kind to fold a set of sevens? (Or take a walk before breakfast?)

2.55pm: Lithuanian in the lead
Aurimas Klastaitis appears to be the current chip leader, he was very helpfully counting up his chips as I wandered past so I can tell you that he has 211,300. — NW

2.45pm: Europeans at the party too
Table Abou Risk/MacPhee is obviously going to be something of an action packed affair, but the two north Americans aren’t the only ones prepared to get involved. After MacPhee opened to 2,700 from early position, Thomas Hall (UK) called from one spot to his left. Simon Deadman (also UK) then shoved for 26,100 from a couple of seats further round, but it was Filip Hanusek (Czech Republic) who called quickly from the big blind.

MacPhee folded quickly, but Hall didn’t seem so keen to get out the way. Eventually he did let it go, and the remaining two showed down.

Deadman: K♣K♠
Hanusek: 10♥10♠

The board offered no help to the under-pair – it came 2♦9♦2♥8♠8♣ and Deadman doubled. He has a workable stack of about 65,000 now. — HS

2.40pm: Risk takes a hit
Nick Abou Risk has lost 20,000 of his stack but is still above average. He tweeted: ‘AJ < AQ. Still got 67k'. -- NW


Nick Abou Risk on day two of UKIPT Galway

2.35pm: Suck and re-suck
Team PokerStars online Mickey Petersen has doubled up and is now almost back to where he started the day. He got it in with pocket tens against Jonathan Crute’s [A][9]. Things were looking bleak when Crute turned an ace but a ten on the river saved the Dane’s bacon. — NW


Petersen rivered a ten to stay in

2.25pm: Back under way
The players are back in their seats and level 11 is underway. One player who had a particularly good first couple of levels is Colin Conroy. He came back today with 27,200 but now has 195,000, some jump. Tom Kitt has also had a good opening two hours and now has 115,000 from a starting stack of 49,600.

But poker is a zero sum game and some of those who lost the remainder of their stack towards the end of level 10 were Eamonn Blake, Kully Sidhu, Nick Jamieson, Aristides De Castro Da Silva Couto, David Rudling and Geng Yu.


Tom Kitt

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Galway : Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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